Piers Morgan Live: Talk Show Cancelled by CNN

piers morgan live canceledCNN has decided to cancel Piers Morgan Live after a three year run. Morgan broke the news in an interview with David Carr of The New York Times.

He said, “It’s been a painful period and lately we have taken a bath in the ratings” and noted that the final episode would likely end in March. Morgan is expected to stay at CNN in some capacity.

It’s unclear what CNN will do with the 9pm hour. When ABC News Nightline anchor Bill Weir was hired by the cable channel late last year, it was rumored that he might replace Morgan. At the time, CNN denied he was a replacement.

What do you think? Did you like Piers Morgan Live? Are you sorry that it’s been cancelled? Would you watch another Morgan-hosted show?

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  1. Aman Khawaja says

    I am diehard fan of Piers Mogan, the man is honest, fair and BOLD. wHAT cnn has done, I have clue has done under pressire fom GUN LOBBY and gun slinggers, I wish they all were left some where in the old west. I wated Piers EPISODE with NRA hOUNCHO, WHO COULD ANSWER pIERS QUESTION = why we need assault rifles- makong a long story short at the eng of the show – tNRA chief basically got mad, and I think he said we are going to get you.
    If cnn has cancelled PIERS show under pressure, then we can say there is no freedom on the press, and influential people can make things happen on their terms – Am I right or Am I Right.
    I have been US cizen for 45 years, and my son have served in the ARMED FORCES FOR 6 years, I feel obligted to write this paragraph for ththe records. I feel CNN MUST BRING piers BACK AND MUST NOT UNDER ANY COMPULSION

  2. jacqueline laude says

    Devastated that the Piers Morgan Live show has been cancelled!
    Big mistake CNN!!
    Bullied by the NRA, perhaps?

    Hopefully he will have his own show again soon, Get your S—-T together CNN!
    Thank you Piers!

  3. Lafe Clark says

    I am glad that he was fired. His radical views regarding taking away gun rights did fire up the NRA and non members like myself. I am not a member of the NRA but I now agree with the NRA. I am American Indian. American Indians right to own firearms was finally lifted in 1979. Yes 1979. Check it out. We have been breaking the law for years and will never give up are guns. Pierce Morgan wanted to turn back the clock. The Indian and cowboys finally agree. I agree with gun safety but strongly disagree with gun CONTROL.

  4. says

    I REALLY ENJOYED PIERS MORGAN! I loved it when he argued with people and said what he thought! I could tell he wasn’t happy when he was reporting the same news that CNN had been running all flipping day! How annoying it was to me! Now, his view on guns makes sense to me; really quite simple; if fewer people have guns and if they were very difficult to obtain, there would be less killing sprees here in America! It’s so simple!!! He is CORRECT in his statements. The last show I saw of his was with Chelsea Handler, and she was ripping him to shreds! As she does normally to people. She made a comment on the air saying, well, I guess that’s why they are canceling your show! My jaw dropped!!! I thought he might cry! Now, about Bill Weir…. I knew they were bringing him on board in some capacity. His tiny clips, so appealing, his confidence and sex appeal is definately a good addition . I loved bill years ago on the Telly . Glad he’s on again! But Piers Morgan was very entertaining! I will and already miss him!! He got screwed!!!

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