Touch: Cancelled; No Season Three for FOX Series

Touch canceled, no season threeMaybe Kiefer Sutherland will be available for that 24 movie now. FOX has cancelled Touch after two seasons on the air.

Though Touch’s ratings were on the decline last season, FOX renewed it for another round anyway. They slated it for Friday nights, likely figuring that it would improve on Fringe’s dismal ratings. It didn’t work out that way and Touch has been doing even worse.

The current season of Touch has been averaging just a 0.7 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 2.68 million total viewers. Those are terrible numbers, even for a Friday night show. Kitchen Nightmares, which also runs on that night, has averaged a 1.1 in the demo and 3.13 million.

This Friday’s episode, titled “Leviathan,” will be Touch’s 26th and final installment. Hopefully the producers have included some closure for the die-hard fans.

What do you think? Are you sorry that Touch has been cancelled and won’t get a third season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    Devastated TPTB decided against this intriguing, cerebral series….so many interesting, creative ideas, and wonderful acting by all involved….Kiefer is magical in everything he does, and this series was a lovely departure from the norm that permeates tv these days…only a handful of “different” types of shows on this season, this was one of them…and we thoroughly enjoyed “Touch”…it will be sorely missed!!!! “GOODBYE, MARTIN BAUM”…;o(

  2. Ruth Davidson says

    Loved the show, there is so much crap on television. Can not believe you cancelled this show, very unhappy with this decision. I do not like the silly reality shows, something good on, you take it off. Really annoyed!!

  3. Ben says

    this is my all time favourite show, it cant leave, ever. im sorry but the show wasnt watched by many people because they expected s much more after the first season like jake talking, and avrum telling martin more about the cult he was in. they need to have a third season for sure

  4. Larry says

    Sad to see the show go. It is rare to find a show that always keeps you thinking and makes you ponder if conspiracies such as this really happen in the world. However, most shows that are complex and make people think end up getting cancelled. Guess people are not smart enough to get it.

  5. Terese Theophilus says

    We need to have a balance on TV. Touch allow you to see life in a different perspective. Please do not cancel it The show has so much to offer. What is left to watch?

  6. Jaclyn Perez says

    This is one of the best shows that has appeared on television for the longest time! I really look forward to it and have become extremely attached to the show and it’s story line! There are no words to describe how angry i am! I am very upset that one of my favorites shows has been cancelled again!!

  7. Vickie and Roy says

    We planned our Friday nights around Touch! We are so sorry to see it end. We loved the actors and their characters. We just found out today (5/12) that it is cancelled. What a shame. We were excited to see what would happen next year. We had no idea the ratings were so low. Maybe that was a good thing because we would have been in mourning a while ago!!

  8. Ann says

    Really like this show and hate to see it cancelled. First season was better, but I was really hoping Jake would finally speak to his father and that the 36 would be explained. Hope it pops back up somewhere…Fox has more stupid shows than any other network, and when they finally came up with one that had some depth, they bailed, rather than pushing to keep it. Proves that Fox is a sham network.

  9. Brenda says

    That seriously stinks! Could it be ratings dive because so much time passes between seasons, etc., that people forget when to tune in?? Or watch it in other formats? We are a busy family and rarely have time to watch during the week, so we catch it on HULU. LOVED this show and was really looking forward to more. :( Come on FOX! Don’t cancel this one!!

  10. PF says

    I cannot believe Touch was cancelled. I watched it and recorded it so I could watch it again and again. I’m glad I did, because I can still watch them. I wish Fox would reconsider because I would watch it instead of the other shows on other networks. Fox, you made a big mistake. This was a show anyone could watch and enjoy.

  11. Kat says

    Fabulous show. Truly disappointed it was cancelled. It seems America doesn’t know a great show when they see it…just like Awake cancellation. Excellent writing, clever plots…

  12. Anonymous says

    Seems w/e a show comes along that requires some thought and decent writing its cancelled. We watched every episode based on it being what we knew would be an amazing story from heroes writer. We are so disappointed in the final episode, so much more that remains to be done with this unique storyline. We do appreciate that fox gave it a second season, but shame on you fox for not giving it a third. Theres still some of us left that appreciate a great series, w all the dumbed down tv that does get renewed its looking like time to cancel cable.

  13. Roy says

    It truly was an amazing show and I am very sad that it got cancelled. Though I am very happy that it got a good ending, unlike other shows that gets cancelled without any closure. If there were to be a petition to have this show brought back, I would gladly sign it as many times as possible, because this was one of the best shows I have ever seen and it was truly heart warming.

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