Kyle XY

 Kyle XY Network: ABC Family
Episodes: 43 (hour)
Seasons: Three

TV show dates: June 26, 2006 — March 16, 2009
Series status: Cancelled/ended

Performers include: Matt Dallas, Bruce Thomas, Marguerite MacIntyre, Jean-Luc Bilodeau, April Matson, Chris Olivero, Kirsten Prout, and Jaimie Alexander.

kyle xy past TV show

TV show description:
A naked 16-year-old male wakes up in a Seattle forest without any memories of his earlier life or a belly button. Though he lacks even basic skills, “Kyle” (Matt Dallas) learns with amazing speed and displays remarkable physical and mental abilities.

Therapist Nicole Trager (Marguerite MacIntyre) takes an interest in the young man and he becomes part of the Trager family which includes dad Stephen (Bruce Thomas), underachiever son Josh (Jean-Luc Bilodeau) and independent daughter Lori (April Matson). In addition, Kyle becomes close friends with Lori’s boyfriend Declan McDunaugh (Chris Olivero), forms a crush on Amanda Bloom (Kirsten Prout), and feels a kindred relationship with Jessi XX (Jamie Alexander).

While mysterious strangers seek to control or destroy Kyle and his new family, they work to uncover the secrets of his true identity.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Kim says

    Please bring Kyle XY back. It was the only show that kept me awake at night laughing and crying because of how beautiful the Tragers family were. Kyle made me felt so innocent with his questions, and mostly I missed Lori’s songs and Josh’s cute relationship with Andy. A good show like this should not be cancelled. Please bring it back, even if it takes years to film an episode. I’ll still be waiting for the show. :)

  2. Cindi Maloy says

    Please, please bring this wonderful show for the 4th season. We desperately need shows like Kyle with all the trash that is shown on other channels. You are THE FAMILY CHANNEL and we count on you for quality viewing. Don’t drop the ball!

  3. Anonymous says

    Please bring back the show!!! We all really want to know what happened to the next episode. Kyle xy is a great show, me and my whole family loved to watch it. I am really hoping that you can resolve this problem. We really want Kyle back.

  4. Crissy Matias says

    I would really love to see the 4th season. My family and I sat down during dinner and watched the episodes, I do not see how this show could get cancelled, it is full of surprises and keeps you at the edge of your seat. One of the best shows.

  5. Nellie says

    I just got finishing watching the seasons and I want the show back so I can watch season 4. Bring the show back it’s interesting. I really want to see what happens to kyle and Jessie.

  6. Ciani Lorenzo says

    Oh no, I just read that Kyle was cancelled some years ago, I don’t have words! I think that I’m not the only that I want know what happened to Kyle and Jessi. I WANT SEASON 4. Please, is so stupid make a fantastic TV show for three season and delete it when all is so great and engaging.

  7. Charles says

    I was 11 when this show first aired. I was just getting into the show at that time but as a kid I couldn’t keep up with the series because of other t.v. shows catching my attention. It wasn’t until recently that I acquired a Netflix account and restarted the show. Through season one I was touched all over again by the love of the Trager family bringing in Kyle. In one episode there was a a discussion between Kyle and Nicole which brought me to tears. In season 2 my emotions flared when Jessie was introduced into the story line. The story was unfolding fast and things got more than interesting. In season 3 the love triangle took me overboard to the point where my wife took interest in the story never having heard of this amazing show before. When we found out that Cassidy was Kyle’s brother we were literally awestruck. When we saw that there were no more episodes on Netflix we rushed to see if there was a season 4 online. After doing some research we found out that this thought provoking show was cancelled due to various reasons. We watched Kyle XY: Secrets Revealed on YouTube. Disappointed and sad we left it all alone. I personally feel like it was a huge let down to see this great show come to an end. As do many others. I just wanted to put my story out there because I know it might make a difference to someone to know that they aren’t alone in how they feel. We will always be waiting for Kyle XY to come back. If it ever does.

  8. kim says

    why ios it when there is a good tv series that a network decides to cancel them. If you dint think u r getting enough viewers then fine but atleast finish the story line. You can not leave people hanging like that. That makes them to never wanna watch another tv show on your network again!!! That is so redicoulous ending a show keeping people wondering what happens. Also you can nit judge by how many ppl are actually viewing the show many people that watch the show do it with friends or work while show is onj so record to watch at a later date. as well as those that watch it on places like Netflix. How about thoose that go to the mall and buy the whole biox set and just get mad cuz of the way it ended . To me not worth the time or money just because of the way it was ended.
    There was so much unfinished bushiness in this series and it it needed to be finished

  9. Anonymous says

    I don’t want it to be cancelled. I love this show, What will happen to Kyle and Jessi? Will they start dating? Not touching each other? I want Season 4.

  10. Neil says

    This show is one of the few that touches so many life learning experences. this story of Kyle and the life that the family has that took him in, is so real in many ways to life and different things that go on in Family life today .

    the story is great and the actors are wounderfull.

    I hope to see more on Kyle XY
    and whats happenes.

    you let if hanging and no ending . thats not good and bad business. if you going to end programs , at least finish them . dont leave your TV Viewer’s HANGING

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