The Bill Engvall Show: TBS Cancels Sitcom; No Season Four

The Bill Engvall ShowFor the past two years, Septembers have been lucky months for the cast and crew of The Bill Engvall Show; their show has gotten renewed. This year, not so much. After three seasons, TBS has decided to pass on ordering another round of episodes.

The Bill Engvall Show follows the life of Bill Pearson (Engvall), a family counselor who sometimes has a hard time understanding his own family. He’s married to Susan (Nancy Travis) and together, they try to raise their three kids as best they can. The rest of the cast includes Jennifer Lawrence, Graham Patrick Martin, Skyler Gisondo, Tim Meadows, Brian Doyle-Murray, and Cynthia Watros.

The sitcom debuted in July of 2007. The premiere attracted 3.85 million viewers, making it the third most-watched sitcom telecast in ad-supported cable history. According to TBS, the 10 episode season was regular cable’s highest-rated sitcom for adults 25-54. A second season was ordered in September 2007.

Should Bill Engvall have been cancelled?

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Season two kicked off in June of 2008 and the 10 episodes averaged 2.3 million viewers. TBS renewed Engvall for a third season in September 2008 and Michael Wright, a senior VP for TBS, said, “Their dedication to continually growing the show is evident in the work, and we look forward to a new season of even funnier episodes.”

Season three launched this past July 18th and concluded on September 5th. TBS moved the show to Saturdays and wasn’t crowing about the sitcom’s ratings this time around. They’ve now decided to cancel the program, siting a decline in ratings as the reason.

In an email, a TBS representative told AccessAtlanta, “TBS has cancelled The Bill Engvall Show after three seasons. We had a great experience working with Bill and the cast. Bill is a terrific comic, and we have tremendous respect for him. While the show didn’t attract the audience we need to renew it for another season, we’re proud of the work of everyone involved.”

What do you think? Should The Bill Engvall Show have been cancelled or renewed for a fourth year? Why do you think its ratings fell? The schedule change or something else?

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  1. Rogers says

    I just think it’s hard to maintain an audience when you only order 10 episodes a year. TBS doesn’t show any reruns of this show in the winter, so people tend to forget about it.

    I’m surprised that “My Boys” is still around.

  2. says

    What do you expect when you move a show to a weekend to compete with other shows. TBS is STUPID and so is anyone who thinks it should have been canceled. All that’s on tv these days are things about drugs and murder, what about family. Cancel Cable, how about that!!!

  3. kerr says

    i am so upset about this show being cancelled! there are few shows on tv that are not filled with inappropriate content. this was a show i actually looked forward to seeing. but as usual if there are no drugs, guns, or sex in it then they don’t usually last. so sad!

  4. candie says

    What is happening to television? Wrestling!? Please!!! Give me something to talk about at the dinner table or at church.

  5. cyndi says

    why do tv execs keep cancelling shows that the whole family can enjoy? Must you always have crime of some sort in order to believe people will watch? I think you need to give the viewers a chance to catch up with the shows schedule.

  6. Terry says

    this sucks they cancel every good show just because there to fucked to care first my name is earl now this jeeze they suck oh and TBS should have added new episdoes of My Name is Earl!

  7. Anonymous says

    This is just another example of no respect for the cast and crew and fans of a tv show.
    They barely ordered a half-season of episodes each year, and you’d have to really look hard for any ads for the show. And good luck if you ever wanted to catch repeats the 42 weeks out of the year there were no new episodes.

    I will miss this show not just because it was funny, but because for a change it showed an honest, American family with kids who listen to their parents and don’t have to go out and use drugs and have sex all the time like most other shows. Where were the “family values” supporters for the Bill Engvall show?

    I guess we won’t have much reason to watch TBS (or A&E) for that matter since they cancel all of their good scripted content.

  8. says

    Good shows seem to be in jeopardy!! If it’s reality or plain stupid it goes on forever!!You lost two viewers for sure! No tuning in on Saturday night .There is nothing we want to see!!!!!!

  9. R.J. Sheedy says

    Absolutley not, The bill Engvall Show Should Not Have Been Cancelled. I Loved This Show Since The Very Begoning, and i think that this was the best thing that TBS has came out with. But This Show Is sadly, know cancelled, While Crap Like Tyler Perrys House Of Payne Still Lives On! :(

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