Six Degrees: ABC Pulls Drama for Second Time

Cancelled Six Degrees on ABCAfter miraculously returning to the airwaves after almost five months, it looks like ABC has now closed the book on Six Degrees.

Six Degrees debuted last Fall and was pulled after just six episodes due to low ratings. The network believed in the show and, after some retooling, production resumed on the 13 episode order. ABC returned Six Degrees to primetime on Friday, March 23rd.

There have been rumors that, if the series performed well, it was being seriously considered for a second season. Unfortunately, Six Degrees attracted a dismal 4.6 million viewers on March 23rd and then dropped to 3.2 million on March 30th.

As a result, Six Degrees has been pulled from the schedule effective immediately. Reruns of Wife Swap will air in that timeslot for the foreseeable future. Though it hasn’t been officially cancelled, there is little chance we’ll see the five unaired episodes or a second season. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Suzy says

    I use to work for Nielsen TV Ratings…and I can tell you first hand that network executives only care about $$$. There are only a limited amount of households that are equipped w/a ratings detector, therefore, it is NOT ACCURATE to say that ONLY 4.3 million people watched on a particular Friday night. ABC can only calculate the homes that have the Nieslen ratings device and from that they are making an educated guess…not factual numbers of tv audiences as a whole! And, what was ABC thinking about airing it in that time slot???? I personally wrote to ABC, regarding the cancellation of Six Degrees, and all I got in return was a default email saying “we cannot respond at this time”. If fans continue to pour in their support for Six Degrees, another network might pick it up. In the event that this does occur, we (the public) will not know until the fall (just a tid bit I learned from working in television). Please sign the petition below if you wish to bring Six Degress back, thanks!

  2. Rosealinda Eanes says

    I am so very disappointed!!! I looked forward to the show..then it disappeared!! I started trying to find updated info on, but no insite was ever posted as to whether the series was cancelled or not…I did not ever see much advertisement for this series either. My friends even told me they had never heard of it…of course I turned them on to watching it via the web-site. This show is better than Grey’s Anatomy and I am a big fan of that show. What an awesome cast on this show…I can only hope that another network will have sense enough to pick up this series!!!

  3. Silvana LAURICELLA says

    I ‘accidentally’ found Six Degrees was back by just surfing the channels one Friday night. How did ABC expect the show ratings to be favorable when it didn’t even give the public any idea it was back. The Starter Wife received enormous promotion before airing. there was never even any indication 6 Degrees that it was being re-aired and then after 3 episodes, it was gone. ABC must get a grip on their demographics and the sophisticated crowd with some sense of decorum, taste, maturity and stimulation they should be catering to instead of trying to feed us reality TV shows and crap which emphasizes the banal and undignified state of affairs being fed brainless Americans who can sit and watch just about any garbage instead of exercising their mind and which sadly has embarassingly brought this country to its knees. Six Degrees had a lot of promise and its co-star, NYC, made it an even better show to watch. Millions of people flock to NYC from the rest of the US and the world – doesn’t that give ABC an indication of what people have on their wish list or….is the station being run by a bunch of inexperienced adolescents with severe ADD and can’t piece together how “6 Degrees” works or even what it means….

  4. dt says

    I’m very disappointed 6 degrees isn’t coming back. I am not usually a tv watcher, but i really really love this show! I have never written to make such a comment before, so this show has really captured me.

  5. says

    Six Degrees is awesome, I hope the cast read these comments-this is a really believable program. Cancellation is a BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Tania says

    I am so sad that Six Degrees is cancelled. I really, really liked the show. The network did not promote the show and they moved it to Friday for 2 nights. I can’t believe they would make a judgement on the show after airing the show twice. It was one of the best shows on their network. It was worth the time to sit down and watch. I really want another network to pick up the show. It is really a loss.

  7. Brenda says

    Now they have it online, but they go and change there video set up , and I can’t even watch it online now! This is garbage!

  8. Ly says

    I’m shocked that Six Degrees was taken off the air. This show had an incredible cast and a good story line. The writers did a great job. There are so many bad shows on TV that somehow get awarded prime time slots and second/third seasons.

    I’ve really lost respect for television. Good shows get bad time slots, and the bad reality shows get it all.

    Hopefully the cast and writers know that there were people out there who appreciated this show. It was actually intellectually stimulating. ABC just lost a loyal audience with this decision.

  9. Cheri says

    I am so disheartened by ABC’s lack of faith in 6 degrees. First, it was a big mistake moving it to Friday’s. The demographic of the show spans an age group that still finds going out on Friday nights fun. Why put a show that needs a fan base following on a Friday night? You need to “hook” that crowd during the work week. How about Tuesday’s before Boston Legal? 6 Degrees is brilliantly shot cinematography-wise. The way NYC was captured in the scenes was poetic, truly. Anyone who loves NYC must’ve have identified with this. The characters, the plot and the relationships had such great dynamic. It was a pleasure to watch. I would love to see the remaining filmed episodes or better yet, another chance for the show from ABC.

    Thank you for this opportunity.


  10. Marsha Mann says

    I agree with many others here…Six Degrees was a great show and Men in Trees is crap! How were people supposed to relate to the show when it was briefly brought back, if they hadn’t seen it from the beginning? That’s why the audience didn’t grow. Why are T.V. execs so stupid?! They should have aired the original episodes again so new audience members could catch up. And what would it cost them to air the remaining episodes that are already in the can?…they could show them at 3am and anyone with a TiVo could pick it up.

  11. xabier says

    Come on, not this Show it was like my favorite show I miss it so much. Please ABC dont do this to your viwers. ABC Patronise shows like Desperate Housewifes and Ugly Betty, 6 degrees its the best show out there right now and abc needs to give it a try. Actually I got a good idea, they should sale the idea to HBO I’m show HBO would do something better with 6 degrees HBO its not as dumb as abc, I’m so angry…

  12. Dawn says

    ABC has always been my network of choice. I will no longer be watching any new series that ABC puts on the air. The network has wasted my time and, furthermore, have not stood behind its own projects and actors. I am beyond annoyed…I am disgusted. By the way, I had also enjoyed “The Nine”.

  13. mel in tex says

    i really liked six degrees. i had my tivo set up to record it every time a new episode aired. that’s really too bad it didn’t get a fair shot. i’m disappointed.

  14. Deborah Moore says

    I am very upset that Six Degrees was cancelled. It was one of my favorite shows. It has a storyline worth looking at. What does it take to get it back on the air? Please e-mail me and let me know.I agree with everyone else,the show was not given a fair chance.

  15. Stephanie says

    I am so p*ssed that you guys took Six Degrees off the air!! I was just getting into it and it was just getting to the part in the story where the characters lives began to intertwine. Not to mention I have been comepletely in love with Jay Hernandez since “Crazy/Beautiful” and I was looking forward to seeing him once a week!! You didn’t even advertise when it was coming back on and of course I missed it! You take great shows like that off and you keep crap like “Men in Trees” on?? Give me a break!!!

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