Heroes: Will the Wrap-Up Movie Happen? Greg Grunberg Has Doubts and Hopes.

Heroes movie?NBC recently cancelled its sci-fi TV show, Heroes, after four seasons on the air. The ratings have been in decline for a long time and it just wasn’t feasible to bring it back as a weekly series.

Heroes creator Tim Kring has said that he’s working on finding ways to continue the saga in some way. NBC’s primetime entertainment president, Angela Bromstad, has indicated that they’ve already begun discussions about wrapping up the show with a two-hour movie.

One castmember has some doubts though about the feasibility of being able to round up the large cast, both in terms of money and schedules.

Greg Grunberg recently told EW, “Financially, it might be impossible to do. There are a lot of actors, we’re all tied to contracts [for other projects]. I hope that we can work it out. I mean, I’m certainly willing to come back and I think everybody is. Everybody I’ve talked to, is.”

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The actor continued, “Tim [Kring] has a great story in mind. I know he has to sort of rethink it because he was thinking in terms of six or 13 [episodes] now it has to be two hours or four hours. But I know that the network wants to. I a lot of people want that wrap up. A lot of people were unhappy with season two, three or whatever. Everybody’s got their thing that they can pick on but I think we were in kind of a good creative space and getting back to a place where people were happy with the show again so let’s wrap it up. Let’s see where these characters go.”

In terms of the Heroes characters’ endings, Grunberg said, “Let’s not kill them all off. Let’s have maybe some sort of happy ending? I mean, that would be nice. Certainly, I would love it if my character got to be that father, have that normal life that he always wanted. That, for me, would be a great ending for the show. It might be boring for people [to watch] but that’s what he always wanted and so that would be nice to be able to play.”

What do you think? Which characters would have to be included for the movie to be a satisfying conclusion? How would you like to see the Heroes story to end? Happy endings, a big battle with lots of casualties, or something else?

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  1. MaryBeth says

    I agree with Barry on everything, except that I would at least feel satisfied with a movie compared to just cutting us off with no ending at all. PLEASE…There should be an huge battle, with some casualties, amybe even some shockers…but in the end all needs to be well…good has to triumph!! I personally would like to see some hope for humanity through Sylar too. Love that struggle…so human..

  2. TiredofNBCaxingShows says

    OK Thats it for me I am done with NBC axing shows and not letting the viewers have some sort of an ending.We sit by and watch these shows and wait for the new season to start only to be cut off in the middle and have no close to the story.I am done NBC you can take you line up and shove it right up the company Pres butt for all I care.You keep that stupied show on called the Office and it just sucks whale crap.
    Kiss my hind end on the way out the door and I hope your station dies …

  3. Noreen says

    I would love to see the current story lines resolved and leave the story open to imagination when it ends.

  4. Anna Rivers says

    I have no idea why the ratings were in decline because this is by far the best TV show I’ve watched. I agree it would be agrat as a movie trilogy. Main things that should stay are Peter and Sylar and their relationship that was so good in volume 3

  5. says

    I liked heroes, it first season was excellent for sure. I do agree that the following seasons did tend to fall short of the mark after Season 1, and some people lost interest (my GF for one) but I always felt it would live up to its potential, the Season 4 finale was great in my opinion. Sadly if it goes to a movie I think that a lot will have to be cut and the overall story will suffer because of it. A movie series, maybe a trilogy, would be better I think. As for characters, as previously mentioned Peter and Sylar are a must. Claire, Noah and Hiro are also very important to the overall story. Matt, Ando, The Haitian and Mohinder would be nice too.

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