Love Bites: Series Creator Reflects on Cancelled Series

Love Bites canceledLast night, NBC aired the last episode of Love Bites, a romantic anthology-style show that show creator Cindy Chupack has described as a cross between Love, American Style and the Love Actually feature film.

Since the network gave the show a greenlight early last year, Love Bites went through many changes — including Chupack reducing her own role to consultant because she had a baby on the way. NBC also went through some big regime changes and Love Bites sort of got lost in the shuffle.

Late least year, the network reduced the show’s episode order for 13 to nine episodes. It was then delayed until summer, a time when the networks often burn off projects that didn’t turn out as expected. The ratings for Love Bites have been very low so, to no surprise, NBC has cancelled the series.

The network has aired eight installments, leaving the pilot on the shelf. Produced before some of the backstage changes occurred, there are reportedly no plans to release that one.

Chupack is philosophical about the series. Now a writer on ABC’s Modern Family, she told EW, “My feeling was if only it could have been positioned as a summer treat miniseries instead of a show that was burned off and canceled… I feel like it was a successful little miniseries. It had amazing costars, and did something very different.”

She continued, “Considering everything that happened, including with me stepping down, it felt like it turned into such a delightful show… I hope it won’t be measured by when [it] finally aired, or by how many episodes aired or whether it was a success or failure. Rather, was it just fun to watch and was it good?”

What do you think? Was Love Bites good? What did you like or dislike about the TV series?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. becca says

    i have to say that it’s sad that the show was cancelled… however – in hindsight I would have hated if it aired for way too long! \i would have liked to see more episodes… but it was gem. i laughed – i have told others to watch – and have REALLY enjoyed it this summer. \i hope along the way – i can watch it again

  2. Led says

    My wife and I really enjoyed this “chick flic” moviesque series. It reminded me of Valentines Day. It was a bit confusing at first since I don’t believe I had seen any advertisement for it and it threw me when only a few of the characters would show up here and there. Nice concept. Poor move NBC.

  3. Bethany says

    Here we go again, everytime they get a show worth watching they cancel it. Unbelievable!!!!!!!!! I never missed an episode, went to record it for next week and saw that they are playing old moldy reruns again. So much for actually having something to watch on Thursday nights. I was really hoping that they would get a real run during the regular year, and to read this…. well I just hope that some other station is smart enough to snatch this show up and keep it going. It was fresh, entertaining, and full of potential to be a very long running money maker for everyone. Oh well, maybe they will replace it with some other stupid reality show that I will never watch, and will never meet anyone who watches, so they can lose money and viewers. Seems to be what they are aiming at, and they are one step closer to their goal.

  4. Craig says

    I could see how it was like a cross between Love American Style and Love Actually. Unfortunately, it was a cross of the bad parts of both that gave it a really bad synergy. I had watched a bit of an early episode, and I had to change the channel. Then last night I caught about five minutes of the final episode, and I couldn’t believe how bad five minutes of television could be. If television is fast food for the brain, then this show is what gets caught in the grease trap.

  5. Carolyn says

    This is the best show out there now. Funny, smart writing. We loved the intertwining stories. Why did they air it in the summer??? That’ll always kill a show. It should be given another try. Very sad that a good quality show can’t be given a chance, when all the other alternatives are reality CRAP.

  6. Karen says

    I was just watching last night’s episode and saw that the show wasn’t on next week. I thought the show was great and I’m disappointed that it’s cancelled.

  7. Dee says

    I loved this show, it really “got”what love is like, especially married love. What a shame, its true, the best show get canceled.

  8. Georgia says

    LOVED this show!! It should NOT have been cancelled! Enjoyed all the story lines and how they always came together at the end of each episode. The networks never seem to give new shows a chance , esspecially NBC. This show will be missed!

  9. Ria says

    I think it was a truly charming show. It was interesting, despite the fact that it had quick, short stories. Will miss it.

  10. John P says

    I really liked the show and am sorry to see it canned. I agree with Chupack that it should have been a summer mini series. All the good shows get canned :(

  11. Molli says

    That’s a shame, I actually liked the show and really wanted to see Annie and Matt’s relationship develop.

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