Manhattan: Season One Ratings

Manhattan TV show on WGN: latest ratingsWGN America is still very new to producing their original scripted series so it’s hard to know what they consider a ratings success. Salem was renewed for a second season. Will the new Manhattan series be renewed as well or will it be cancelled? We’ll have to wait and see.

Set in 1943, Manhattan follows the residents of a secret town of Los Alamos, New Mexico. Hidden away by the federal government, scientists live there with their families while they work to build the world’s first atomic bomb. The cast includes John Benjamin Hickey, Olivia Williams, Alexia Fast, Ashley Zukerman, Rachel Brosnahan, Daniel Stern, Katja Herbers, Christopher Denham, Harry Lloyd, Michael Chernus, Eddie Shin, Daniel London, and Mark Moses.

The ratings are typically the best indication of a show’s chances of staying on the air. The higher the ratings, the better the chances for survival. This chart will be updated as new ratings data becomes available.

10/14 update: Manhattan has been renewed for a second season on WGN America.

Final season averages: 0.08 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 420,000 total viewers.

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What do you think? Do you like Manhattan TV show? Do you think it should be cancelled or renewed for a second season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Carol says

    I am happy the show is on for a second season. I have enjoyed the history lesson and the excellent scripts and acting. Hope the series continues for many seasons.

  2. Bob McCarthy says

    Please see Comments as well.
    Note that last week there was a Casting Call for Season 2 which is scheduled to air in an as yet to be set date in October!!!!
    Please review another Comment of mine Welcoming Y’all out to visit Los Alamos and New Mexico and related tourist info sites!!!
    Per your liking of Manhattan, spread the word.

  3. Joe I. says

    I thought I’d go to to find out what’s to become of the show MANHATTAN. I knew that there many like minded people out there who feels that this an excellent show and would hope that the powers that be will keep this series alive…….would petitions help ?

  4. Eileen says

    When did they cancel Manhattan? I was led to believe that they kept it on for one at least one more season. Please let me know after you check it out.


  5. TC Texas says

    I loved the show. The actual event took place before I was born. My parents, grandparents & great-grandmother would talk about it. Almost 40 years ago, one of my elderly neighbor’s, was a ‘big gun’ on this project as a young man. He seemed sad or melancholy to have been a part of the project. I had alway’s been fascinated with the story of the project.

    ‘Manhattan’ was superb in every way, sets, clothing, living conditions, the race to beat any other country in the invention of the atom bomb.

    I was so disappointed the show was cancelled. One of the best shows on. It was an intelligent show and an important part of our country’s history.

    Maybe that is why ‘Manhattan’ was cancelled. I think the majority of our citizens have an I.Q., equal to the ambient room temperature.

    An example, friends of mine were over, we were discussing the Vietnam War. My 47 year old step-daughter (who made excellent grades), attended what the State deems the ‘best’ public high school in Texas. She was in her early 20’s, listening to our conversation when she asked with a frowning face, ‘where IS Vietnam?’. We all knew it to be rude to make her feel stupid. I told her a lot of kids her age didn’t know, so I got my globe and showed her.
    This is the history, or lack there of, being taught at the ‘best’ high school in Texas?

    We are ALL in trouble if our kids don’t know our history.
    I think 98% can tell you the top singing artist of the moment.

    I am on the Board’s of different Historical projects, so you understand, I am very interested in history.

    Side story, I grew up at the dead end of a Main Street leaving town. The Quarter Master was across the street from our house. Very few people ever asked, ‘why were there guard towers around the entire facility’. They just assumed there was valuable property there.

    The guard towers were there, a few still remain, un-manned. The Quarter Master was a P.OW. Camp for German soldiers during WWII.

    Ignorance is bliss, I suppose.

    Sadly, one of the best shows on T.V., has been cancelled.

    I would hope another network would take on the show, only if the quality and integrity of ‘Manhattan’ were maintained.

  6. Anthony B. Robinson says

    This series is awesome, My grandpa was at Hanford in 1942 and my father was there as a nuclear engineer after college. I was at Los Alamos for a short time in 1994 and was at the trinity site. Our neighbor was in security at Los Alamos and told stories that are right along the lines of this series.

    • Joe Dowling says

      Fascinating! Thanks for the history. We asked so much from those people to keep us all out of harms way. They did a necessary but terrible job, one they felt they had to do.

  7. Denise C. says

    My husband (an avid TV watcher who likes to choose the TV we watch) missed the 1st episode but took my word on the quality of the show and agrees with me that Manhattan is very well done and the actors are awesome! The development of the characters and their interactions is top notch! it is an awesome show and we hope it stays on for more than a 2nd season!!

    • Janna Acquafresca says

      So happy Manhattan is going to be back. I think this TV show is going to be a classic! The acting is great, the setting so real. Brings the whole thing to life. Knowing human beings I can believe all that backstabbing was possible. Can’t wait for the new season !

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