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Reba: Petition to Revive the Reba Reba McEntire Family Friendly Sitcom!

Reba sitcomThough Reba was the most popular sitcom on the CW network, the series was cancelled after six seasons and 125 episodes.

Many fans still love to watch spunky Reba Hart and her crazy family and would like to see the series revived. You too?

To: Twentieth Century Fox Television and Acme Productions

We, the undersigned, have really enjoyed the Reba comedy series and were greatly saddened by its cancellation. Reba is one of the few modern sitcoms that a family could watch and enjoy together.

We ask that you reconsider the cancellation and revive the series with the original cast or find a way to continue the characters and story in some new way. We are convinced that there is still a market for this type of quality family programming.

Thank you for your consideration.

454 Entries - 19 Pages
  • LauraCountry: us2014-04-15 00:04:57
    Bring back Reba. I like her sitcoms. Family friendly and FUNNY.
  • JohnCountry: United States2014-03-11 10:07:49
    bring the show back!!!!!!!!!!! clean and fun!!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.
  • Chris ShaughnessyCountry: USA2014-01-10 03:25:07
    I loved the Reba show. A wonderful cast. I do hope they will bring it back.
  • KatelynCountry: Canada2013-11-10 03:25:36
    Bring back Reba.
  • LexiCountry: USA2013-08-23 14:26:58
    GO VAN
  • LexiCountry: USA2013-08-23 14:25:53
    Bring back reba I really like that show
  • MyraCountry: USA 2013-07-14 02:47:03
    Please bring back Reba...I dont get tired of watching the show.
  • Kelli murphyCountry: USA2013-04-09 15:59:59
    Please bring reba and cast back to revive reba.
  • KatieCountry: USA2013-04-09 14:06:04
    I Own all the seasons of Reba on DVD and yet I still watch them when they come on TV I love the sitcom and really wish it would come back with a new season!
  • susan stidhamCountry: usa2013-01-14 21:49:58
    I love, love , love Reba, I even got my husband to watch and he never watches anything besides sports and westerns.
  • LeaThompsonFanCountry: U.S.A.2012-11-27 23:46:24
    Bring back the Hart and Montgomery family!
  • Art BlockCountry: Canada2012-11-17 22:03:33
    Even 5 years after you cancelled what may well have been the best family sit com to air on TV since shows like Bill Cosby went off the air you are still getting people willing to sign this petition to bring REBA back. It was an awesome show with a brilliant cast that worked amazingly well together. The writers put together great shows that everyone could watch, enjoy and turn a half hour of TV into one of the most enjoyable half hours you cuild spend . Every one of the episodes for the entire run of the show was worth watching. You should be ashamed of yourselves for cancelling this great show.
  • BingoCountry: U.S.2012-10-16 12:04:53
    Please bring it back
  • JessCountry: USA2012-09-21 19:53:52
  • KimberlyCountry: USA and PROUD2012-08-13 14:06:43
    I would give anything to see REBA brought back. I didn't miss an episode then and sure wouldn't miss one now. It's one of the great family shows that they just don't air anymore. Please bring it back.
  • debbi vaanderputtenCountry: usa2012-08-11 03:15:29
    if we cant have new showa how about a couple of new ones to see how it would od ended
  • amberCountry: usa2012-08-09 13:44:31
    please bring it back :)
  • Lucinda DavidsonCountry: Canada2012-08-01 10:31:14
    Please bring it back!I still feel there is more to the Hart Family story!!
  • Renee AndersonCountry: USA2012-06-18 17:23:52
    Please bring the show back...nothing matches it in quality and humor!
  • JessieCountry: Canada2012-02-10 15:07:54
  • Mark AntrobusCountry: USA2012-01-12 01:31:31
    Good show.
  • Peter PolandoCountry: USA2011-12-27 05:53:19
    I never watched Reba until just recently and I have to say it is a very funny show. I wish I would have watched it when it first came on TV. My kids love watching it. I know it's been canceled for a while now, but it would be nice if the show were to come back on TV.
  • HollyCountry: USA2011-12-07 01:32:09
    bring reba back!!!
  • Stuart & Nancy SmithCountry: USA2011-11-23 08:54:15
    Please, Please keep this show going. My husband is 81 years old and I am 76 years. This is about the only show that we can sit and watch and laugh at since there are so many sex and violent shows that we will NOT watch. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS FROM US.
  • Kimberly BridgesCountry: USA2011-11-12 13:57:59
    Absolutely the best sitcom ever on Television. I miss it so much!
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