Hank: ABC Bumps Kelsey Grammer Sitcom; Is It a Cancellation Scare?

HankKelsey Grammer and his sitcom Hank have not been having an easy time of it. While ABC’s other freshman sitcoms — The Middle, Modern Family, and Cougar Town — have all received additional episode orders, Hank has not. To add insult to injury, the comedy’s now being replaced by a 43-year-old rerun.

It’s that time of year again and ABC is pulling out its venerable animated special, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Though we’ve all seen it before, the special tends to bring in very good numbers.

Last year, Charlie Brown attracted 10.43 million and a 3.4/9 in the demo. That was down from 2007 when it brought in 11.4 million and a 3.8/11 in the 18-49 demographic.

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Of course, those numbers put Hank’s performance to shame so it makes sense to replace the sitcom on Wednesday, October 28th. With any luck, a significant percentage of people who tune in will stick around to sample the rest of ABC’s comedies.

While it might seem like a good strategy to boost the sitcoms’ audience, it’s really only a half-hearted attempt. The network is actually “double-dipping” with the Charlie Brown special. They’re airing a version of the special the night before as well. On Tuesday night, the network is pairing it with the less-popular You’re Not Elected, Charlie Brown special to round out the hour.

Though this move makes sense for the network for the immediate future, it can only hurt Hank’s chances for survival. It’s interrupting the normal schedule and will presumably give extra exposure to all of the comedies but Hank, the one that needs it most.

ABC may not have totally given up on Hank yet but they’re not going out of their way to help it either. The way things are going, Hank may very well be replaced for November sweeps.

What do you think? Is Hank doomed already or could a different strategy help save it? Is it as bad as many people are saying?

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  1. Monica H says

    Hank is a great show, similar to classics of Bill Cosby, Bob Newhart and, of course, Frasier. My kids can watch the show with the sound on, and no worries about inappropriate behavior. I shut the TV off when the other ABC sitcoms start – they are too ridiculous.

  2. says

    i’m sad to see HANK looking like it’s going to get the boot. i enjoy watching this show and it seems to be one of the few on t.v. that doesn’t try to sell itself with sensual perversion. for the most part, it’s good clean fun.

  3. Dorothy Hale says

    please keep Kelsey Granmer ‘s show on.There are so few of those good shows on anymore. There are all kinds of wierd shows that should be canceled.but no you pick on the good shows and want to delete them

  4. Dusty H says

    I really looked forward to Kelsey Grammer’s return to TV in Hank and was badly disappointed. The acting seemed forced, the dialog was unrealistically contrived, and overall the show just isn’t funny.

    “Homer J” has an excellent point. I would love the see Fraser resurrected, even in a slightly different form. The new show could be called Dr Crane. Let’s have an out of work Dr Crane move to a small (eccentric/neurotic) rural town, set up a private practice, and start a new life. It would be great if Peri Gilpin could reprise her Roz Doyle character and become his receptionist. This show would allow for many guest appearances by former Cheers and Frasier costars as well as develop new original characters.

    I hope some network executive stumbles on this post.

  5. Homer J. says

    I think that Hank could be a success if they retool the show a bit. Here’s what I suggest:
    Make Hank a bit more pretentious. Add a brother character that is just as snooty, possibly even in the same career field. Add a cantankerous, yet lovable father and have him move in with Hank. Add a live-in massage therapist for the father and become a love interest of Hank’s brother. Add a dog that annoys Hank that routinely stares him down. Have Hank get a divorce from his current wife, date regularly, and then complain about his love life. Have Hank move to Seattle and find a cozy little coffee shop to hang out in. Change careers. Possibly become a psychiatrist or another kind of head doctor, then go commercial. If ABC takes all of my suggestions, than I suspect that they prepare for a big hit with the general public! (and I suggest that they retain a good attorney – they’ll need one!)

  6. Steve says

    I like Hank. I thought last Wednesday eposide was especially funny. It is a good SITCOM a normal sitcom. It is not like the office as I hate that format. I agree I did like “Back To You” also, but with Patricia Heatons show the Middle gettings some success I don;t see her quiting to do Back To You if they ressurected it . I feel the premis of Cougar Town and Modern Family are STUPID and don;t enjoy them at all

  7. Skysoldier173 says

    Why ruin some thins so great like It’s the Great Pumkin Charlie Brown by pairing with with a crappy show like Hank.Hopefully the news of it’s eventual demise means we won’t have to putup with this Hank as long as another ******* named Hank.

  8. Kwame says

    It is as bad as people are saying; I gave up half way through the pilot. I’m a huge Kelsey Grammer fan and loves Back to You and Frasier but this one just doesn’t have a spark.

  9. Kevin says

    I expected so much more from this show. Grammer’s shows are usually excellent. I loved the one where he played the news anchor. This show is just NOT funny.

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