The Nine Lives of Chloe King: Cast and Crew React to Cancellation

Nine Lives of Chloe King canceledABC Family has decided against ordering a second season of The Nine Lives of Chloe King, cancelling the freshman series. Fans are understandably upset that the cliffhangers won’t be resolved. Some of the cast and the writers have also expressed their disappointment and appreciation for all of the viewer support.

Skyler Samuels:
Fans of #NineLives I can’t thank u enough for all of ur support, though we r sad to see it end, we couldn’t have made it this far without u.

Chris Grismer: (“Chloe”)
Farewell to The Nine Lives Of Chloe King. One of the best experiences of my life. Thank you to all the fans and to everyone I worked with.

Ki Hong Lee: (“Paul”)
Dear #NineLives fans. You guys are still the best fans in the world. Thanks for the love week in and week out. I will always remember.

Benjamin Stone: (“Alek”)
So sorry to all the fans who put so much effort into supporting #Ninelives and tried so hard to get a Season two, you guys have been amazing
I will miss the show but most of all working with my cast mates everyday. They are all so wonderfully talented and made the show for me.

Andy Reaser (writer):
I can assure you all that abcfamily is just as upset as we are. They adore #ninelives and worked extremely hard to make it suceed.

Jesse Spears (writer assistant):
#ninelives canceled. Loved working with all of you: @AndyReaser @mslarry73 @GoldenGirlOlive @SkylerSamuels @kihonglee @Chrisgrismer and…
loved working with: @JaySins11 @BenJStone @grace_phipps and I guess @joshuamalek We’ll all work together again soon.
Oh and directors @norbuck and @junkyardj!!! If I left anyone out, it’s because I don’t love you. Just kidding… maybe

Norman Buckley (director):
Very sad about #theninelivesofcholeking! But a great group of people who will go onto other great things!

Chris Grismer (director):
Farewell to The Nine Lives Of Chloe King. One of the best experiences of my life. Thank you to all the fans and to everyone I worked with.
#ninelives has been cancelled. It was a great honor to work with everyone I did. I’m going to miss it. Thanks again to all the fans.

In answer to a fan question — “Well can u tell me was brian really dead?” — Grismer wrote, “He was always dead. The big reveal in Season 2 was going to be that he was a zombie. Actually, I don’t know that… just a guess.”

What do you think? What will you miss about Nine Lives?

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  1. says

    I absolutely love the show. When I found out another season wasn’t happening I almost cried……. Tears were shed. The show just escaped me from life and made everything so exciting . Please I beg you make another season . It is never too late to make another . I would love it more than anything to see another season. So please please please let Chloe fulfill the rest of her 7 lives .

    Love, jazzy

  2. Lorine Arnold says

    I am still sad about the show ending. I don’t think they give a lot of shows a chance I mean only one season isn’t enough to tell the popularity of a show.

  3. Anonymous says

    It’s so sad they cancelled the show.:( it was such a great show and I’m really going to miss it. It really doesn’t make sense why they would cancel such a great show that I’m sure had a lot of viewers. It was the only show I liked on abc family. Now I have no reason to watch that channel.

    • NOBODY says

      Me too, i kind of liked the lying game and switched at birth cause when the 9 lives of Chloe King wasn’t on i still looked there for something to watch. Now i don’t like those shows anymore. BRING BACK THE NINE LIVES OF CHLOE KING!!!!!!!

  4. not importent says

    I cant understand why tv netwarks allways canceal good shows like the nine lives and keeep bad ones like make it or brake it no ofence to the fans but we dont relly need an nother teen droma show on tv a show like king with action saspence romance droma and a little sifi?legend or folklore is perfict

  5. Alexis Riley says

    I cant believe they canceled this show. This was one of my favorite shows on t.v. and of course it just had to be canceled. I admit that i actually go and watch all of the episodes over and make up an ending for it myself. But at least for all the fans we are fortunate enough to have hope that they would at least make a movie. If they do, i pray that they keep all of the same cast members and actors and stuff.

  6. Sarah b says

    I loved the show so much and it’s my favorite show. I thinks it’s better than pretty little liars and switched at birth. I really want it to come back because I love the actors and the storyline. I have also been watching the first season over and over again on Netflix. That’s where I first saw it not on abc family because I didn’t know about it then. They need to give the series another try because that’s not fair to all the fans and lovers of the show!!!!!!!

  7. Shireen says

    I cant believe they cancelled this show. It seems that everything that is too “clean” is being cancelled. What a pity. I was looking forward to Season 2!!! Oh well

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