Happy Town: ABC Dumps Cancelled TV Show Again!

Happy TownIf you were waiting anxiously to find out the identity of the mysterious Magic Man on ABC’s Happy Town, you’ll have to wait a bit longer.

Happy Town revolves around a bunch of strange disappearances and murders in a small town. The large cast includes Sam Neill, M.C. Gainey, Geoff Stults, Lauren German, Amy Acker, Steven Weber, Ben Schnetzer, Sarah Gadon, Jay Paulson, and Robert Wisdom.

After a disappointing start in the ratings, Happy Town was pulled off the airwaves for much of May. Before the show could return on June 2nd, ABC officially cancelled the series. Only eight episodes have been filmed but at least answers to some of the TV show’s mysteries will be revealed by the end.

Unfortunately, ABC has pulled the show off the air once again. Happy Town was scheduled to take next Wednesday off but return for June 30th and July 7th with the last installments. The network has decided, likely because Happy Town’s ratings have gotten really bad, to replace them with repeats of Castle.

It’s likely that ABC will get around to airing the last two episodes of Happy Town on a Saturday night sometime this summer. It won’t be soon though. On July 3rd, they’ll burn off the last episodes of the forgotten. On July 10th, the network’s airing the extra two episodes of Eastwick. Could Happy Town return on July 17th? Another mystery that we’ll have to wait to have solved.

What do you think? Are you upset that ABC has pulled the last two episodes of Happy Town? Do you think they’ll ever air?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Jada says

    ABC SUCK!! BIG TIME and I have pretty much stop watching ABC because of the crap.
    I watch alot more cable. ABC You can go to @$%&.

  2. rain says

    ABC SUCKS!! its hard to get to much into any show they have on cause you never know when they are just going to pull it

  3. Gwen says

    I just started watching October Road on Hulu only to get halfway through and find out it was cancelled. Now I’ve just started watching Happy Town, which in my opinion has the same kind of draw and suspense that Lost did, only to find that that series was ALSO cancelled.
    WTF is wrong with ABC?!?
    Is there any point even starting an ABC series now if you’re going have to live the disappointment of it being cancelled before it’s time?
    I am so bummed. Why can’t people watch good TV? and why can’t networks stop being such money grubbing fools?

  4. Angela says

    We started watching Happy Town on Hulu and we were really getting in to it and then it was gone as quick as that. The show was totally awesome and I am very disappointed that ABC pulled it without wrapping it up first. ABC sucks

  5. William says

    It seems like anytime a series that actually develops characters, is fairly well written and makes you use your brain and imagination the d…. networks kill it! All they want to do anymore is pander to the idiots of society that want to watch cheap made “reality” TV or talent shows! This show was actually good – not great but at least 4 out of 5 stars. Sure it took a few episodes to get going and build up the characters but that’s a good thing. Problem is nowadays unless you can have an abundance of idiotic action scenes and a complete story that wraps up in under 40 minutes, then you can’t pull enough viewers and the networks will not give anything a chance if its not a hit out the gate!

  6. Upset says

    I am so upset about Happy Town being dumped. I can’t believe this. Not only have I only seen great reviews but I know that I love this show. It is the show that I have really wanted to watch over and over. I think ABC is making a huge mistake. Maybe if they aired it at a different time they would get more viewers. Plus don’t you have to give shows a chance.

  7. CC says

    ABC you have disappointed me again. You don’t give shows enough time I loved The Gates and then now Happy Town too is cancelled. How sad….

  8. millie says

    I was finially gettn in to the show. I missed a few episodes. I thought it was really good. I think u quys didnt have enough commercals to sell the show.. Bring it back an love The V.. Oh yeah, being ur not bringing Happy Town back.. Can I HAVE that cool hammer..TY

  9. Tony Marks says

    What I have to say about ABC and its cancellations of good entertainment would be X-rated.

    Sounds like accountants are running things, and we all know that, left unrestrained, accountants eventually run things into the ground.

  10. amy says

    Way to may reality shows. All the great dramas are getting cancelled. This is so sad. There is nothing left to look forward to. All the great shows that I’ve been waiting on, i am now finding out have been cancelled. What a bummer! Bring them back ABC!!

  11. Gregory Acosta says

    I think ABC has a lack of conscious thought when it comes to their viewers. Their Lazy behavior to keep their shows on air is a sad portrayal of how much they care about their viewers. Happy Town is not the first show they’ve abandoned and abandoned abruptly. Its rather pathetic that they continue to poorly produce these shows/sitcoms without considering the image it shows their public viewers. They’re just to inconsistent… PURE LAZINESS! BOYCOTT ABC its time to re-vamp how they handle business! What shows will be next… MODERN FAMILY? THE MIDDLE? V? these are the only 3 reasons I tune in to their network now.. HINT!!!

  12. Chris Johnson says

    I not going to say i’ll stop watching abc but… Im sick of watching shows about teens dating,dancing and or singing,drama or like rich spoiled brats. My wife and I are in our thirtys and we are done with all the cop shows and sitcoms. It was refreshing to watch a show that combines action, adventure, drama, suspence and a hint of sci-fi come together so perfectly. I have never felt over-whelmed by one element as compared to another. I can say that I haven’t followed a complete season of one single show faithfully until now and that says a lot for a person in this i/droid multi media instant gratification age. Do yourselves a favor and bring shows like this back on the air.

  13. says

    i would like to know what happens. you cant leave people hanging. this is why im to the point i dont even want to watch another show abc puts out. if you dont bring it back maybe we should get it to where no one watches abc anymore till they do. its clear they dont care a damn about what the viewers want in the first place. i give this station a chance to get me back and they screwed me again.

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