The Event: NBC Series Return Delayed Until March 7th

The EventIf you’ve been counting the days until the return of The Event, you’ll need to add seven days to that figure. As suspected, NBC has pushed back the return of the ratings-challenged series by one week.

Earlier today, we reported that the peacock network had cut The Cape’s order from 13 to 10 episodes. The Event was originally supposed to return on February 28th and that would have left NBC with two leftover episodes of The Cape. Since they’ve already paid for them, it looks like the network execs want to air them. The last two installments of The Cape’s first (and likely only) season will air on February 28th.

Then, on March 7th, The Event will return with a two hour event of its own. That will leave nine episodes of The Event for the show’s first, and very possibly only, season.

TV show supportThe show currently ranks in the middle of NBC’s shows. It started out strong but soon started dropping viewers like crazy. The last four original episodes from November averaged a poor 1.7 rating in the demo. The Event will be returning from a three month hiatus and extended breaks like that have rarely if ever helped a struggling show’s ratings.

As a sidenote, this all means that ratings-challenged Chuck will get sidelined for at least two weeks, likely returning on March 14th.

What do you think? Will the week’s delay hurt The Event or will it benefit from have a two-hour episode? Or does any of it matter at this point?

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  1. Bill Boyd says

    I’m an american on an extended stay in the Dominican Republic teaching English. You would be suprised at teh following the ‘Event’ has here. My advanced english speaking students watch it and they are full of questions. When they ask these questions, it’s because they can’t anticipate what is going to happen next. That’s what makes a show great; suspense. Unfortunately, there’s no Nielson Ratings on audiences outside the sponsor’s markets.

    Bill Boyd
    Higuey, Republica Dominicana

  2. says

    WE enjoy the show I agree shows are removed then back on after many months this has been the norm and everyone loses interest makes no sense The event is a good show give it a chance give answers dont be like Lost and stop the lousy reality shows

  3. linda says

    My family and I love “The Event ” We hope this show will continue. It is a great change from all the Reality Shows. So many people that I talk to are now starting
    to tire of all the Reality Shows. We need more shows like “The Event” to be given more of an opportunity. This show is really exciting.

  4. Julie says

    Love The Event and the long wait was worth it! The March 7th season looks to be even better. Last September is was competing against Dancing With the Stars and Monday night football. A bad time slot for a great show.

  5. Bert Lafreniere says

    I understand that NBC can tell when people are watching certain series… But your ratings cannot only reflect on that. How many viewers out there are like me. I work different hours, and can’t always be there to watch my favorite series. How many people out there record there favorite series as not to miss them. Does NBC have a way of counting those viewers also? We need to find a better way to get the proper poles for these series. Thank you for your time. I hope this helps to keep loved series airing in furture.

  6. Donald says

    The Cape is such a horribly written show. They constantly use recycled one-lines from movies and television shows from 10-20 years ago. Seriously, it’s painful to sit and try and watch it. which is sad because I had high hopes for it. Even the CGI is sometimes painful (pilot episode… when the cap is leaping from building to building… he looks about as real and Pamela Anderson’s implants)

  7. says

    My girl and I are all snuggled up on the couch right now- for our 1- hr -weekly tv time. That’s right- we only watch one TV show a week.
    That show is: The Event.
    The Event, is our DATE night and it really helps keep a spark in our relationship. Dammit NBC! Now, I have to wait at least another week to get lucky! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE….AIR THE SHOW.

  8. Mashell says

    Wow! I just watched all the episodes for last season on Hulu, and I’m excited to see this coming season. I really home the rating goes up and they give it another season! It reminds me alot of the show Lost which I followed loyally to it’s conclusion. Here’s one more for your demo rooting for this show to pull through.

  9. Christina says

    I think “The Event” is a great show. I was so looking forward to the 28th. I am looking forward to continuing on this journey and I look forward to March 7th. I am a devoted fan and love the mystery, and suspense. I want to know where all this is going!!!!!!!!!

  10. Joe says

    But please…please I beg every network. If you’re going to cancel a show please don’t replace it with another frigging reality TV program. I’m so sick of reality TV and just want to watch 21-23 minutes of situational comedy or 41-44 minutes of cliff hanging drama. I really miss the 80’s and 90’s when TV was where we went to escape and shows came to a climactic end with a heartfelt goodbye from the cast to their loyal viewers who tuned in every week to see what happens. I really hate having a show end and not knowing how it turned out(i.e. Hereos). Thanks!

  11. Joe says

    I like both the Cape and the Event. I do however think that the writing and acting is better in the Event. I’m looking forward to it’s return and don’t really expect any sort of resolution in the Cape.

  12. Carol says

    I’ve really enjoyed The Event and have been counting the days for its return. I taped the last two episodes so that I wouldn’t lose track of what has happened so far in the series. It’s a good show with lots of cliffhangers. Hope the network has the sense to keep the series going.

  13. kathy says

    My husband and I like the show and have gotten interested in it. But is has been so long since it has been on almost forgot about it. TV seems to be more and more like that, shows on for awhile, move or go away with no warning.

    oh well, that is too bad

  14. Crella says

    Im glad I stuck with the show as well!! The Event is a great quality & well written/produced show!! I enjoy watching quality shows like this one, instead of the played out same ol’ reality shows!! I hope they keep it on the air or at least promote it more to get its momentum back up. Maybe fans can do a petition or something….kinda like what was done with the tv show “The Game” when cw cancled it, & the fans petitioned & brought it back…..i just hope that luck will be on our side & NBC decides to keep it!!!!

    • Anonymous says

      I have to admit I have not read any comments from anyone regarding the March 7th episode bimut u will tell u that I am sick of these shows protraying americans as morons!! Now mind u I have had a few beers watching this crap they call the event on Mar 7th 2011!! Do. Seriously mean to tell
      me that the only outlet we have to Sophoa and Thomas is the detainees at Inostranka and we would not have pics of Sophia and Thomas there? I am an unemployeed rock pit worker and I can see the problems with the “Events” rebeginning on March 7th 2011!!!! If a promising show is going to take THAT MUCH time off then as dans we should have gotten an ass load better from NBC?
      I personally willboy watch anymore episodes regarding the “Event” because I feel the way the series will play out “The Event” is at the end end of “The Event”
      all the loyal watchers will feel like idiots!!!! I come to this conclusion after the 3/07/11 episode!! U mean to tell me that the people that connect the PRESIDENT to the terrorists/aliens will not b looking out for
      Thomas or Sophia? Please NBC or whoever is producing this now **** of a show!!!
      CONTRARY TO WHAT U HAVE HEARD AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE NOT THAT ******* STUPID!! We know when cheese dick television heads are trying to railroad us with a pile of crap!!
      People I ask u to stand up with me and no longer watch/DVR The Event!!!
      For you that are wavering think about when u were really into a show to find out it has been canceled by some stupid reality show!! Stand up to the NBCS, ABCS, CBSS, FOXS and ect and let them know that we pay/watch the shows so
      we have the power!!
      LET “THE EVENT” be a way of
      showing then who really pays the execs for the good they cancel and for the crap they replace
      it with!!
      Let’s stand united and tell
      them Americans are not
      stupid and we will not stand TV shows protraying us as much!!
      First TV then on to big oil barrons !!
      Thank u

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