Reba: Petition to Revive the Reba Reba McEntire Family Friendly Sitcom!

Reba sitcomThough Reba was the most popular sitcom on the CW network, the series was cancelled after six seasons and 125 episodes.

Many fans still love to watch spunky Reba Hart and her crazy family and would like to see the series revived. You too?

To: Twentieth Century Fox Television and Acme Productions

We, the undersigned, have really enjoyed the Reba comedy series and were greatly saddened by its cancellation. Reba is one of the few modern sitcoms that a family could watch and enjoy together.

We ask that you reconsider the cancellation and revive the series with the original cast or find a way to continue the characters and story in some new way. We are convinced that there is still a market for this type of quality family programming.

Thank you for your consideration.

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  • Leslie KhannaCountry: USA2015-08-05 15:19:56
    i miss them. They were family and it was such a great role model for blended families. We need more!
  • Nancy AllenCountry: USA 2015-07-24 03:43:20
    Please bring Reba back! I love this show and laugh so much. I love all of the characters and wish it was still on the air. I loved seeing guest stars on the show too, like Dolly Parton!
  • Lynda ReillyCountry: USA2015-07-16 13:15:30
    Bring Reba back great show !!!!
  • Elizabeth GarciaCountry: U.S.A2015-07-01 17:27:56
    really love her talent. I haven't enjoyed the talent of a red headed person since Lucille Ball. Reba is loaded with talent and her co-stars bring the whole show together wonderfully.
  • Darla Schmier (McAdam)Country: Arizona US2015-06-20 18:45:35
    I love the Reba show. It is so funny and still makes me laugh when I watch re-runs. Please bring it back. Its a good wholesome show.
  • Richard BaudoinCountry: United States2015-06-06 08:28:56
    We watch Reba together as a Family. My wife loves this show and got me addicted to Reba. I would love to see Reba revised.
  • Lynn RepkaCountry: United States of America2015-05-28 20:56:52
    Reba was one of the best comedies ever....bad mistake to take it off the air! I would really like to see it back.
  • sherry kukurichCountry: United States2015-05-16 15:47:57
    Bring Reba back! Great family show with great family stories. There are not that many family shows any more. Please bring it back!
  • BrittanyCountry: US2015-05-11 16:07:03
    I watch Reba literally everyday. Please bring the show back. This show is hilarious and wholesome. It's one of the only shows left that are that way.
  • Dot KleinCountry: USA2015-05-03 21:45:49
    Please bring this show back. I admit, I never watched the show when it was on the air, I just recently started watching and now I'm addicted!!! I record every episode, and watch them over and over again. It's ridiculous !!! I just love it, please bring it back !!!!
  • lisa seldersCountry: usa2015-04-30 20:06:01
    Reba is the only family show left. Its the only show that hasnt tried to be of the world. When all other shows are adding of the world issues, this show is proof that you can remain true to biblical facts and people will still watch. I would watch a days worth of reruns than to watch the disgraceful tv shows that are on now. Everyone is getting numb to what is right and wrong. Values are so far gone and reba would bring that back.
  • Jan walesCountry: U.S.2015-04-22 12:52:59
    Please please please. Best comedy's show ever
  • Jennifer TierneyCountry: united States2015-04-06 17:55:42
    I love Reba. I have all six seasons on DVD and watch it anytime its on rerun. I've introduced my 2 1/2 year old to it and we will watch it all as she gets older. I wish they'd bring it back for a few new seasons.
  • P. WaddellCountry: United States2015-04-03 14:02:42
    My family loves Reba all the character and we want it back!
  • HaileyCountry: Canada2015-04-03 11:36:48
    Reba was and will always be my favorite show. Every episode left me wanting more. Its definitely the funniest show I have ever watched and I would love to see the show come back with the original cast. I promise if the show does return, I will be watching every episode.
  • Tracy OilarCountry: U.S.2015-02-28 20:02:02
    I vow to watch new episodes faithfully and purchase products advertised during showings, thereby enabling the network to make bundles. Please BRING IT BACK!!!
  • Tara hurleyCountry: Usa2015-01-12 18:00:59
    Revisit Reba!!
  • jan walesCountry: united satates2014-12-28 11:48:28
    my daughter and I dvr all episodes of REBA. what classic one liners. please bring back a reunion episode if not the series. anything would great. thank you jan wales
  • julieCountry: us2014-10-26 08:25:43
    Loved the show and really miss it.
  • Jenn SaulCountry: USA2014-10-26 04:11:09
    I never understood why it was removed from the air in the first place. It was a fantastic show then and still is today. It's the type of family designed that you want to see what happens in so many years. Look at Boy Meets World. Same basic concept and fantastic results.
  • SteveCountry: USA2014-10-15 22:10:36
    I absolutely loved that show, more than anyone I have ever watched and I am 48 years old. Still watch re-runs to this day. The show made it feel so much like a real family and the characters and story lines were great. I really miss Reba and the cast! Please come back!
  • DevinCountry: USA2014-09-30 15:00:49
    I love reba!! Please please please!
  • Donna HCountry: USA2014-09-17 19:39:31
    I watch the REBA reruns everyday and its a very funny show and its nice to watch a family that has Divorce issues get along so well when some families are not that lucky. I hink it should be brought back!!!
  • CiearaCountry: USA2014-09-15 15:07:22
    My mom and I watch the old re run episodes everyday. It's just a classic show and very comedic. We would love to see the show bring out a new season with the same cast members. Sign me up if the show needs a new member 😃
  • Victoria coxCountry: USA2014-08-20 21:02:13
    I love this show! It is one of those shows that no matter how many times you have seen it you can watch it over and over!