Remodeled: Premiere Ratings [Bomb!]

Remodeled ratingsThe CW reworked their January schedule and delayed the return of shows like Ringer to help give Remodeled a big debut. Unfortunately, right out of the gate, viewers aren’t interested and the show is already guaranteed to be cancelled.

Per the fast affiliate numbers, the new reality show attracted a 0.3 rating (yes, they do go that low) in the 18-49 demographic with 707,000 total viewers.

It was easily the network’s lowest premiere of the season and lost viewers between the first and second half hours. In fact, it registered a 0.2 rating in the second half hour. The CW’s last bomb, H8R, was cancelled after four episodes when it only dropped to a 0.4 rating.

This premiere was a disaster and the show will surely be pulled soon (unless the numbers miraculously improve). The CW can do much better than this, even with repeats.

UPDATE: You can see the complete Remodeled season ratings.

What do you think? Did you watch Remodeled? Do you think the series has any chance of survival?

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  1. robycop3 says

    All this type of reality shows suck, but this one was a VACUUM. And, long as Ostroff is calling the CW’s shots, this is the type of garbage they’re gonna often air, along with trashy dating/relationship hooey. It’s as if CBS wants the CW to fail. (Hooray for Nikita & Supernatural!)

  2. Ginger Mulligan says

    Love this show. Can’t believe you haters. What were you watching? Entertaining show about modeling biz. You hate Gordon Ramsey too. I liked Remodeled and will watch it again.

  3. Grandizer says

    Hahaha, I watched it, and said that if this guy is some terrific person in the industry, how in the world did that woman ever get in the network?
    Her business was crap, and probably still is.
    His tirade about not having a GQ or a Cosmopolitan was ridiculous.
    Some of the models he brought in looked like Rejects from the Janice Dickinson Modeling agency. And they weren’t always that great either.
    There were some good looking ones no doubt, but most were not.
    The models the agency had were not much better either.

    The guy is full of himself and his continual ranting about how this place reflects on him and his business? What a joke. Then you should have paid better attention before you allowed it into your network!
    I doubt they ripped down the fancier signage about the business, DE-Decorated their waiting areas, and anything else you B*TCHED about before they were let into the Network.
    You were greedy, signing companies you never saw or sent people who had no idea to see for you.

    You sow what you reap.

  4. bruce says

    wow. usually I talk crap about the moron networks and what they think are “low ratings”, but 0.3??? 700,000?~?~?? during prime time??? OK that IS a bad rating. I don’t watch anything on CW except NIKITA and SUPERNATURAL, but my advice is, axe it and put whatever used to be on in that time back. wow. 700,000 viewers. MSNBC pulls more than that. not many, but a few more.

  5. Dawna says

    Television producers and show creators need to get a clue!!! The viewers are sick and tired of reality TV. Give us something with substance, give us a story, GIVE US OUR SOAPS BACK!!!

  6. Allesia says

    Actually I know Paul and this show is very real! What you saw was the real Paul 100 percent! You can say other shows are staged but as someone who personally knows Paul I can tell you that you are as far from the truth as possible!

    • Craig says

      Fortunately, hardly anyone wanted to see Paul, real or staged, and hopefully the show will be off the air before February.

  7. Kat says

    I can’t believe they messed with the scheduling of shows like Ringer and Nikita for this. I hope Ringer doesn’t have a weak comeback just ‘cos it got delayed from Jan. 10 to Jan. 31 for this! And we’ll not have a new Nikita this week because they’re showing this show yet again. Boo, down with reality TV! ;P

  8. Concerned Advertiser says

    A complete waste of time with a completely unlikable cast. Mr Fisher is not real, nor honest, nor someone who should have any contact with fragile talent. It’s clearly all staged to make Fisher look like some god in the modeling business and he’s far from a pro at anything….except being a walking contradiction. Hopefully CW will cancel quickly and move on to something inspiring and with a person that people actually would like.

  9. Jeremy Rynek says

    Ringer is far from perfect, but it was certainly a hell of a lot better than this crap. Obviously a huge screw up on their part.

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