FOX Pulls Vanished: TV Series Finale Podcast #11

cast of VANISHED on FOXFOX pulls Vanished from primetime. Will the drama return? Will Sara Collins be found? Will fans see the mystery resolved? Tune in to find out!

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Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Ana says

    Why did you pull Vanished? I agree with the previous comments. This is one of the best series people have ever seen, we deserve to know what the ending is.

  2. cr says

    I agree with the other comment. If you are not going to bring it back, PLEASE PUT THE WHOLE SEASON ON DVD. I’m still dying to find out the ending.

  3. Daniel Nicolas says

    What on earth has this show been scratched. It was bad enough having it on at such a late time slot especially considering it was the most interesting show of the week. Not it has disappeared without even and explanation. ???????

  4. Madeline Amalbert says

    If you cancelled Vanished, then why? It is (or was) an excellent series, great programming, captivating, well written, great actors/actresses, etc. I’m beginning to wonder who keeps making these poor choices of ending a series without “closure”. Give us a chance to enjoy “Vanished by returning the show and put ii on DVD please…Thanks

  5. Adrian says

    Have just seen the “fial episode ” in Australia where Sarah returns home with her first “husband”. But what else happens?? Is it true that the remainder of the show will not be shown?? It was a great series spoiled by hiding it in different time slots by Channel 7 over the summer season.

  6. Vivian says

    I can’t explain my shock when I logged to the internet last night in the hope of finding out what happens the next episode and found out that the show has been cancelled! Why! I have to say it’s the best TV series I’ve seen and it should come back like tomorrow. I’ve got so much work and all I can do is keep checking the internet with the hope that I’l see news that it’s coming back PLEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAASE!

  7. jason says

    Just like every body else ive been waiting for the return of this show ,what the hell do you mean its cancelled,i just found it on-line and it is a pitty its gone cause its a damn good show, im sick of this no more fox for me . if you cant keep the good shows on ,and moving them to different nights ,all just cancel the the station from my tv all togather.

  8. Jas says

    The same might happen in Australia – they delayed for a few weeks while Tennis was on – then it came back in a later timeslot.
    If they kill it, then I’ll just totally forget commercial TV series and download any future ones and watch it without ads.

    When more people do this, advertisers will not want to keep paying the TV station’s exorbitant fees…

  9. Jayne Boone says

    Another good show cancelled, leaving us hanging. Why invest our time to find it cancelled in mid stream? Pretty soon everyone will get sick of it and watch other programing.

  10. Sal G says

    Just to add my two cents in also: The combination of the long hiatus and the switching to a different night was the biggest problem. It was a great show with edge-of-your seat twist and turns. I can’t remember a show ever like this.

    The week it came back on, I had my DVR set to record the show on it’s original Monday time slot. You can imagine my dismay when I went to watch and it wasn’t on! I had already missed an epsiode by the time I found this out.

    By chance, going to the Fox website, I learned about the cancellation and streaming of the remaining four episodes.

    Anyway, bring back the show…finish it out..I did watch the remaining four episodes online..and have to tell you, Fox ought to bring this back like now!!

    If you show it,the viewers will come…..

  11. Jennifer Nelson says

    I really enjoyed Vanished and agree with previous comments that it was hard to find it. I’d like to know how the story ends.

  12. steve moseley says

    we have really enjoyed “vanished” but where and why has it ‘vanished’?

    Let us know when it will return.

  13. Kala says

    Vanished is the best show I have seen in a long time. The problem was after the World Series, you changed the scheduling and we couldn’t find it for weeks. I feel that Fox was at fault for the declind in viewing because it wasn’t advertised and noone knew where to find the show. It will be a shame to remove one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time. Please don’t leave us hanging and let the show go on.

  14. Bob Wheeler says

    Why are you pulling this series? This is one of the best series in a long time. Very suspenseful and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Bring it back it’s great. Could be a long runner.

  15. Carole Vaupel says

    Vanished is the best sitcom I have seen in a long time-always keeps you captivated on what is going to happen next–the only problem was that it was not continued each week-so you never new when it was going to be on next and you missed episodes–loved the show

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