The View

The ViewNetwork: ABC
Episodes: Ongoing (hour)
Seasons: Ongoing

TV show dates: August 11, 1997 — present
Series status: Has not been cancelled

Performers include: Barbara Walters, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sherri Shepherd, Rosie O’Donnell, Meredith Vieira, Star Jones, Debbie Matenopoulos, and Lisa Ling.

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TV show description:
An ABC morning talk show whose goal is to showcase the perspectives of a variety of diverse women.

Each episode opens with the all-female panel discussing and commenting on “hot topics,” the day’s top headlines. The rest of the show is filled with interviews with celebrities, authors, or politicians. Occasionally, there are craft, lifestyle, or fashion segments as well.

The series was co-created by veteran newswoman Barbara Walters who also serves as a semi-regular co-host. Other regular co-hosts have included Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Lisa Ling, Debbie Matenopoulos, Rosie O’Donnell, Star Jones Reynolds, Sherri Shepherd, and Meredith Vieira.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Lori says

    I see a lot of negative comments about The View. I feel like it is a work in progress. Yes Rosie is struggling but she sure does know her stuff… Look how Sherri Shepard turned things around.. Yes Whoopie can be overbearing…but she does make a good moderator. She could hush Rosie O with a look. Thank goodness Rosie O is off the show.. Nicole is an added bonus to the show… Lets give it a chance and watch how far it goes

  2. says

    I have been a fan of “the View” since the very first episode. I’m sorry to say,I will not watch anymore because the choice of the new co-host Raven. She is not a likeable personality and does not have anything constructive to offer the show. I’ll miss you in the mornings. Bye bye View.

  3. Carol says

    Love The View, especially this year, the addition of Nicole Wallace whom is my second favorite after Whoopi, Raven gives us some insight to what the younger generation is thinking – we need help in getting our younger people involved in our country – going out to vote – I would like to see Christal added as a co-host –

  4. Lissa says

    ABC needs to cancel the View!
    I am offended every time I am in a room and am forced to listen to Whoopy and her hateful hateful loud mouth!
    I do not watch it, nor do I believe it is suitable daytime television.
    These are the most outrageous, hate mongers I have ever heard. They talk so bad about others, and are doing ten times worse.
    They are race biased, and completely one sided, and just spew out pure hate.
    Obviously, other “hosts” have also been verbally abused by Whoopy, as this show has already had a huge turnover in hosts.
    It’s horrible and it’s time to get rid of it!

      • Anonymous says

        I so agree, the show is so one sided…and then you add Raven who rolls her eyes and gives off such negative manerisms when she doesn’t agree with what ps talked about! I’m so tired of Whoopie saying mean spirited comments and then says I don’t care what any body thinks…it’s time to end the show: PLEASE

  5. Dedra says

    If they would stop going into such graphic details of sex, their sex lives – who cares!?- the show might have a chance.
    We don’t care what your “post menopausal” ****** is like! Love ya Woopie, but we don’t need constant reminders that you don’t wear a bra (heard it a hundred times) and it gets a little old hearing you talk about tripping over “them”.
    It’s just gotten too much about sex at the start of each show. My perception,
    Some of the guest hosts may be the sweetest people in the world, but Stacie London is not a great choice. For a person who coaches on fashion perhaps someone could help her with her hair. Also her gestures are very silly and she interupts constantly in a very loud voice.
    More current events, less talk about sex. It’s not that interesting for most of us.
    Really like Rosie and Nicole. Love Nicole’s info on the inner workings of politics and the White House. She’s a great addition.
    Raven is darling but her crazy hairdos are a bit much for daytime TV. Just my opinion.
    Overall I like the variety of the show and hope it continues.

  6. says

    The view needs to be canceled. It is literally painful to watch. The co hosts do not mesh well. None of the guest co hosts are good. This ship has sunk. Please pull the plug to make room for something better. Thanks.

  7. MP says

    I have watched The View since the beginning but with this new group of cohosts I have stopped watching and so have many other people I know. We used to talk about what had been discussed on the show, interesting opinions or articles in the world and relevant subjects that were intelligent and/or humorous. Now they discuss farts, sex (way too much), and the endless talk of “woman power” and the need for more diversity to ad nauseam. Rosie P is not a talk show host. Its painful to try to listen to her spit out her thoughts. Nicolle at least has knowledgeable opinions but that voice! Whoopi has changed from the first year. There are so many important and interesting subjects yet its the same garbage all the time. Bring back the former hosts that bought something worthwhile to the show, the Lisa Lings, the Merediths, the Joys, people that could have a debate of subjects and opinions that were of interest. Bring in different hosts or cancel the show. Barbara must be shaking her head, if she even watches it anymore.

  8. HULU says

    The show has become a blabbering of fools, on daily topics that are equally foolish. Why do they talk about “The Empire” almost daily basis, not even the same net work? Boring, boring. stupid! Go away an make room for a show worth the airtime.

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