Saving Grace: Holly Hunter TV Show Ending, No Season Five

Saving GraceTNT has announced that their Holly Hunter drama is coming to an end. Interestingly, it wasn’t exactly the network’s decision. But, regardless of who’s responsible, the fans will have to wait quite awhile to see the story wrap up.

Saving Grace focuses on a police detective, Grace Hanadarko (Holly Humter), wo’s great at her job but finds her personal life far more challenging. The series also features Leon Rippy, Kenny Johnson, Bailey Chase, Laura San Giacomo, Gregory Cruz, Lorraine Toussaint, Dylan Minnette, Bokeem Woodbine, Mark L. Taylor, and Tom Irwin.

The show debuted in July 2007 and attracted 6.4 million viewers, making it the highest-rated cable premiere so far that year.

Season two’s debut attracted 5.2 million and, this past June, season three’s return drew just 3.5 million. TNT remained very positive about the series, likely because it consistently rates first with adults 25-54.

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Last season, the network ordered a second season of 15 episodes. The first nine aired during the Summer of 2008 and the other six began running last March. TNT ordered the same number for season three and the first grouping finishes its summer cycle this Tuesday.

According to THR, TNT wanted to pick the series up for a fourth season but Fox TV Studios actually declined the offer. The drama is an expensive one to produce and there’s apparently not enough profit in the cable deal for the studio to continue.

A spokesperson for Fox told Variety, “In today’s rapidly changing television world, shows need to drive revenue off too many sources in order to be profitable for all the partners. Unfortunately, the economics of the series mandated stronger international and ancillary revenue than the show was able to generate. We thought an appropriate ending after three extremely successful seasons was the best outcome for all parties involved.”

Since the series has several ongoing storylines, Fox and TNT agreed to produce three additional episodes to wrap up any loose ends. The network will combine them with the remaining installments from this season and hold them until next Summer. So, fans will get some closure to the series but they’ll have to wait a few extra months to get it.

Michael Wright, TNT’s Executive VP head of programming, is sorry to see the show end. In a statement, he said, “The show’s continued success is thanks to the amazing talents of Holly Hunter and [series creator] Nancy Miller, along with a tremendous ensemble cast and a highly skilled production team. They have taken us on a unique journey, and we look forward to seeing where it will ultimately lead.”

What do you think? Are you ready t say goodbye to Grace Hanadarko? Would you like to see the cast return, perhaps in TV movies?

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  1. says

    me and my wife Loved this show and would LOVe to have back it’s the best show ever made even better than Lost and that was a good Show Iamatu junkie’ and Feel Lost w/out thlS Show

  2. Fran says

    I can’t believe it’s going to be cancelled. I will miss Leon Rippy who portrayed Earl so very well.

  3. John says

    I love this show it is an amazing show. Holly Hunter definately makes it. I wish they came back with more I am hooked and I am left wanting to see more. Please bring back Saving Grace!

  4. judy says

    This show was amazing. The writers did a fantastic job in portraying Grace and her passion for her job and life. I had never seen this program until it came out of netflix. I sat and watch all 46 episodes in three days! I got hooked and now it canceled!! 6.4 million Viewers were not enough for HBO . It would be great if they brought it back but it will never be the same.

  5. DanC says

    I am a TV junkie and stumbled on Saving Grace. I agree with Vivian and others that his was one of the best shows that I have ever seen. I watched all the ep’s on Netflix in about 2 weeks, and had chills watching the final ep. I really hope they decide to bring this show back, but I am just not sure that is going to happen. Holly Hunter is amazing !

  6. Vivian says

    Saving Grace is one if not the most entertaining shows of all time. Holly and the ensemble cast are intense, and every character is so believable. I can’t help but think that studios need to stop worrying about the bottom line at times, when something this incredible can be produced. While networks and television keep choosing reality TV over this kind of storytelling, and tremendous value this art form has. The power, and beauty of it all, lost to cheap reality show. Please bring it back, in any format. Quality is what we deserve. I will miss this incredible story and cast forever.

  7. Kathy says

    June 9th 2011 at 11:25pm

    I was very saddened with the canceling of my favorite show Saving Grace. This was a tremendous show dealing with reality of life, something everyone relate to. I too had hoped, that cable would have picked it up for more seasons but they didn’t and the last
    show where grace sacrificed her life was done so beautifully everyone of the actors and actresses made me cry. Well with her gone from the show because she is dead makes it certain it will not be back. I am as mad as heck because they always take the entertaining show off and leave the crap to watch, just like it happened to Charmed another hit show they axed. I am so sadened ,if there was a way to bring back the series of Saving Grace I
    certainly be watching even if it was in reruns. I also heard that it wasn’t finances but some holier then thou people complaining of the sex and content. Its a shame cause there is more fans for the show then not.

    Saddened in Fl.

  8. Susan says

    I just finished watching the DVD set of Saving Grace Fnal Season – of course it took several sittings to see it all. What a fabulous production this series was. Regardless of the humanistic side that was brought out, what I got out of it was that God loves us all – even when we are full of darkness. And yet, Grace finds salvation and ends this series with the ultimate sacrifice of her life. Just to rid the world of evil. Absolutely wonderful production, and I don’t think it could have ended any differently than it did. The writer did a fantastic job with this final season. Watching this DVD set also helped me piece everything together and things were so much clearer! I was sad when the series ended, but as I know it’s all about the bottom line, I’m glad it ended with so much class leaving such a strong impact. Great job!

  9. Ginalynn says

    Holly Hunter is a wonderful actress and the supporting cast has been outstanding. I am saddened to see this show cancelled because of financial reasons. It seems that somewhere, somehow money should have been found to save this show. I would love it if some other company would pick it up so it could continue because it certainly has a large enough fan base. I’d even be happy with a movie….they couldn’t possibly mess one up as badly as the last Sex in the City.
    Shows like this getting cancelled and leaving tripe such as Jersey Shore on is the reason that I’ve dumped cable. Please bring back SG?

  10. Carolyn says

    I would love to see Grace return. She is so completely unafraid and unashamed of being human that you can’t help but love her! The entire cast has created a believable series that I would love to keep watching. Please bring it back.

  11. Redfeather says

    I do not understand these networks in cancelling certain beloved TV shows. Saving Grace was my get away from reality once a week. The cast meshed together so well. I would love to see it return as a yearly mini series or a Movie. I was hoping that one of the other networks or cable would be smart and pick it up, and run with it. See new episodes being made. I think all the cast would gladly return. What do you all think?

  12. Juanita L Anderson says

    I find Saving Grace very entering exciting.entertaining, antisapating. You are always left with whats going to happen next. She was a real charactor with real problems not a squeeky clean cop who’s perfect. She portrayed a real hunan side who made mistakes, and sometimes made bad decisions. People can relate to this kind of charcarer.

  13. francine says

    Grace, was one of the most fun and intellectually stimulating shows on and so entertaining! I love every character, well thought out, produced and I loved it! bring it back!! You can find a way!

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