NBC Picks Up Three Shows; Heroes, Law & Order, and Trauma Cancelled Soon?

Trauma cancelledThe peacock network gave three shows some very good news on Friday. NBC ordered nine additional episodes each of Community, Parks and Recreation, and Mercy.

None of the three shows have been performing particularly well but the network is committed, at least for now, to sticking with them. If the ratings for any of them become much worse, NBC could still reduce the season orders. All three are co-productions of NBC’s corporate sister, Universal Media Studios, so that seems unlikely to happen.

Things don’t look quite as rosy though for some of the network’s other programs. Heroes was expected to be one of the weakest players this season but, because of the rest of NBC’s schedule, it’s one of the stronger performers in the 18-49 demographic. As unlikely as it may seem, Heroes could live to see a fifth season.

Law & Order is performing poorly this season, likely in part to the fact that it’s now airing much earlier than it has for 19 seasons. The show’s also running on Friday nights but viewership and expectations are lower there. Creator Dick Wolf made financial concessions to ensure that the show was renewed last Spring so that it could tie with Gunsmoke for longest-running primetime drama (for number of seasons anyway) and will likely push to keep it going. With more than 470 episodes, there are plenty of episodes for syndication but it seems likely that Law & Order will be renewed again.

TV show supportTrauma is in the most immediate danger and could be pulled at any time. Its ratings are currently stuck at 5.52 million viewers and a poor 1.8/4 rating/share in the 18-49 demographic. Last week, the show ranked in fourth place in both viewers and the demo, and lost a large percentage of the Heroes 18-49 lead-in. Even if NBC airs all 13 of the show’s episodes, it’s inconceivable that they’ll order any more.

What do you think? Do Community, Parks and Recreation, and Mercy deserve more episodes? Should Heroes and Law & Order get another season? Should Trauma be cancelled?

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  1. Kevin Buie says

    DO NOT GET RID OF TRAUMA!!!!! This is one of the best shows that NBC has had in a long time. I NEVER watch NBC but have not missed an episode of Trauma. It reminds me of several shows from days past like Emergency and ER. I think the folks at NBC have lost their minds if they pull Trauma

  2. Andrew Cole says

    Heroes is my favorite show on television and should not be cancelled by any means. I got into this show @ the beginning of Season 2 (writer’s strike season), nd 4 sum reason alot of “fans” stopped watching the show @ this point. I had bought the 1st season prior to the 2nd season starting and have been nothing but satisfied with it. I watch alot of television and movies (own about 500 dvds), and do realize shows don’t last 4ever but considering some of the crap that is put on television and doesn’t even last it’s full season, and Heroes clearly has a following, I think NBC needs 2 cut the BS and realize something successful in front of them when they have it. Because if not the Heroes time slot will just be taken by another show that will last 7-8 episodes.

  3. Ceet says

    please get rid of Jay Leno or show him on Fridays only or pick one day during the week. NBC needs to at least let Law and Order get to 500 episodes then let them go, if they want comedy bring Monk back on there sister channel USA that is the only good show for there entire network for USA and its clean and funny and has a great storyline.

  4. says

    TV and the rating systemm is messed jup! People 50 & ovder need to be included in tv rating system. We watch tC too! Let’s keep inclusive prdogbram for all age group! And a rating system to match

  5. Dave says

    One word: JOURNEYMAN! Another GREAT show that NBC failed to keep. I have talked to so many people that wondered where that show went. NBC does DRAMA really really well. Comedy, outside of 30Rock and maybe the Office, is lost on NBC. In my opinion, NBC should stick with Trauma…it’s well done, well written and very well edited. It’s looked forward to in our house!

  6. Rob says

    The only show worth watching on NBC will be “Chuck” when it returns. NBC needs to cancel “Leno” and invest in something other than redundant and worn out Law & Order clones and tired medical shows. Heroes has totally lost steam and become just another nighttime soap opera. It needs to up the action or go.

  7. Anonymous says

    heroes does not need a another season it has dragged ever since the writer strike
    law and order just needs to go off my favorite character isn’t even on it anymore and it was a main character
    those other shows nbc has they suck cancel them or get rid of the jay leno to boost back their ratings

  8. Briana Goodman says

    NBC should cancel Mercy and keep Trauma on. I love watching Trauma. First NBC cancels Southland and now they are canceling Trauma. It’s not right. NBC is not giving any of their shows a chance. Everytime I get hooked on a show, they cancel it. Pretty soon nothing will be on NBC but reality shows. If they keep canceling shows, they are going to lose their viewers or at least the majority of their viewers.

  9. Jake says

    This is a shame – Law & Order deserves to go out with its head held high and a significantly-positioned-and-marketed final run, given its importance to NBC over the years. Leave it to them to drop the ball on one of their signature series.

  10. Shana says

    Trauma is such a good show… I am also tired of watching a show and getting into it then it gets cancelled! In my opinion Mercy sucks… how could they keep Mercy over Trauma??? Give the show a chance….

  11. Jason Hoover says

    I don’t agree with basing everything on ratings. I think that stupid shows like Parks and Recreation, Community shoud have never been created Law and Order as well as Trama is really good shows. I think that NBC would do so much better if we could trust them not to cancel the good shows. I am really getting tired of watching shows on NBC and liking them the having NBC pull the rug out to go and cancel them.

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