HawthoRNe: TNT TV Series Cancelled; No Season Four

HawthoRNe canceled season fourTNT has pulled the plug on their medical drama, HawthoRNe. The Jada Pinkett Smith TV series has been cancelled after three seasons on the air.

The cancellation news comes following the end of the third season a couple weeks ago. Despite having a strong start in its freshman year, HawthoRNe’s ratings have declined over the past two seasons.

Year three ended up averaging a 0.7 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 2.51 million viewers, a loss of 22% and 19% when compared to season two. Year two had averaged a 0.9 in the demo and 3.09 million, a decline of 18% and 9% from season one.

When compared to TNT’s other summer shows, season three HawthoRNe had one of the cable channel’s smallest audiences. Only already-cancelled Men of a Certain Age had worse numbers.

In a statement, TNT said, “TNT has decided not to order a fourth season of Hawthorne. TNT truly appreciates the tremendous dedication of everyone involved in Hawthorne. The series gave TNT the opportunity to work with many outstanding people, including Jada Pinkett Smith and the rest of the show’s talented cast, crew, producers and writers. We wish everyone involved with Hawthorne nothing but the best.”

What do you think? Are you sorry that HawthoRNe has been cancelled? Why do you think people stopped watching? What would you liked to have seen happen in season four?

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  1. M.S says

    I cant believe the show was cancelled and you left us hanging with the Season 3 Finale , at least film 1 or 2 espiodes so that you can end the story line… i mean what happend to Nick, whats going to happen to Tom and Christina, this is totally unfair….This sucks for the fans of the show !!!!

  2. Dianne Ruyle says

    Please bring the show back. I can not believe you would take it off the air when you left all of us with a cliff hanger like that. The least you could do is finish it with a happy ending.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. d says

    I think Hawthorne was one of the best shows and to say the rating sucked is total bull. TNT has never had a really good show like this and just to end it all the way they did sucks. If you dont want to air it then let another station do it.

  4. Anonymous says

    I am so sad… I didn’t know the show was canceled and I have been waiting for the show to come back on. I didn’t get to watch the show last season because I was in nursing school. Now that I have graduated I thought I was going to be able to go back to watching my show. There’s nothing else on to watch now :(

  5. Jennifer in San Antonio says

    Bring the show back. I just watched all three seasons on Netflix, and now I’m bummed out there won’t be another season. BRING IT BACK….


  6. DJ says

    i thought this was a great show and everyne was watching it……..this was me and my mom show no one could bother us while it was on…..i have been waiting on this show for ever……and i liked how it had an edge to it……i wish they would make more episodes……please bring it back :-)

  7. Les says

    I can’t believe you would take off show just when it was getting strong and real each season.
    It had a strong Black Woman in power raising her child all by herself. That was up lifting, inspiring show all women.
    Please find a way to bring it back!!!!!

  8. Renee Gardner says

    when I found out that hawthoRNe was not coming back on I was honestly upset!! this show had problems and issues people face everyday that society does not like to speak on. Everytime a good show comes on they take it off the air… meanwhile we have shows like Basketball Wives on showing women disrespecting themselves and eachother. This show definitely needs to come back to television!!!

  9. says

    R u serious?!!! I have been waiting through fall and winter for series four of this show and now what? I considered HawthoRNe a very entertaining and edgy series. I was surprised that the ratings were so low especially when I know several people who watched and enjoyed it. I appreciated the fact that the writers were not skittish about dealing with real life situations and issues, e.g., interracial marriage and adultery. I am both disappointed and angry that the show was cancelled without any effort to offer the fans some type of closure regarding how Christina and Tom’s marriage woes turned out and for not resolving the question of who shot Nick. There are plenty of garbage series and unreal Reality shows on TV and to rob the fans of decent TV shows is inconsiderate. I think TNT show reconsider its position and give the writers and actors of HawthoRNe another chance.

  10. anonymous says

    I have my tv set for hawthrone just found out today its not coming back on I am very disappointed their is no way the raring was low even cross facebook that’s all people talk about was this show really

  11. Mindi says

    SERIUOUSLY???? I have been waiting for weeks when I saw Rizzpli and Isles was back on….some other station better pick up Hawthorne! I am sooo mad!

  12. rita a. says

    omg r u kidding me!!!!! who do i need to talk to about this mishap. i love this show sooo much n i hate its not coming back. die hard fans we need to do something about this seriously. there is nothing i wanna watch now since they r doing this. i mean jus stop watching tv period!!! im hurt truly hurt!

    • Anonymous says

      OMG Sombody Please pick up the show I Love it!! YOU CAN’T JUST LEAVE THE FANS HANGING LIKE THAT.

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