In Plain Sight

Tv show In Plain SightNetwork: USA Network
Episodes: 61 (hour)
Seasons: Five

TV show dates: June 1, 2008 — May 4, 2012
Series status: Ended

Performers include: Mary McCormack, Frederick Weller, Nichole Hiltz, Paul Ben-Victor, Cristian de la Fuente, Lesley Ann Warren, Todd Williams, Holly Maples, and Joshua Malina.

TV show description:      
This drama revolves around a U.S. Marshal, Mary Shannon (Mary McCormack), who works with the Federal Witness Protection Program (WITSEC). She doesn’t respond well to authority and refuses to conform but has a soft spot for the witnesses (who know her as Mary Shepard). She has trust and abandonment issues that in part stem back to her father’s gambling and mother’s alcoholism.

Mary’s partner is Marshall Mann (Fred Weller), the fifth generation of marshals in his family. He sometimes seems to want more from Mary than just friendship. He’s of help on many cases, since he seems to know a little about everything. Although he and Mary take different approaches and don’t always agree, Marshall will usually back down to her. He’s known as Marshal Miller to the witnesses. Their boss is Stan McQueen (Paul Ben-Victor), a man who always backs them up but doesn’t like to bend the rules. He once spent the night with Eleanor (Holly Maples), the recently widowed office manager.

Jinx (Lesley Ann Warren), Mary’s mother, is not your typical mom. She would do anything for her daughters, but is anything but maternal. She sees Mary for the stable person she is and wants to live up to her example as she starts over, trying to recover from her alcoholism and attending AA meetings as ordered by the courts.

Brandi (Nichole Hiltz) is Jinx’ younger daughter and the one that makes foolish choices, like her mom. She was involved with a drug dealer who ended up getting the whole family in trouble. She attended Jinx’ AA meetings for her, pretending to be Jinx, and met Peter (Joshua Malina). She eventually admitted the truth to him and they started dating.

Mary has an on-again off-again relationship with Raphael Ramirez (Cristian de la Fuente), a minor league baseball player. He made it to the majors but was injured. Brandi helped him rehabilitiate and was attracted to him, but he remained faithful to Mary. He retired from baseball and began working as a car salesman for Peter Alpert (Joshua Malina), Brandi’s boyfriend.

Series Finale:     
Episode 61 — All’s Well That Ends
Jinx and a pregnant Brandi reunite with Mary in Albuquerque so the family can deal with James’ death together. While Jinx focuses on hosting a party, Mary must figure out how best to honor her father and what to do with the suitcase full of money he left in her basement.

At work, Mary must help her witness Casey Lane/Barnett, a former model with a drug habit, figure out what to do with her life. Also, Mary learns that Stan has been promoted to Deputy Director and Marshall has been appointed Chief of the Albuquerque office. While everyone is excited by the news, it means that Stan will have to move to Washington and possibly leave Lia behind.

After Marshall gets in trouble with Abigail over his relationship with Mary, he realizes that he has no choice but to confront Mary about it. When Mary and Marshall do finally talk, the conversation is uncomfortable, but they both acknowledge that while they’re each other’s soul mates, things have to change. And later, at Stan’s farewell dinner, Mary shows her willingness to change by having Kenny join the group.
First aired: May 4, 2012.


Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. elizabeth says

    So, when is “In Plain Soght” returning??? USA keeps advertising other shows returning and haven’t heard a word about this well-written and entertaining show. Come on – let us know!!!

  2. Road Rage says

    I feel like the reaper of TV at times. I find a program I really enjoy, and some wanker at the Network Head Office, decides it would be more entertaining watching fat guys cook and running around the country, seeing how much they can shovel into their faces. What passes for entertainment in this country, is pathetic. I’d tell you what I like, but I’m sure some clown would cut it to replace it with camel races.

  3. Aj says

    So happy to hear that In Plain Sight will continue! The characters are well played and perfectly cast. Thanks. We can’t wait for the start of season five.
    a & p

  4. Karin Morrow says

    please……………let’s keep Mary working! A great cast, plots are quirky but somehow very realistic……don’t end this original mix of talent and ideas…..PLEASE…………

  5. stephanie says

    please do not cancel this show since i love mary who is best actress that i really appreciate to watch so far! pls let me know when season four of this tv show will be coming up soon, thanks! smiles!!

  6. marie says

    one of the great shows i love it i miss it when not on the the chemistry between the people is great look fowart when it comes back on and sad when its off

  7. Willie says

    Thank you for bring back “In Plain Sight” the BEST of all the shows you air. I’m sure there is a never ending supply of story lines for this team. Great job the whole cast!!! superb writing team. Finally a series that really makes sense!!!!

  8. Nancy says

    The cast,very well selected, portray their characters to very believable mix. This doesn’t happen very often. Maybe the 2 and 3 part episodes give the show, charactors and storyline wider avenues to venture by losing the time contraints. (check the stats)
    This show is nice change from the norm presently on the networks.

    I hope with all sincerity you, the powers, look to those options t0 enhance the show.
    I would greatly miss Mary and Marshall shots at each other and anyone else in the area.

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