More to Love: Poor Debut Ratings; Cancel It or Keep It?

More to LoveAs ABC wrapped up another season of the successful Bachelorette series, the FOX network has unveiled a very similar program. Did viewers show this one any love?

More to Love follows The Bachelor format but has a slight twist. Rather than littering the screen with the typical modelesque people, More to Love revolves around a plus-sized male trying to find love among a group of 20 similarly proportioned women.

As the season progresses, 26-year-old Luke Conley eliminates ladies from the competition in hopes of finding a mate. The show is hosted by plus-sized model Emme and was conceived by Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss.

The Tuesday premiere of More to Love attracted an average of 4.02 million viewers with a 1.9/5 rating/share in the adults 18-49 demographic. Those numbers put the debut in third place for both overall viewership and the demo.

Should More to Love be cancelled?

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Making things look even worse, More to Love also lost 40% of the audience from lead-in Hell’s Kitchen, which ranked in first place for its timeslot.

Despite the poor showing, the network isn’t giving up on it yet and are offering viewers additional opportunities to watch the premiere. They reran the premiere last night and have also slotted the episode to repeat on Monday night as well, hoping that viewers will tune in for episode two on Tuesday.

It’s unknown how many installments of More to Love have been produced. The network has scheduled episodes to run at least until September 1st and is likely to complete airing the competition. If ratings don’t improve however, it’s very unlikely that the show will return for season two.

What do you think? Is the show worth watching? Does it fill a void left by the conclusion of The Bachelorette. Is it a good idea or is it demeaning? Would you keep it or cancel it?

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  1. Evelyn says

    I have really enjoyed watching the show. Luke was a great bachelor and really knew how to talk to the ladies and boost their self esteem, all while enjoying their company too. Sadly, some of the women were truly pathetic with such terribly low self-esteem… I guess that’s true of some women at any weight, but it was unfortunate that they didn’t have more women who were confident. I never saw the season finale (I’m writing this on 9/10/09)… has it aired yet? Did I miss it? Who did he choose?

  2. says

    KEEP IT, KEEP IT, KEEP IT!!! I love this show, i am so hooked, i look forward to it every week, me and my mom make it a routine every week to clear our schedual to watch it! this is def. my favorite show right now and i really hope season 2 comes!!! Love it, love it :o)

  3. Donna says

    This show is quite disturbing, not because of the weigh of the contestants but their inner ugliness. i really hoped they are going to show some inner beauty but ended up being fed with ugly stereotypes who kept telling how terribly sad they are about their weigh and forms, obviously they all want to be skinny models but then they say – “i love to eat” and all this mad stuff… really?!!! it made me wana puke. Terrible.
    I was almost 300lb and i love to eat too (obviously) but couple years later i am actually 145 now and feeling much healthier. sometimes it’s not about weight – it’s about self control, inner beauty, personal goal, a HEALTH, i can keep going and going here but 300lb is not so great for health for sure. We can lie as much as we want to to ourselves or other people but when you are overweight we all know deep inside we want to be skinny as those skinny model barbies, please stop pretending or lying because it just makes it even worse. this show should be replaced with a programing that screams – “now get off your couch and go for a walk, stop watching this stupid box!” and it just might help us all 😉

  4. David Andrews says

    This show make me very happy. I love watching the girls on their dates with Luke. Most of these girls have never been on a date. All the shallow viewers who don’t enjoy this show because the girls and Luke are full figured need to get a life. The VAST majority of Americans are overweight. It’s reality. Shows with size-1 models are not reality. If you can’t handle reality, get out of my country. Go watch some pretty boys and girls on the MTV and then drown yourself in junk food.

  5. Di says

    Hell no! Keep it going! I love it. Just because people show emotions and talk about how society really treats them does not make it a “train wreck.” You folks need to learn that not everyone in the good ‘ol USA has 100% sunny life all the time. Our country is very hard on women. If you’re successfull they call you the B-word. If you’re not a size 2 they call you fat. And big women have emotions and feel them just like anyone else. I think this is much better than the Bachelor which just revolves around some little jerk who has already gotten a swelled head from his momma. Luke seems like a genuine guy and really wanting to understand the girls’ experiences. The girls are fairly kind to each other. Everyone has flaws. It’s much more human than most reality shows.

  6. Jackie says

    This is to Ben who said “who wants to see fat people date?” Ben you are obviously a skinny prick, whether someoneis large or not does not matter, the fact is everyone should have a chance for love…the recipe for this show came from the skinny people versions of this type of reality show and it is just as flaw-filled as this one., but to have people like Ben comment like this is just plain wrong!

  7. smf says

    Several flaws with the show:

    1. He weighs more than the contestants.
    2. The backstabbing & whining of the contestants turned me off completely.
    3. This past week’s episode where we see one contestant eating the nuts off of a frozen banana–The typical stereotype of what one TV writer thinks of with regards to non-skinny women.

    Put this freak show off the air. Hell, at least pro wrestling shows have more respect than this turkey.

