Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: Drama Says Goodbye — What Might Have Been?

Tonight, NBC will say goodbye to Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip with an episode entitled “What Kind of Day Has It Been.” Studio 60 is the third series from creator Aaron Sorkin and show producer Thomas Schlamme. Not coincidentally, both The West Wing and Sports Night also ended their first seasons with episodes of the same name.

NBC had very high hopes for Studio 60 this same time last year. Unfortunately, many critics and viewers were lukewarm to Sorkin’s return to series television and the show was in jeopardy almost from the beginning. Sorkin was aware that Studio 60 probably wouldn’t be returning for another season well before the finale was shot. For this reason, we’ll probably get some sense of closure tonight. What would a second year have held?

Our best chance to find out is coming on October 16th. Warner Home Video has just announced the release of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip – The Complete Series on DVD. The set will include all 22 episodes on six discs as well as a new behind-the-scenes featurette. As well, some of the episodes will include commentaries by Sorkin and Schlamme. With any luck, the creative pair will give us some insight on what might have been. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. says

    The “big four”, MORONS, when will they pull their heads out ? I think we’ll all hear it when, nationwide, we’ll hear a big sucking sound…followed by a “pop”!!! Micro managing mental midgets. How many classic, really excellent series started out with less than stellar numbers??? Studio 60 On Sunset Strip should have been given a chance. Everyone with half a brain can figure out that the “critics” who hated the show are nothing more than elitists, who dislike anything with a shred of plot line to it.
    If only the writers had stranded the whole cast on a desert island with live feed hidden cameras, each given a roll of “duct tape” and single edged razor blade. Each week we could vote one of the cast members off the show and punish them by having the cast of “***** Eye For The Straight Guy” duct tape them up and having Simon Cowell flog them with a pair of Britney Spears’ panties while watching every single episode of every mind numbing “reality show” while Bill Maher makes fun of them, via satellite, from the Playboy Mansion until they slit their wrists. The ultimate winner would be awarded a new pair of Michael Vick Nike Shoes, a personal phone call from Alec Baldwin and a gallon ziploc bag of oxycontin.
    That it what it seems as though these network executives and critics love. Still they wonder why they keep loosing viewers!!!

  2. Joe says

    This was an excellent show, one for sophisticated mature audiences. But it never stood a chance… NBC killed this with their own stupidity by switching time slots and replacing it week by week with some other show.

    When will advertisers (and networks) “get it” that there is a huge number of potential viewers who don’t want to watch reality shows and sitcoms oriented toward the under-20 crowd?

  3. robert says

    the fourth episode of studio sixty has just aired here in scotland, only for me to hear that my favourite show has already been cancelled!!!

    i thought perry was hilarious, as were the whole cast. the irony is that the show highlights networks willingness to drop good shows and stories in the ratings war….

    something is rotten in the state of NBC…

  4. Cindy says

    Smarts and heart, honor and valour, a bit of dry mirth mixed with the solemnity of the times. Studio 60 had all the elements of a show to be watched for years in re-runs on Bravo. The series was tragically cancelled before it even reached puberty. For shame!

    The interchange and friendship between Perry and Whitford’s characters was the stuff of great television characters. Even through the worst of times they stood by each other.

    I for one, never realized how seductive Bradley Whitford was until he put the charms on Ms. Peet. I needed to revise my “list” and put him on. Just in case… And speaking of Ms. Peet’s character, I adored her. A baracuda oblivious of her bite, a young smart, sharp cookie in a position of great power- balancing the network ratings against good programming, all the while embarking on a relationship with one of her employees. Stuff we all deal with everyday right? Nah. But it was great television.

    And it was great. A great ensemble cast, a nice spin off of SNL (which I also like from time to time), with terrific writing, intermingled with guest star appearances.

    The last episode wrapped everything up in one nice tidy little package, but I felt completely robbed that I didn’t get to see the progression and development of the relationships. Yeah, and they all lived happily every after. whoopee.
    Maybe if we could have seen their story over several seasons or more, they could have lived happily ever after for me. Alas that wasn’t meant to be.
    Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?
    I don’t think so.
    Thanks for nothing.

  5. eelilac says

    Its a shame. I totally enjoyed watching this show. It was a smart, funny, well written show with a brilliant cast! NBC made a huge mistake cancelling this show. We need shows that entertain and stimulate us not just ones that make you brain dead.

    It breaks my heart not to see what the next season might have showed us.

    I will definitely be getting this on dvd.

  6. says

    This show was the so good, and i will miss it, very good transitions, some flashbacks a little on the overkill side, but I understand now that it is over. I loved the current event tie-in s. It truly was an all star cast and great show, I will miss it very much, and thought it was going to run for awhile, and I was looking foward to it. Oh well- typical NBC – I blame network-

  7. Mike says

    Yet another example of stupidity at work. The network executives at the Big 4 are just dumb. Plain and simple…dumb.
    I’m so freakin’ tired of getting into a new show only to watch it killed. What could possibly be the return on investment for replacing a show (that has already been shot) with a re-run of something else?
    I’m through with it. You hear that you morons?! THROUGH!
    Studio 60 was one of the best shows on TV. Sharp, witty humor dealing with real-time issues (the war, 9/11, religion). Who the hell wants to see a bunch of lunatics try to sing a freakin’ song? Reality TV is played out people. PLAYED OUT!
    Keep shows like Studio 60 on the air. If the peanuts worked to save Jericho (another very good show), what’s it gonna take to save Studio 60? A dumptruck full of gummyworms?

  8. DanteVan says


    “Studio 60″ started off with a bang during the Judd Hirsch introduction. Then, it was downhill from there. It was a very boring show with no legs.

  9. Ian says

    Studio Sixty was one of my favorite shows!! I have lost a part of mee… a part that Mathew Perry wrote

  10. WolvenSpectre says

    In thiscase it was the other extreme of what has been killing other series this year… too much hype too long before the series was broadcast and a misunderstood premise (I have often heard that people thought it would be a full SNL show, only shorter, with the real drama behind the scenes).

    That and that awkward name didn’t help either.

    In spite of that, I watched the show and in quality of preformance they did was some of the best that TV has seen. The whole cast is amazing.

    D.L. Hughley especially proven himself as he has gone above and beyond to prove he is not just an actor/comedian but he is an ACTOR period.

    I am willing to wager that if ratings took TIVO/PVR ratings into account that this show did much better than they thought.

    In the end this show proves that too much publicity can be a VERY bad thing!

    Studio 60, you will be missed!

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