Two and a Half Men: Hugh Grant Could Replace Charlie Sheen

Hugh Grant Two and a Half MenDeadline is reporting that, up until last night, Hugh Grant was going to replace fired Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men. The British actor pulled out of negotiations at the last minute over creative differences. He was reportedly offered more than $1 million per episode, a big sum that’s still cheaper than Sheen’s $1.8 million per episode income.

Execs have been very hard at work behind the scenes because they want to be able to announce the return of Two and a Half Men for the 2011-12 season at the upfronts next week. Insiders have said that both CBS and Warner Bros want to sign an “A-lister” to join the series.

Executive Chuck Lorre’s biggest requirement is that the person be someone that he can work with. He’s apparently tired of butting heads with Sheen for several years.

Though there’s been a lot of speculation about possible replacements, Grant is the only star to have been in actual negotiations to join the series. The article speculates that Grant could still reconsider. If he does, we know he’ll be playing a new role and not Sheen’s Charlie Harper character.

What do you think? Would Grant be a good choice to join Two and a Half Men? Could casting like that revitalize the series and keep it going even longer than it would have?

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  1. Bruce says

    I say, just let the series go. If they don’t want Charlie Sheen back, call it a day. Whatever they do, it won’t be the same. It’s like CSI without Grissom…not the same show. All it will do is lose ratings. Doesnt CBS care about their precious 18-49 demo? They think Hugh Grant and a reworked show will keep that for them? And, what character will he be? Obviously, not Charlie. Then, what? Alan’s gay lover when he finally came out? Geez.

  2. Black Coffee says

    Hugh Grant…EXCELLENT!!!!! He has great comedic timing….I think it will work as long as the writers of the show come up with great scripts.

  3. Billske says

    hey i think that no one can replace charlie sheen. he was awesome and hilarious. but if they have to replace him they should get Gary Busey because i think that would be hysterical. he could be Charlie n Alan’s long lost brother or step brother cause their mother slept around so much and was married 4 times. Now that would be funny!!!!!!!

  4. Orvar Snar says

    No one can replace Charlie Sheen ever. Two and a half men will never be the same because no one will take Hugh Grant seriously as Charlie in the show….

  5. Jamie says

    Only watched because of Charlie (and his character). He was funny because his remarks were snide and clever and you could believe it when he berated his brother. Everyone else is just slapstick stupid and soooo not funny. Except for the maid occasionally.

  6. Sandy says

    Hugh Grant is one of those guys that there is just something about him. I love him in most movies. I think they should give it a try. Although it was also a “rumor” that John Stamos was a candidate. I like that idea too. I really hope the show comes back because it wasn’t just Charlie who made the show. Alan, Berta and Rose were hilarious. I can see Rose stalking someone new right now. Herb was also a good character. Maybe we need to email THE TALK and get Julie Chin to put in a word to her husband Les.

  7. Kat says

    I think he is funny and this casting makes sense; Hugh Grant made his bread and butter playing unlikeable cads for a while there. Still, he’s better than this show, so I hope he doesn’t.

  8. Bruce Cample says

    I rarely watched, “Two and a half men” but would give it a chance with Hugh Grant. Jeremy not to start a dispute, but why would “Did you hear about the Morgans” be your exception? I think Hugh Grant would be an interesting change, is their any chance they could change the kid Angus Jones to be something more interesting like a giant robot or an alien, ala “Predator?”

    • Jeremy Rynek says

      Well because with exception to Sex and the city, Sarah Jessica Parker is a really good actress and I like Sam Elliot. And I don’t think that would start a dispute. But I have had them before though.

      • paola says

        this series will never be the same without charlie, not because he is a great actor or anything, it is just because he is a piece of a perfect machine. jon cryer is much better than him in comedy but both characters complement each other, and no one will ever be able to complete that gap. The other actors are incredibly great, that is why is a pity to lose the show but trying to keep it alive no matter what will only ruin it. And Grant is just too british for this series…

  9. Jeremy Rynek says

    Absolutely not. He is NOT funny at all. He’s one of the of the very few actors where I just won’t watch the movie if he’s in it, with exception to just ‘Did you hear about the Morgans’. Do not have him replace Charlie.

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