Seinfeld: What We Learned about the Reunion Show on Curb Your Enthusiasm

Seinfeld reunionSunday marked the conclusion of the seventh season of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. The season’s ongoing story arc revolves around a Seinfeld reunion and Larry David’s efforts to reunite with his estranged wife, Cheryl (Cheryl Hines).

Cheryl’s decided to try acting again and NBC execs have asked Larry to finally put together a Seinfeld reunion. Larry decides that, by agreeing to do the reunion, he’ll be able to cast Cheryl and this will hopefully lead to their reconciliation. He successfully ropes Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander, and Michael Richards in to the project though all have their doubts.

Though things don’t go quite as planned, the Seinfeld reunion is made and Larry and Cheryl start to rekindle their relationship.

While the Seinfeld reunion is a subplot of the rest of the Curb backstage action, we do get to hear and see some bits of that the Seinfeld characters are doing these days. Here’s what we found out…

George (Alexander) — Since we last saw him, George married a beautiful woman named Amanda. He also came up with a popular iPhone application that made him millions. The “iToilet” helps you find acceptable public bathrooms when you’re not at home. Unfortunately, George ends up investing his millions with legendary Wall Street scammer Bernie Madoff.

Amanda eventually leaves George, the two divorce, and they split their millions of dollars of assets. When Madoff’s scheme is exposed, George is left penniless and must move in with his best friend, Jerry.

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Soonafter, George runs into Amanda and apologizes for losing their money with Madoff. She explains that, actually, she didn’t lose anything. She’d seen Madoff on the street one day. The way he was wearing his quilted jacket with the collar up “creeped her out” so she cashed in her part of the investments.

George is incensed that she still has half of “his money” and manages to rekindle their relationship. George is sure this news will kill his mother (who apparently doesn’t like Amanda) but that’s a consequence he can live with. Amanda agrees to remarry George and he’s very happy.

George later learns that there’s a hitch — he’ll have to sign a prenuptial agreement. So, just in case it doesn’t work out, George still won’t have access to the money that was his to begin with. As is usually the case, George is not a happy camper by the end of the show.

Kramer (Richards) — He still enters Jerry’s apartment like he lives there. He gets locked out at one point and needs a locksmith and runs into Newman. Somehow, Kramer gets some Yankee tickets and decides to hire a prostitute named Monina so that he’ll be able to use the diamond (carpool) lane to get there faster.

Jerry (Seinfeld) — The comic is still doing stand-up and living in the same apartment. Some has changed but he still ponders the little things. He gets irritated with George for blowing his nose into a restaurant’s cloth napkin, gets annoyed that Elaine checks her Blackberry while he’s talking, and doesn’t like gaps in the line at the bank. Several years ago, he donated sperm so that Elaine could have little Isabel but he isn’t ready for his daughter to know that he’s anything more than “Uncle Jerry.” He also doesn’t like being pressured into babysitting and feels like that’s more than what he bargained for. He’s still a Superman fan and is a little turned on by the fact that Elaine knows some man of steel trivia.

Elaine (Dreyfus) — She’s not married but has a young daughter, thanks to some help from Jerry. Though Kramer offers to babysit for her, she’s sensible enough to refuse. While at her place recently, Jerry gave Isabel’s Judy doll a haircut. She pressures Jerry to buy a new doll since she feels consistency is very important to a child. Jerry initially refuses but eventually decides to buy one. He has a hard time finding the doll so he asks Kramer for help. Kramer gets one and gives it to Jerry gets one but it’s the African American version of the Judy doll. Elaine later thanks Jerry and smugly tells him that Isabel said to tell Daddy “Thank you.”

Newman (Wayne Knight) — He’s still a postman, lives closer than Jerry would like, and the two hate each other still. He stops by the apartment and complains about the quality of public bathrooms that George’s app recommends. Jerry says that his sympathies lie with the toilets and slams the door in Newman’s face.

Estelle Costanza (Estelle Harris) — George’s mother lives in Florida now and is apparently alone. It’s unclear what has happened to her husband, Frank, but he’s not mentioned or seen. George claims that he intended to buy her a house with his millions but she’s not buying it and calls it “crap.”

Kenny Bania (Steve Hytner) — He’s out of work and badgers Jerry, as per usual. He claims that the bad economy has hit him hard (“the worst”) but Jerry counters that he wasn’t working before the economy went south. For some reason, this makes Bania cheer up a bit.

David and Seinfeld have repeatedly expressed their disdain for TV show reunions because they rarely work very well. As a result, the Seinfeld-focused episodes of Curb are likely to be the closest thing we’ll ever get to an “official” Seinfeld reunion.

What do you think? Do you hope that a Seinfeld reunion gets made someday or are you satisfied with the one on Curb? Do you wish that the Seinfeld reunion special was made for real or is it perfect the way it is?

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  1. Cam says

    I think they should make the actual reunion from the Curb episode. Because, in a sense, it wasn’t actually a full Seinfeld episode, only 10-15 minutes mixed into Curb.
    For example, you see Kenny in character at the table read, but to see him in the actual episode on TV, would have been sweeter. Along with George’s mom, and Frank ofcourse!

    But, “having said that”, it was still a good episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm..

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