ThresholdNetwork: CBS
Episodes: 13 (hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: September 16, 2005 — February 1, 2006
Series status: Cancelled/ended

Performers include: Carla Gugino, Brian Van Holt, Brent Spiner, Rob Benedict, Peter Dinklage, Charles S. Dutton, Matt Sigloch, Mark Berry, Scott MacDonald, Diane Venora, Maurice Godin, Jake Abel, Maura Claire Barclay, and Jeff Cockey.

threshold past TV show

TV show description:
A sci-fi drama that focuses on a secret government project which investigated the first Earth contact with an extraterrestrial species. Often referred to as a “reverse X-Files,” the main characters sought to hide the details of an alien visit rather than uncover the conspiracy.

Series Finale:     
Episode 13 – Alienville: Caffrey and Cavennaugh go out to a town called Allenville in search of a Doctor who they think is infected and find more than they were looking for. Meanwhile things at Threshold get heated with the pregnancy of the infected woman coming to an end.


What happened next?   
The series DVD set offers some clues as to what would have happened if Threshold had continued:

The abnormality in Ramsay’s brain (which caused him to be a dwarf) actually protects him from the alien infection. His drug and alcohol problem would have gotten worse and he would also have eventually “hit bottom.”

Following the discovery of a 320-year-old probe in episode 11, we would learn that the aliens have been sending probes to Earth every 160 years or so (with another 80 currently on the way). The probes failed to cause much damage at the time due to a lack of travel and technology.

The series had a three-year story arc and the series title would have changed each season. The second year would have been called Foothold which would refer to the next level of Molly’s plan that dealt with a massive alien invasion. The third season would have been Stranglehold and would have dealt with the response to a well-established alien presence.

There hasn’t been any news of reviving the series or resolving the open storylines.


Behind the Scenes

Threshold was cancelled by CBS in November 2005 after an unsuccessful move to Tuesday nights, leaving four episodes unaired. The complete series aired in the UK and was later run on the Sci Fi Channel in the US. The complete DVD set was released in August 2006.
The cancellation notice came midway through production of “Alienville.” As a result, the end of the episode was changed to show Molly (Gugino) having a dream conversation with a nine-year-old alien/human boy (representing the just-born baby). He tells her that her Threshold plan will eventually succeed in stopping the alien invasion, but that she will die along the way.
There are rumors that there were 14 episodes of the series but in fact only 13 were produced.
CBS’ Threshold was one of three forays into the science-fiction genre by the three major neworks in the 2005-2006 season. NBC aired Surface and ABC tried Invasion. None lasted past the first year.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. stormwatch says

    This is the best sci-fi show I have ever seen. And every year or two I run trough all episodes again and again, and guess what…it never get’s boring.

  2. Charlie person says

    threshold was an awesome show kept me wanting to see more alien take over who can’t love it I would like to see it finished out please bring it back

  3. Samuel Fairchild says

    I loved this show when it first was on. Best show i have seen in a long while, seema like every show i like gets yanked. Great stroy line and great cast. Thwy dould re release it and start over and it would still work. Never understood why the SciFi channel never picked it up and did it. Much better than most of their shows.

  4. Lew Shumaker says

    Wow.! I found this series by accident when skimming through the guide while sick and desperately needing something to watch……..problem is, couldn’t get enough of it once I started watching! then BOOM — only about 5 episodes were shown…..last one was the one with the Pastor of a church and Sontag’s mother…….can’t think of the episode name. I think someone at the network missed the boat here on this show! The characters worked well together (good choice of the actors). C’mon! bring it back!!! now I have to track down the remaining 8 episodes!!!

  5. Syed says

    Please mr Brannon Braga continue making or start it up ,making the tv series called threshold man I miss it bad , just when it was getting really interesting then they take it off how can the viewings be so bad shocking really anyway I’m sure it will be a success if they continued making it .!! And yes I agree with the other comment about The V , and invasion
    And stargate Univerce and few more I can go on & on …!!!!!:(

  6. Very Unhappy Network Watcher says

    Couldn’t get enough of this show! Just when things were coming to a head, it got yanked! Stupid networks!!! They should put it back on — and finish the 3 year plan!!! My son & his friends all watched. We kept wondering why it wasn’t on anymore. Figures, they ALWAYS take off the GOOD SHOWS that make you think! Just like “The Invasion, V, The Event!” Why do they even bother to put them on when they know they’re just going cancel them in a few months (as soon as the plot thickens and people are on the edge of their seats)?!

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