NYC 22: New CBS Cop Show; Cancel or Keep It?

Cancel or keep NYC 22?CBS aired the season (possibly series) finale of CSI: Miami a couple weeks ago and are now filling the timeslot with a new cop show, NYC 22. Will this TV series last as long as its predecessor or will it be cancelled instead?

NYC 22 follows a diverse group of six rookie cops who are learning what it means to be members of the NYPD. The TV show’s cast includes Adam Goldberg, Harold House Moore, Judy Marte, Leelee Sobieski, Stark Sands, Terry Kinney, and Tom Reed. It’s produced in association with Robert De Niro’s Tribecca Productions.

The cop drama debuted on April 15th to a disappointing 1.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 4.43 million total viewers. It was tied for second place in the all-important demo but first in overall viewers.

Last Sunday night’s episode dropped to a 1.4 in the demo with 7.52 million. It was third in the demo and second in total viewers.

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Unfortunately, those numbers aren’t nearly good enough to be renewed by CBS. NYC 22 is the lowest-rated show currently on the network and even CSI: NY — a show that’s in danger of being cancelled and airs on a little watched night like Fridays — performs better.

On our CBS report card, which measures the all important demo ratings, NYC 22 receives an “F.”

IMDB lists 13 episodes, in addition to the pilot, but CBS only has two more installments scheduled. They may get around to airing the rest of them at some point but, unless the ratings miraculously rise, it’s certain that the network won’t be ordering any more.

But, what do you think? Do you like NYC 22? Do you think that it should be cancelled or renewed for a second season instead?

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  1. Shirley Quinn says

    Oh My God, The Human Interests was Fantastic; NYC 22 was Outstanding!!!. I hate the ratings; they Shut Down some really good shows… Bring It Back, Bring It Back with a famous face, in and out temporary cele faces that make an impact:: The Cop show revealed the People on the street, their junk, their hopes and the feeling of the the cops towards each other doing a thankless job in reality. Ask RobertDi for some Input on how or really what to do to be a Winner Cop Show. I loved its Reach

  2. Charleigh says

    Oh my gosh. TV networks are getting stupider and stupider! They cancel some of the best shows on the TV! This show is filled with action and with relationships that a lot of people want to see grow into something good! But NOOO apparently CBS doesn’t feel the same way that we do! Stark Sands is such a great actor. He and the rest of the rookie cops are very good actors and actresses(:

  3. marie says

    I’ve alway’s been a big tv watcher.I truly don’t like when i get hooked on to a show that I look forward to watching every week&the networks take it away from me.I’m really pissed that the networks dont care about the viewers&what they want kept on the air.i don’t care about how low the ratings are.I think the networks deserve the “F” for failing to recognize a good show&not giving it a long enough chance to prove itself.Please older generation viewers who watched:NYC22,Harry’s Law,The Gifted Man,Unforgettable,CSI NY&Miami let us the fans help save them from being cancelled.We truly need good shows like these on the air to continue to keep us entertained wk after wk.We now have to support the shows we like or love otherwise they’ll be lost&so will we.

  4. Jake says

    Ok…it’s not Southland or Rookie Blue… But, let’s give it a chance. It has a some respectable seasoned actors that have earned their chops and some interesting new faces. The storylines could use some maturity, but that could come.

    I wish the US would adopt the UK system for episodic TV–at least for the first season of shows–that is to have every season run as a complete stand-alone narrative, like a novel. Then commit to airing all episodes in a season.

  5. Lisa Simpson says

    I started watching for Stark Sands, who is excellent, as always. Am very much enjoying all the actors. The cinematography and editing are pretty flat, which is unfortunate because the writing is a bit on the clunky side and the show could stand to have something besides a good cast going for it. This group deserves better!

  6. SJ says

    I don’t usually watch cop shows but I’m liking NYC 22. Also started watching it for Goldberg and Sobieski, but all the actors are good in this. Hope CBS gives it a chance.

  7. Ms.W says

    tv rocks. where’s something smart and important? and smart?
    so much good stuff around__smart writers around__missed opportunity here?

    i know i don’t know whereof i speak -can’t image what goes into make a show, the politics, the ‘stuff’.
    yeah The Closer rocked.
    yeah that Baltimore show? — The Wire – that rocked.
    Reno 911! –let’s have it.
    maybe enough w/the sooo pretty 20 somethings? I like, i like KNOW 20.
    where’s David Milch?

  8. Frank the actor's father says

    Keep airing NYC 22. It’s pretty real and interesting. It has
    great, young, talented actors. The writers have written an awesome
    Pilot forth shadowing great stories. Come on! Give it a chance.

  9. Tera says

    I watched the show for the same reasons as David S. (except it was Adam Goldberg and Stark Sands). I’m enjoying it. I hope CBS keeps it.

  10. George says

    This show problem is that a lot of it’s audience from the Pilot had high expectations for this being the next venture on broadcast for complex crime drama. Especially with urban crime novelist Richard Price as show creator/executive producer.

    Fox made the last attempt at complex crime drama in spring 2011 with The Chicago Code. Fox Execs idiotically canceled it. All of Fox new scripted 1 hour ventures have basically dove in the rating since their first couple episodes. Both Alcatraz and Terra Nova didn’t find themselves creatively.

    I’m thankful that shows like Justified, South land and The Closer are somewhat filling the void.

  11. David S. says

    I started watching because Adam Goldberg and Leelee Sobieski are in it. I’m liking it so far. I find this different perspective quite interesting. So many cop shows don’t show much from a rookie’s point of view. I find the uncertainty in situations that are new to these rookies refreshing.

    If the ratings don’t improve soon though, I guess this will suffer the same fate as “The Unusuals”, which Goldberg was also a cast member of, and which I enjoyed.

    • Kat says

      The Unusuals was great! So sad it got cancelled; I found myself actually wanting to watch a cop show with that one. With this one, it’s more of my general, “Meh, it’s a cop show” attitude, but I hang in there for Adam Goldberg and Leelee Sobieski, too. ;D

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