The Devils Ride: Season Two Renewal from Discovery

Devils Ride renewed for season two on DiscoveryTonight may be the season finale for The Devils Ride but it’s not the end for the Discovery TV series. The cable channel has just renewed the show for a second season.

Discovery hasn’t announced when season two will air or how many episodes have been ordered but the first season of The Devils Ride debuted last month with the first of a half dozen installments.

Here’s the press release:


Season Finale Airs Tonight at 10pm e/p after an all new DEADLIEST CATCH

Discovery announced today renewal of its hit Tuesday night series – THE DEVILS RIDE for a second season. THE DEVILS RIDE goes inside the world of motorcycle clubs with the members of San Diego’s The Laffing Devils. Airing after DEADLIEST CATCH, THE DEVILS RIDE averaged over 2 million viewers each week. Produced for Discovery by Bischoff Hervey Entertainment with Eric Bischoff and Jason Hervey serving as Executive Producers, THE DEVILS RIDE wraps up with its season finale tonight at 10pm e/p as the club sees a final showdown between ex-president Gipsy and new club head Billy the Kid.

All season long trouble as been brewing within the club’s ranks as members were forced to take sides between the warring leaders. And while power struggles persist, personal struggles tear at the club’s war vets, many of whom wrestle with post-traumatic stress. One club member won’t be returning next season as The Laffing Devils say goodbye to one of their own in a tragic death during tonight’s season finale.

For Discovery Channel, David Pritikin is Executive Producer of THE DEVILS RIDE.

What do you think? Have you been watching Devils Ride? Are you glad to hear that it will be back for a second season?

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  1. says

    Love to ride, all respect to patch members ,I take this show with a grain of salt , it educates those who don’t have no clue, I have done my home work an still learning , any time I see a member I give room on the road while in my simi , have talked to some members of patch clubs , not at liberty to say which , but cool people , would want them on my side when **** starts to happen, given choice I would ride with Gypies , to all who ride , ride safe Milkman

  2. SD Biker says

    Gypsy was kicked out of the club before the fake ass show started. He is married to a cop! Hello- Reality TV fucked up a good club. Billy would have been replaced with another worthy P soon enough. I heard most of the good members quit!

  3. Bear says

    All act like a bunch of bitching old ladies! tjhis is worse thsn Oprah and The Talk combined. crappy BS television.

  4. says

    Great show. Hated that Juiced passed away. It was sad. It’s also very sad that Gypsy wanted to retire and Billy didn’t give members time to adjust and felt so threatened by Gypsy that he totally crapped on Gypsy. Billy forgot where he came from (much like the corporate world). I don’t blame Gypsy for feeling extremely hurt and betrayed. Those were his brothers. I can’t wait to see season two and how Gypsy prevails over L.D.’s and the whole crew. Good luck G!

  5. carlos says

    Love this show can’t wait for more. Im born in raised in san diego love to see what my city has to offer. Sick ass motorcycle clubs

  6. terri says

    Gipsy was so disrespected by the very club he started i hope the club falls apart!I cant wait for the second season to start to see the new Sinister Mob!!!!

  7. Speed Demon says

    I LOVE this show-Fake or not! Gipsy is awesome-Billy is a little *****! I was kind of disappointed in the older members of the Devils for not sticking up more for Gipsy. Who wants to run with a bunch of punks? They act like they’re in Jr. High still and I can hardly wait for Gipsy to put them in their places!!! When Snubz showed up at the dragstrip in a car, I almost died laughing (after I got over my initial disgust-I’M a drag racer and I drive cars in the APPROPRIATE classes!). Pathetic. I don’t ride, but I love any show that has bikers in it!

  8. chris millz says

    i am excited about the new season and cant wait for it to on the fence about weather its real or not but i do like the show.keep up the good work discovery channel

  9. diesel says

    It should be obvious to the most casual observer why Gypsy is the brains behind the club he founded. The others have no leadership abilities, have no idea in which to conduct themselves,so I think it want be long Discovery is either going to have to take the show off the air or rename it SIN MOB.

  10. says

    I liked the show but it was wrong how billy the kid did g
    Gypsy but he made them look bad when he showed up by himself at there club house when it took 5 to show up at his house but it shows you can’t trust no one keep friends close but enimies closer.

  11. says

    i didn’t think i would like the show at first but after watching the first episode on demand… i couldn’t stop watching it. give me a second season with the quickness!!

  12. Night Train says

    Great show Gypsies the man. Billy has no respect for his club by the way he trashed Gypsie by showing no respect for the founder. To bad things had to go down that way and to bad Billy tore a MC apart by deviding the founders and new patches.

  13. says

    Gypsy, dude. I think what you did was way smart. You set this up to exposed those untrustworthy back stabing members, and that power tripping tool “Billy” on world-wide TV. Now everyone knows what these idiots are really made of. That club is DONE! Those colors are all yours. I bet there is a bunch of good guys we never saw in the footage who will join you. Maybe Snubz too. May Sin Mob be the club you really wanted, and can enjoy and trust. I hope I get to meet you one day. I’ll buy the beer! 😀
    Rock on brother!

  14. Interstate Ernie says

    Gypsy sure is getting screwed over again and again by HIS Former CLUB. I hope SIN MOB gets a lot of new members and gets EVEN with those back stabbers !!!! Can’t wait for season 2 (even though everyone knows they are half acting for the camera !! ) I like any show that has Bikers in it. But I would have GYPSY’s Back !! In his situation!! Ride to Live – Live to Ride !!

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