School Pride: NBC Debuts New Reality Series; Cancel or Keep It?

School PrideOn Friday at 8pm, NBC debuted a new reality series called School Pride. How does this one stack up? — a quick success or another candidate for quick cancellation?

School Pride tells the stories of communities who come together to renovate broken and aging public schools. The series follows parents, teachers, and students as they roll up their sleeves to make some positive changes. Hosts are Susie Castillo, Jacob Soboroff, Tom Stroup, and Kym Whitley.

In its first airing, School Pride attracted a meager 0.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 2.901 million total viewers. It landed in third place in the timeslot, tying with a repeat of No Ordinary Family on ABC.

The networks have lower expectations for Friday nights and reality programming but this is still a terrible showing. In the prized demo, it’s about half of what Dateline attracted a week earlier in the same timeslot.

Eight episodes of School Pride have been produced. NBC may let them all air but, based on this quantity of ratings, there doesn’t seem like much reason for the network to order a second season.

What do you think? Did you like School Pride or should it be cancelled?

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  1. Jerome Lewis says

    I think it’s “GREAT”. It appears that we have forgotten all about education and buildings. We (some) think that they are getting a better education, than we did. But in reality “we” took pride in our school and building ( in and out) but now, it’s just getting the kids out the house! I’m glad to see someone have “PRIDE” in something than thers lives! It should NOT be cancelled, it should be expond on

  2. Marilyn Garrett says

    KEEP IT! This show is FANTASTIC! It may be one of the best on TV! There’s so much talk about how our schools do such a bad job but it’s the responsibility of our communities, parents, each of us to make them better. This show may work better than anything else I’ve heard about at getting everyone involved and making a difference! I love it! Not only are the buildings and equipment changed, but the teachers get renewed enthusiasm, the students get to see what can be accomplished by working together, and parents and the community gain pride and spirit by giving to some mutual goal for their children. It doesn’t get better than that. GOING EVEN FURTHER, I wish they could create a “contest” or segment each week or so that rewards some community involvement with improving their school(s), but without the assistance of the TV team. Hopefully the whole concept could clone itself in lots and lots of places! Rewards could be offered based on number of volunteer hours per student….etc. Someone PLEASE WORK ON EXPANDING THIS CONCEPT!

  3. Cathy says

    Keep the show!! Many people were not even aware of its existance. It may take more advertising and time for people to find this show. It is so nice to have a TV show that inspires and gives public a real look at reality. This may be a great avenue to the public that the schools are falling down due to the lack of money or interest. Our government is spending more money on correctional buildings and services than our schools.

  4. Dolores L. says

    KEEP IT, KEEP IT, KEEP IT!!!!!!!

    I just finished viewing your show on Detroit’s CMA school and I cried from beginning to end. Detroit is my home town and after having moved back to a suburb of Detroit a couple of years ago and then traveling to downtown Detroit I was appalled at how depressing Detroit had become. With the economy going in the direction it is going in I think it’s truly disgraceful that we as a country are letting our children down – while at the same time constantly saying that “the kids are our future” yet we treat them as though they mean nothing. Everything this show is doing – the school districts could do – maybe this show will light a fire under everyone’s behind. I no longer live in Detroit and have moved back to Houston but the situation is the same all over. Our priorities as a nation need to be changed – help the schools (teachers, students) and stop worshiping all of the celebrities and maybe we can once again become the great nation we used to be.

  5. Judy says

    As an elementary teacher (in my 28th year), I know that the physical condition of the schools makes a difference in the way that both teachers and students deal with the academics. I LOVE THIS Show! How can I get involved?

  6. says

    This is an important show that demonstrates that urban teachers and students do good work despite trying conditions. This is one of the best schools in the country, as are Detroit’s other magnet High Schools. As a 66 year Detroit resident and graduate of Mumford HS and UM, I can’t express the pride I have for the students, teachers and parents of this school. What a great statement for President Obama’s education program.

    Where can I volunteer?

  7. Raenita says

    Keep it, please!!!

    This is the only way some of these schools will be upgraded! This is one of those shows that transcends ratings, the mission is sooo important!!! Work on making the show better, but don’t get rid of it.

  8. Lee says

    Keep! You have to be the devil to even consider cancelling such a heart warming show like this. People need to not think about the money, but rather the kindness and generosity that the creators of this show and the volunteers have given to these well deserving schools. If they cancel this show, then the people at NBC better find work elsewhere because they will lose viewers. School Pride is one of the only shows that I watch. It reminds me of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. That show was a success!

  9. Bernie Dula says

    Yes, yes, yes! Keep the show on for the sake of humanity and good deeds! I mean haven’t we enough “dirt” to keep our heads filled…lets work on filling up our hearts!
    I love this show and not just because my favorite LA person is Kym Whitley (wink,wink). I’ve been in the school system for twenty plus years…its not just the building, its the foundation of what goes into our student’s very essence that keeps them creative, well rounded, and looking to have a future.
    Bernie Dula

  10. Tiffany says

    This show needs to stay on the air! If it is not doing good on Friday nights, move it to a different time slot. What the people of this show are doing is extraordinary for the children, teachers, and community. This show is a life changing show not just for the students now but for the future generations. Why would someone want to cancel a show about one of the right things in this country? This show makes me want to get out there and find ways to help our school systems. More advertising and a time slot that doesn’t interfere with Friday Night Football! Just like this show is giving these schools a chance; I think NBC should put this show where it will stand a chance! Bottom line–School Pride should STAY!

  11. Susan says

    I love this show! Please keep this show – it makes my week to see something being done to give back to help children and teachers. It gives me hope for our country, Susan

  12. AJ-Scipio says

    KEEP IT and How do I get involved? Our kids deserve better and if it means exposing the horrible conditions of some of our educational facilities, then so be it. Somebody has to care more about the children than in making adults feel better about doing nothing!

  13. Diane says

    With so much garbage on television, it’s good to see a show that makes us feel good. I wish it would expand to other areas of the country. I would love to be able to participate in something like this. Unfortunately too many people enjoy the garbage over the ethical. It will probably be canceled.

  14. Viewer says

    Keep it!

    “School Pride” is a wonderfully heart-warming concept, and that spirit of teamwork for “a worthwhile cause” is a wonderful sight to see!

    Keep it!

  15. Katrina says

    I think that it is the best idea for a reality show yet! Instead of shows with useless antics, this show is not only very touching to watch but is making a difference in those communities and helping to educate Americas youth! It’s absolutely amazing & I think that if they take this show off the air NBC will lose several viewers! School Pride needs to stay!

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