  8. TJ says

    This show is so pitiful. I watch it because it is like a car accident or a train wreck you don’t want to turn away from but I doubt that ratings will improve because it definitely won’t appeal to any of the following people who are probably a huge chunk of the viewing audience:

    1) The “indignant thin” who gloat over their imagined superiority and feign concern over the “health” message the show might be sending but are really just disgusted by the fact that fat people have lives too and can embarrass themselves on reality TV just as competently as a skinny person. They are genuinely flummoxed, I guess, by the fact that if all fat people were as useless and non-functional as they imagine them to be, US society would have collapsed a long time ago because 60% of us are fat according to the government. The constant harping about childhood obesity should give them a clue that fat people are having plenty of sex and making little fat babies in the process.

    2) Fat people/average people who may or may not know they aren’t model material but still want to live the size 0 fantasy vicariously through others and hate being confronted with the reality of their physical form on a TV screen. This is the same effect that causes plus-size retailers to pin clothes on skinny models rather than show them on their target market. Lane Bryant tried to be revolutionary by using “plus size” models, but let’s not forget that a plus-size model is maybe a size 10 or 12. If they showed that stuff on the size 20+ women that actually shop at their stores, their revenue would plummet and they know it.

    3) Fat people who love and accept themselves the way they are (whether they are ultimately trying to lose weight/improve their health or not) and are already thoroughly convinced that they are not inferior to anyone. They’re gonna get tired of all that whining and desperation really quickly. Like most people with self-respect, they’ll have trouble watching people who have none show it off to the world, especially when they know that prejudice will cause them to be lumped into the same pile with those people.

  9. says

    The show More to love is not a good show to watch.I dont like Emme.The Plus-sized model host.Shes a Bad Rolemodel for young women,Also Luke Conley is a Bad Role model for young men.Foxtv did a bad thing putting a dating show for Plus-size women.I’m not happy about it.That show More to love is going away/canceled.Trishis a Bad Example for young women.More to Love go away

  10. Trish says

    I admit I was curious about this show. I for one am tired of all those super tiny, skinny girls getting all the attention! I for one was interested when I saw the commercial. I thought, “Finally! a show about REAL sized girls!” When I tuned in and watched the show, I felt sorry for many of those women, especially after hearing their stories. I thought they were beautiful and stylish.
    Episode # 2 when the girls started to talk nasty to each other and about each other was just pathetic and saddening! Why do they feel they need to be mean to win? It was nice to see the one girl tell the other one she looked great in her swimsuit and she should feel good. Those are the things that bachelor needs to see!
    I agree with the other comment by Sandi. If this show is to continue, why not show the world that there are gorgeous, sexy and fit, built men who like big girls! Now that would be awesome! I am a plus sized woman who is loved and adored by a regular sized good lookin’ man! He explains that he isn’t “into stick chicks!” He prefers his women curvey! How lucky am I!!
    I sure hope all those beautiful BBW’s on the show find true love!

  11. Kate says

    It’s been suggested that people aren’t watching because at the end of the day, the average American prefers to see the unrealistic small sizes the media idealizes…I don’t think that’s the problem. I believe the problem is that “the reality dating show” has been so overdone at this point, that trying to reinvent it by using larger people as if that’s a gimmick is a little distasteful. Or maybe, it’s that people are tired of reality TV show without quality. Maybe both.

  12. Sandi says

    I have to admit after reading Lisa’s reply I never condsidered the women as they are eliminated. Her point is well taken after hearing about them in their initial intros. Many never having boyfiends etc.

    My comment is from a ratings point of view I am very disappointed with the creators of the show. Who is obviously not into bbws if male or is not plus size if it is a women. Here is the deal average size men also like bbws. I am insulted that you think that only a fat guy wants a big girl! My partner is built like a GOD and I think that this is typical of our American culture where size matters so much. Bottom line if ther is a season 2 make him hot and your ratings will go through the roof!

  13. Lisa says

    The show made me very sad. This Luke guy was like a fox in the henhouse. His extremely well tailored suit ultimately gave way to his plus size when he removed the jacket but he’s otherwise as smarmy as they come. Watching some of these seriously lovelorn women cry after receiving a diamond ring was sad. Listening to one woman smile shyly and admit she was falling in love with Luke as he took advantage of every conceivable opportunity to make out with every girl possible was revolting. He’s typical of men who take advantage of women with low self esteem or are vulnerable and take advantage he did. “Every single woman in this room is my type”. Spare me!

    I am worried about the women as they are eliminated – this show creates the kind of romance-novel hope that would never really happen under anything but a clinically set up situation like this; and some of these women don’t seem to have the fortitude for rejection. This seems so ill-thought out, and I can’t help wondering if any of these women realized what they were *really* doing. I can only see bad things happening to them as they stay longer and fall harder. Make this monstrosity go away. If this had been done with some consideration for the feelings of humankind in general it’s format would have been much more restrained and interesting. As it is, it”s a trainwreck and we turned it off after ten minutes. It made us very very sad.

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