ThunderCats: Has the New TV Series Been Cancelled?

New ThunderCats canceled on Cartoon Network?Though there hasn’t been any official word, it looks like the new ThunderCats animated series has been cancelled.

A reboot of the 1980s ThunderCats TV show, the new series debuted on Cartoon Network last July with the first of 26 installments. The season was broken up into two parts and the finale aired this past Saturday. There’s been no word of plans for a second season.

What’s more, Cartoon Network announced their plans for the 2012-13 season and ThunderCats was noticeably absent from their list of returning series.

Matthew Mercer is the voice actor for Tygra. His girlfriend is actress Mirisha Ray and she believes that the show has been cancelled so she’s started a website to rally support.

While ThunderCats hasn’t been officially cancelled yet, the signs certainly don’t look positive. When/if we hear something definitive, we’ll be sure to let you know.

What do you think? Has ThunderCats been cancelled or will the show return for a second season? If it has ended, will you miss the series?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. dman says

    I hope they don’t cancel thundercats it is the beat cartoon on t.v and Cartoon network is a Dumas for not making new episodes . Green liatern , young Justice and Thundercats are the only thing that was worth watching. I agree with everyone why get ride of the good cartoons and keep crap. I think MAD, the Annoying Orange, and advencher time and Regular Show, are the most FUNKING stupid shows on t.v thet are the ones should be canceled. Thunder cats rule and I love that show.

  2. Gema says

    I hope they don’t cancel it. I was totally amazed by this; I have yet to see America make -anything- this good (except for maybe Avatar The Last Airbender). Please don’t cancel it! The show has -so much- going for it!

  3. Brandon says

    They need to stop trying to get rid of good cartoons! I’m really starting to hate TV because they keep on the air the dumbest cartoon I’ve ever seen in my life! Kids these days need cartoons like the thundercats!

  4. says

    I agree with some of the other guys. I only watched three shows on Cartoon Network, Green Lantern, Justice League, and The Thundercats. I especially loved the new Thundercats. Great storyline and was really getting good. Love season finale. Please do not cancel. I won’t have any reason to watch cartoon network. I will have to start watching reality TV (Uggghhh!!!!).

  5. Derrick says

    Most of the storylines that made the show what it was in the 80s were hardly explored. Too soon for cancellation in my opinion!

  6. shaun says

    this is what i hate about networks their always trying to reboot or bring in a show that actually has decent storyline but then cancel it after the first season and bring shows that are crap that they’ll renew because it makes money thats why i slowly stopped watching cartoon network after they started going down after 2009

  7. Cameron says

    So they cancel/stall a great show like Thundercats but continue making/airing show like MAD, the Annoying Orange, imports from Canada like Johnny Test, a new show called Incredible Crew (the commercial with the kid and airhorn is unbearable), more crappy Scooby Doo shows, Almost Naked Animals (<-really), annoying Regular Show, Ninjago, and other crap but cancel the good ones such as Thundercats. Cartoon Network, please renew Thundercats.

  8. Joey Lorenzo says

    Cartoon Network obviously did a terrible job marketing this show because I just found out about it a month ago and I watch a fair amount of Adult Swim. It’s a bummer because it is an excellent show with decent character development, good plot twists, cool battle scenes, and an awesome villain that you love to hate. And now it looks like it’s cancelled. I was looking forward to seeing the rest of the adventure. Oh well.

  9. Drawgood says

    It is probably being cancelled because these new thundercats look even more like “furries” than before and people generally don’t like this hybridization of human and animal to create a weird human/feline. Too much trash content in pop culture is associated with furries such as bad fan art on art sites, people dressing up like furries. It’s not popular.

  10. Machine316 says

    I love thundercats and hope it continues. I think the writers need to stop draging it out though. Lion-O is young but its taking him making the same lifestyles threatening mistakes each episode before he matures. I think that bothers some viewers subconsciouly. He should struggle with what he doesnt know not with the fact he wont listen. Tweak his character a bit add more epic battles and Thundercats hooooo!!!

  11. Ez4sheezee says

    Both my girls love this show! I feel it was well done and unlike other Dads I have seen comments from on-line, I really like this new version. I feel the graphics and animation are twice as good. I am gong to buy the DVDs, I really like the shows and don’t want to forget about them, even after my girls grow up.

    Carton Network, you must bring ThunderCats back! Otherwise, I won’t watch your network anymore!

  12. James says

    I watched Thundercats with my boys one time and became hooked. I really loved the plot and story lines of each episode.

    Hopefully, the network will bring Thundercats back. If not, I too will be disappointed.

    Great show…bring it back!

  13. Aim says

    I hope they don’t cancel it. I really love the series. Why does Cartoon Network cancel so many good cartoons when it was in the middle of a good plot but continue with really random and stupid cartoons that has no plot whatsoever? I was really into many of the cartoons when they just suddenly cancel the continuation and leaving a cliffhanger. ThunderCats better not be one of them.

  14. Brian says

    They better not cancel Thundercats I watched the original and the new and the new kicks butt. I was really getting into the show wanting to know how they play things off in the new one and what happens. I have been very disappointed in a lot of companies that put out really good shows that numerous ppl like and enjoy and some even that win a crap load of awards but then they cancel the shows leaving everyone furious not knowing the rest of the story line and everyone saying what tha?! I hope they don’t disappoint me like so many have before I am finally looking for one good show that they will continue making and letting everyone know the whole story not just wait til everyone gets into the show and then cut it off. So everyone if need be write letters and send in emails to cartoon network asking them to continue Thundercats.

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