Skins: UK Series Cancelled; No Series Eight

Skins canceledThe US version of Skins was cancelled after one 10 episode season on MTV and now the UK original has been axed as well, after seven seasons.

According to The Guardian, Channel 4 has confirmed that the final season will air early next year in the UK. They promise “a celebration of this truly iconic series”.

Created by father-and-son writers Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain, Skins follows the lives of teenagers in Bristol, South West England. It premiered in January 2007 on E4 and attracted 1.4 million viewers. At the time, that was the channel’s second biggest audience (behind Big Brother) for a UK-originated show.

A Channel 4 spokeswoman said, “Skins is a brilliant show which has defined a generation and will go down as a truly iconic, game-changing piece of television but after seven series it is time for E4 to make way for the next generation of the bold, the new and the innovative.”

Here in the states, BBC America aired the first three seasons of Skins, from August 2008 until October 2009.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the original Skins? Do you think it’s time to end the series?

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  1. Russ says

    Is there a place online where I can watch season 7, I seen the first 6 on netflix and they don’t carry season 7 got hooked on the series and would love to see it to the end..

    • Anonymous says

      Season 7 isnt out yet, but its coming soon this summer and from what Ive heard it wont be an entire season and will bring back some old faces.

  2. Nick says

    This is bullocks, whoever had the idea of wanting to cancel the show is a major twat in the society, really disappointed as like everyone else because it was such a historical and interesting ******* show.

  3. siearra says

    oh dear god!! no!! i love this show!1 it my favorite..its a lil messed up but thats what i like about iv never seen anything like it before, and they can end it in mid-generation!!

  4. says

    I love this showwww the 7th season was epic it had the best plot it was intense an had funny parts its degrassi but a better an evolved it inspires me an I’m sure everyone else that watches it it can’t be cancelled plus I loveeee frankyyyyy!!!!!! See ya’s soon one love from america

  5. Steph says

    They cannot cancel skins! It is one of my all time favorite shows and they can’t kill it off. It’s an inspiration to so many teens.

  6. colleen says

    I love skins so much, and i’m sure many other teens like me love it too. It teaches you how to move on from your problems and how to cope with things no matter how fucked up they get. Whenever i’m having trouble with deciding something risky I always think back to skins and just say “**** it.” then go for it. This show inspires me to learn from my mistakes, and I look up to every character that has ever been on this show because all of the have their own problems they have to face, and some of the I can connect to. I love this show… please don’t get rid of it :(

  7. says

    this show has to much of a in pack in teens and killing the show will break so many teens hearts teens all over the world watch skins it would be a very big mistake t do such a thing like this to end a show that touches so many teens we grow up with these casts we love watching them lots of teens would be broken and if they do end up cancelling the show they should at least end it with a movie with a cast that we would all love and remember forever because this show will live forever :,)

  8. Dylan says

    In some ways I think its for the best. Not that I don’t want to watch Skins anymore but I could see Skins turn into one of those shows that gets stretched out, pointless and boring if it ran for to long. Skins makes me think of a star in space that burns extremely hot and intense but also extremely fast. People become attached to characters they just meet then they as soon as they meet it seems like they are leaving. Definitely leaving a profoundly sad but beautiful feeling that most shows never come close to. Which I think the creators of the show really wanted to conjure in the audience. But I’m sure the star that is Skins will go out in supernova fashion when the show finally meets its end in series 7.

  9. says

    i think this is very bad cuz teen from all over the place and relate to these characters in many ways. I live in California and this show shows how teens can feel and how we truely view the world. i have a story of my own with my own skin adventures. and i like how at the end there are all tired and done with it. its true. i think they should have effy get back into her old habits and help out frankie because she did something horrible and everyone will hate her and the 2nd group should just kinda relive with the 3rd generation. then near the end effy is in frankie’s exact stop where she found her then she starts to go all crazy again trying to hurt frankie then a hand stops and her older brother (tony) is there with there generation in the back all working together. then when the session is over it will have the ending for everyone

  10. Matt says

    I literally feel like someone has taken my soul, shattered it to pieces and then pissed on it. Skins is a huge part of who I am as well as an amazing work of art and life, seeing it go is absolutely tragic. But I’m sure Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain will finish the series off the right way. Until then I hope to enjoy the last few episodes to the fullest…

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