V: Producer Says ABC Series Has Chance for Season Three

VOne of the producers of the new V thinks there’s still a chance that TV show will be renewed for season three. On the show’s official Facebook page, Steve Pearlman wrote: “Despite what you read online, the ratings for V have been OK and the show has a chance of being renewed for a third season.” Is that really true?

For season one, V ended up averaging a 2.25 rating in the coveted 18-49 demographic and 5.7 million average viewers. It was “on the bubble” but ended up being renewed for season two. ABC has a history of taking a chance on struggling freshman shows and decided to bet on this one over lower-rated FlashForward. Sometimes the network’s gambling pays off (Castle) but usually, it doesn’t (Samantha Who?, Better Off Ted, October Road, etc.).

After ABC ordered 13 episodes for season two, the network cut it back to 10 installments. That’s not a good sign but ABC execs supposedly felt they just wouldn’t need as many episodes because of the bevy of original programming they already have. Lots of this season’s new and returning shows haven’t even premiered yet because there’s no room on the schedule.

So far this season, V has been pretty consistent and has averaged a 2.0 in the demo and 6.02 million viewers. While that’s an increase in total viewers, that’s a drop in the key demo which is what really counts. V is currently the second-lowest rated scripted show on the network, just above Detroit 1-8-7 and just below No Ordinary Family.

So, Pearlman is indeed correct that a third season is still possible but, unless the ratings improve, it seems unlikely. ABC gave the series a chance last time and the risk hasn’t paid off for them so far. The ratings have dropped, not improved. If they’re going to take a gamble on a struggling show for next season it would make more sense to try another one.

What do you think? Will the V ratings improve? Will ABC give the series another chance — season three — or will it be cancelled?

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  1. wuk says

    ABC is worst television ewry show i watch on ABC was cancel and did’nt hawe end (kyle XY,Legen of the seeker,V…)I wll newer watch ABC agen

  2. Judy says

    I enjoyed V as well. I had watched the original which never took off either. But it would have been nice to have closure.

  3. Charles Kirkhum says

    This is the last series I will get into with ABC. they could at least have a ending series in the drawer so the viewer can have a closure if it flops.

  4. Rebecca Proulx says

    I really liked V and was so looking forward to the next season. It stopped and left us V fans in a lurch, always wondering!!!!

  5. RT says

    I love V. That was the only show on ABC that I watched. Guess I wont be watching it at all now! All they want to air is sex! If I wanted to watch porn, then I rent it!

  6. Robert Troy says

    Did you ever hear of this little show called Star Trek. It had poor ratings, cancelled, then it was replayed years later, and took off like wildfire. Is history repeating itself? I do admit that maybe they shouldn’t have killed off so many of the main characters. It’s akin of killing off Sulu and Chekov. But for all that is holy, finish off the series so it can rest in peace.

  7. says

    Please bring back “V” TV season 3. I am ready to quit my cable company. Its to difficult to find a TV series the whole family enjoys, because they keep getting canceled.

  8. Patricia Shore says

    I love this series and have waited for season three to start. It is well written and cast well. Please continue the series.

  9. Karen says

    I truly hope this one comes back. Not enough science fictions on tv. This one kept my interest up not only with a great story line but also an excellent cast, special effects and leaving one with an anticipation for the next episode. We really miss this series in our home.

  10. BobbyJoe says

    I hope this show does return. It’s so much more interesting than a lot of these “kiddie” nighttime comedy programs the networks are pushing on us.

  11. Jeroen says

    Great serie please renew for a season 3 or at least a closure finale.
    Just bought the DVD boxset and it’s great. These kind of serie’s probably just payoff better on DVD/BR boxset. True film/serie junkies want to have the original and wanna watch episode after episode. We do not have the aptience to wait for another week when it is broadcast on TV network.

  12. Craig says

    I can see why peolple lost interest, I have not seen any on tv I bought both seasons on dvd. I have to admit season 1 was long, no action, didn’t even see what the alien looked like. I was even not really expecting much for season 2 . but I have to say even the first episode had more action than the entire season 1. I really got in to season 2. It would be nice to see a season 3,we are left in the loop and not knowing what happens next.

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