The Mentalist: Season Six Ratings

The Mentalist TV show ratings: cancel or renew?Last season, despite a move to Sunday nights and a big drop in the ratings, CBS renewed The Mentalist for a sixth season. Will the ratings continue to fall? Will CBS bring the show back for a seventh year? Stay tuned!

On The Mentalist, Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) continues to help the CBI solve cases while he seeks to bring his family’s killer to justice. Also starring in the show are Robin Tunney, Tim Kang, Owain Yeoman, Amanda Righetti, Emily Swallow, and Rockmond Dunbar.

The higher a show’s ratings (particularly the 18-49 demo), the better its chances for survival. New ratings data will be added as it becomes available — typically around 11:30am EST/8:30am PST. Refresh to see the latest.

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5/10 update: The Mentalist has been renewed for a seventh (and likely final) season on CBS.

5/19 update: You can see the latest night’s ratings in context here.

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Last year comparison: The fifth season of The Mentalist averaged a 1.7 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 9.5 million total viewers.

How are your shows doing? Check the season rankings: ABC | CBS | The CW |FOX | NBC

Note: These are the final national numbers (unless noted with an “*”). These are different from the fast affiliate numbers which are just estimates of the actual ratings. The final nationals are typically released within 24 hours of the programming or, in the case of weekends and holidays, a couple days later.

What do you think? Do you still like The Mentalist TV series? Do you think it should be cancelled or renewed for a seventh season?

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  1. Fishwish says

    This shown is great. Please don’t cancel it now that we have the chance to see the characters go in so many other directions. There are plenty of other shows that are so terrible I can’t even believe they are on tv

  2. Lynn says

    I love the Mentalist. I do not see how any program can get good ratings on CBS on Sunday night. I have to set the DVR up until midnight so that I do not miss any of the programming and then watch it in pieces. I do not watch the news show and the sports always mess up with the timing. It is a wonder that anyone even watches on Sunday night. I also watch The Good Wife and it is very frustrating.

  3. Lily rose says

    I love the Menaltist , but because of CBS scheduling, I had to record The Good Wife, The Menalist and the local news to get all of The Menalist, but it was worth it. I did this all this season. I loved it when they moved to Austin and the FBI. Please give them another season.

  4. says

    The Mentalist is a great show. If the ratings are low it is because CBS screws up the time
    running shows into the time slot for The Mentalist. I DVR the show but because of CBS’s
    screw ups. An additional hour needs to be recorded in order to see the complete Mentalist program.
    I think people that follow a show would like to see episodes on a regular basis.
    Not weeks between episodes. You never know when a show is coming on… It is a good thing people can DVR shows or you would miss the entire season.
    What happened to 6 to 10 episodes (IN A ROW)…. Instead of 2 here 1 there and three weeks later 2 more.

  5. christine says

    It’s really crazy that The Mentalist would even be considered for cancellation!!! I came to the show late but because the reruns were always on, was able to watch all of the past episodes. I am hooked! Simon Baker is mesmerizing. The Red John storyline was thrilling. Now I want an opportunity to see Patrick not so tortured. Please, please DON’T CANCEL THE MENTALIST!

  6. Solsticebabes says

    I am a fan of The Mentalist. It has
    Held my rapt interest throughout its
    Run. My interest has not wavered in the
    Slightest even though I feel very jerked
    around by CBS’ more likely than not
    Bumping an episode I’ve anticipated
    All week. Cancel it? I say no but obviously
    A fan carries no weight. One consolation,
    However, is that no more Mentalist; no
    More CBS for me because when it
    Comes to this network I’m a one show
    Woman. Anyway, thank you for the Mentalist.

  7. Herr Willi says

    Red John is not dead!! CBS is Red John and is desperately trying to off the mentalist. That is why it is on Sunday night. It is often delayed or displaced. With that kind of male bovine excrement being done to the show how can you get reliable rating information. WB should find a better outlet for this show. I feel the Mentalist is one of the better shows on TV. but the move to the FBI setting was not a wise change. The CBI could still function quite well without the ongoing and drug out Red John plot

    • Mel says

      Completely agree. CBS is killing The Mentalist in that awful time slot You can’t even record it without having to include about 2 shows past the designated time slot to make sure you have the whole 60 minutes of The Mentalist. To cancel this high quality show based on bogus ratings while keeping so much of the junk they renew is absurd. They should give some consideration to the avid viewers of this show. Not renewing this show is taking it off the air when a very important thread throughout the series between Jane and Lisbon has not been brought to fruition.

  8. Sandy says

    Of course they need to renew it. It is one of the best shows on tv, even with the changes this year. Patrick Jane and Lisbon, one of the best pairings in tv. RENEW please!

  9. lynne kramer says

    We love The Mentalist! Please bring it back for a seventh season. Wonderful cast and such fun to watch the “cons” of Patrick Jane! The only reason the ratings may have floundered for the past two years is because it is aired on Sunday nights. During the football season, it comes on very late. We record it and watch it on another day.

  10. jan says

    Yes, love the change in the story line & new cast members. Hoping it is renewed for 7th season. We DVR it every episode or catch it OnDemand. One of our favorite shows. PLEASE RENEW!!!!

  11. Rosebud says

    I have watched The Mentalist since forever and there are sooooo many other shows that can (and should!) be cancelled, and I hope the nitwits who make these decisions do the right thing and leave this show on the air! As the others have pointed out, Sunday Nites is “the pits” but I just record it and tune in on another day when there is absolutely NOTHING on TV worth watching.

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