Nip/Tuck: What Happened in the Last Episode, “Hiro Yoshimura?”

Nip/TuckTonight, Nip/Tuck said goodbye after seven seasons on the air and 100 episodes. The show is truly an original and has gone many crazy places that other shows haven’t gone before. The show’s talented cast includes Dylan Walsh, Julian McMahon, Joely Richardson, John Hensley, Roma Maffia, Kelly Carlson, Jessalyn Gilsig, Bruno Campos, Valerie Cruz, Kelsey Batelaan, and Linda Klein.

At the start of the series finale, “Hiro Yoshimura,” Sean and Christian chew out Matt for ditching his wedding to Ramona. He professes his love for Ava and asks them to watch Jenna for a few days while he gets things sorted out.

At the office, the docs make Liz a partner in the company and show her by adding her name on the sign in the lobby. Sean tells her they’ll put a nursery in the office so she can keep working and be close to the baby. As her first act as partner, she joins them to interview their newest client; an older Japanese porn star who wants to have his heart attack scar removed.

Julia accompanies Sean as he shops to fill the nursery. She’s worried about him because he expects to have a big involvement in Liz’s baby’s life (because he was the sperm donor). He professes that everything will be fine.

Christian makes a deal with Ava to remove the ulcers that cover the baby, Raphael, that she wants to adopt. In exchange, she agrees to dump Matt. While the surgery’s being performed, she tells Matt it’s over. He’s crushed.

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Julia talks to Christian about Sean to try to figure out why, when he has less reason to stay in a job he doesn’t love, he’s more entrenched than ever. She says Sean’s afraid to make the leap because he’s afraid to leave Christian. She says he’s in denial. Christian won’t listen and ultimately admits that he needs Sean.

After a drug and sex orgy with the two ladies who’d accompanied the porn star, Christian puts a passed out Sean to bed. Sleeping himself, Christian has a dream about Kimber and she tells him that he needs to help Sean.

While talking to Sean and looking at the scars of her baby, Ava realizes that he’ll always be scarred and will never be perfect. She decides that she can’t live with that and decides to abandon him. Sean is dumbfounded.

When Sean excitedly shows the nursery to Liz, she can tell that he has expectations. Liz wants this to be her chance to be a parent, alone. She realizes that it’s not going to work and decides to move away. Soonafter, Sean and Christian learn that the elderly porn star had a fatal heart attack while filming. This gives the doctors pause.

Matt talks to Christian about wanting to be a good father. He says that he made amends with his bride, Ramona, but we see via flashback that she spit on him and slammed the door in his face. Matt promises to make Christian proud and Christian returns Jenna to him.

At the office, Christian tells Sean that the agency is coming for the baby the next day but Sean doesn’t want to give him up and says Raphael isn’t ready to travel.

Later, Sean prepares a big meal for his extended family since they may not ever be all together again. Afterward, Liz says goodbye to everyone. Then, Julia and the kids leave to catch their plane for London and to begin their new life.

The next day, Christian cancels his and Sean’s scheduled consult and asks Sean the immortal line, “Tell me what you don’t like about yourself.”

Sean dodges the question and Christian says that he’s the only person that he’s ever met that has a real chance at happiness. He then tells Sean that he’s dissolving their partnership so that his friend can move on. He then gives Sean two tickets to take the baby back to Bucharest. They’re one-way tickets because Christian has a feeling that, with all of the needy children there, he won’t be coming back for awhile.

As Sean slowly walks out of the office, he notices the workman finishing making changes on the office sign. It now says just “Troy/Cruz.” We see Christian thoughtfully scrub up alone.

Matt goes after Ava at the airport with little Jenna in his arms. He tells her that, regardless of what she is, he will always love her. He offers Ava a perfect little girl to love like her own and a man who adores her. She accepts and we see them go up the escalator together, as a new family.

Christian accompanies Sean to the airport with the baby. The men share a hug and Sean thanks him. Before going through security, the guard warmly asks Sean if the baby is his son and he smiles and says, “Yes.” Sean happily looks back at Christian, walking away in the distance.

At the airport bar, we see Christian drink and then pick up a beautiful young lady by mentioning that he’s a plastic surgeon. End of series.

What do you think? Are you satisfied with the Nip/Tuck finale. Was there anything missing? Some return or resolution that didn’t happen?

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  1. Shirley Myers says

    I just watched the whole Nip Tuck series on Netflix. My husband and I where hooked. I am physically sad that this season ended and the way it did. We will never see Liz baby. The acting was superb and the series was amazing. Hope they come back out of nowhere I would even suggest a movie to satisfy all loose ends of the season.

  2. Fran says

    Now all I have is a broken heart, cause I can honestly say, I think in my 60 years of TV viewing this my all time favorite show. I don’t think anything which will be created will surpass its excellence.

  3. Crystal says

    Ok, so this is one of the best shows i ever watched… i finally caught up with every single episode and get cut off at the end…Why wouldnt they make another season! that did not seem like the proper ending.

  4. JOY says

    I just think they ran out of material and the guys are getting older and don’t fit the parts anymore….especially Christian…I don’t think he looked good at all this last season, but that’s just me 😉 Didn’t like the ending at allll….expected much more from a show I’ve watched from the very beginning. ;-(

  5. Wailaia says

    Yeah there is about a whole 2 years missing!!! open story lines unfinished endings! Nothing makes sense in the world of entertainment!! I swear you people are supposed to know what we like and what we want…but obviously you all don’t! I will never watch FX netwrk again unlkess Nip/Tuck is back!!

  6. paul says

    this was a great show and the cast emulated the characters so well. I liked the finale and how everything was tied together, and how sean will now be a very short flight away from london to see his kids being in Romania/ Bucharest now. Christian is the best!!!!

    if you have digital cable-primetime on demand has it under “fx” shows and has the last 4 ep. to view again in case you missed

  7. says

    I didn’t realize it was the finale! I don’t know why I expected something more though. It wrapped everything up.

    They also made sure that I wouldn’t like Matt. He finally screwed up one too many times for me. Who uses their own child as a pawn like that?

    For those of you wondering what to watch now, I suggest “Dexter” or “Caprica.” Or both. They both have a similar edginess to Nip/Tuck.

  8. t2dangjo says

    I am soooooo peeved!!! After faithfully not missing one single episode of this show, I missed the very last one of the series!!!! Does anyone know where I can go to watch this before the DVD is out?


  9. gloria lopez says

    From Charmed to Nip I will follow Christian and all the actors of Nip where ever they go. But what the frick ever. Nip was a million times better than staying home on a Friday night to watch Miami Vice back in the day. And back in the day that was the thing. Everybody stayed in on a Friday night to watch Miami Vice.

  10. Marc says

    I just can’t wait to see what show the actor that played Christian Troy plays next. I’m not sure if it was just the character that he played but I thought the actor did a great job!

  11. matt says

    uuum, ya there is something missing…about 3 more damn seasons at least…shouldve renewed this instead of half that other **** on FX…dissapointed…now i have no reason to even turn on FX anymore…peace sucka’s

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