Warehouse 13: Syfy Series Renewed But Ending; No Season Six

warehouse 13 endingSyfy has decided to end Warehouse 13. According to Deadline, the cable channel is renewing the TV show for a fifth season of only six episodes. Those will be the series’ last.

Production on the final season of Warehouse 13 will begin this summer and the episodes are expected to rollout some time in 2014.

Syfy’s President of Original Content, Mark Stern, siad, “Warehouse 13 has been an incredible signature series for us… We are grateful to the loyal and passionate fan base and know that Jack Kenny, his gifted creative team, and outstanding ensemble cast will give them an amazing finale season.”

The fourth season of Warehouse 13 is currently airing. There are seven installments remaining in the 20 episode season. It’s currently averaging 1.61 million viewers, down from last season’s 2.09 million.

What do you think? Are you upset that Warehouse 13 is coming to an end or grateful that the cast and crew will be able to wrap up the series?

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  1. L. Nolan says

    syfy always says the same thing about a show when they cancel it. They talk about how amazing a show has been etc. etc. they said the same thing about Eureka. Well, if it’sd so great, QUIT CANCELLING IT!!!! Every time they get an awesome show, before you know it, it’s cancelled.

  2. Dean Shepherd says

    Makes one wonder if it there is really any point at all to watching anything produced for, or by, the SyFy channel.

    I mean, one just knows it’s going to be cancelled same as when you just bloody well knew that in ‘The High Chaparral’, back in the 1970’s , that that pretty dark haired (and deliciously shaggable) Red Indian girl that Blue Cannon falls in love with and tells his dad he is determined to marry, will be dead by the end of that episode.

    • Dean Shepherd says

      Come to think of it, being a fan of anything produced by SyFy is a bit like being a fan of a red shirt in Star Trek TOS.

      • L. Nolan says

        While I guess I’m a little “out of the loop” on the red shirt analogy, I agree with both your comments.
        PS. Maybe you can let me in on what red shirt means. 😉

  3. cory says

    it’s sad one of the best shows on TV taken away from us just like battle star syfi channel you suck !!!!!!!!!!!! with crappy shows like metal hurlent your trying stuff down our throats I tried to watch that show and it was like smell avison it stinks good luck with that bad actors bad script your be coming the b movie SIFI channel

  4. Randi Stonehill says

    I love Warehouse 13, we have never missed an episode. Syfy has a habit of launching really good shows (Eureka is another one) and then once they have a loyal following, cancelling them. This was fun, smart, well written and characters that had good on-screen chemistry. Syfy, please stop this and keep your good shows for more than a handful of seasons!

    • pat blair says

      Warehouse 13 could have went another 3 seasons, but like the Charmed series they accelerated the age of an actress and the story it self.

    • Dean Shepherd says

      I agree totally! Never missed an episode either. Same for all the StarGate series and others like ;Almost Human’. What gives? If the BBC can make ‘Doctor Who’ for over 50 years and it’s more popular now than ever, how come these johnny-***-lately private sector cowboys can’t do the same?

      Maybe it’s because that is what they are – merely ‘private sector’ cowboys!

  5. Joe Shimoe says

    Honestly, I’m extremely excited to see where (and what) this show will progress into..!
    I have no doubt that, with the following that this show has, it will either get ‘picked-up’ by another entity, or kept right where it is! (..if for no other reason, than the money that it will generate.)
    Either way, I see it ‘metamorphosing’.. perhaps ‘evolving’ would be a better term, ..but it’s come to a point where the story has naturally offered up some extremely intriguing possibilities! Limitless options – really – at this point.
    Take note, Bean-Counters & Network Exec’s both, this is a win. But only if you keep it, and treat it with respect. (..much like a growing young person!)

    As my Grandomother used to say, ‘..don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater!’

    -Joe S.
    Ex-Industry Programming Dir.

  6. Mary T. Landor says

    Keep Warehouse 13 on. It is one of the best shows SyFy has and the actors are funny and charming. I always wait anxiously for each season to see what stunts they can come up with for each artifact. There are enough sports shows on cable now that I will not watch. So many good actors are tossed aside. Stop the corporate greed and keep the good, family shows. We, the people are speaking! Listen to us. Or will we have to resort to pulling our money back from the sponsors products. Maybe that is what we should do. The sponsors will listen when they start losing money.

    • Dean Shepherd says

      “So many good actors are tossed aside.”

      You have a point there.

      But that doesn’t just apply to the SyFy Channel though, does it?

      Oddly enough, I often find myself watching repeat of a TV series on the box and “googling” an actor’s name to see where they are or what they are doing now. Particularly (peculiarly maybe) Star Trek TOS; but most older films and TV programmes too.

      I find that more often than not the actors I look up on Wikipaedia turn out to be dead.

      • Dean Shepherd says

        What I meant was, of the more recent stuff, I’m surprised by how many actors are now dead.

  7. says

    I don’t understand why Syfy would end there best show … Warehouse 13 is the best why is syfy ending it……..going to stop watching syfy all together . Every time i get into a show on here syfy cancels it wth…. KEEP WAREHOUSE 13!!!!!!!

  8. JohnD says

    OH……OK I see the posting date of this story was May 2013….hell that was almost a year ago….Not sure how factual story is

  9. JohnD says

    I hate to see it cancelled. A great show. Family fun…..The article also said that season 4 was currently airing????/Where ????Not on SyFy……Makes me wonder about the veracity of the entire story

    • says

      Hey just letting you know you I went to a site and got to watch the rest of the last season of this show it is awesome and no one should miss it because this show was the best show I ever watched and even waited years when it ended on a season to make a new one http://www.primewire.ae/ is where you can find all of the seasons and even download them if you choose thefile link site one….I now have all 5 seasons on my harddrive so they can remove it off of TV but they cant take it away now that I can go back and watch them all over again :)

  10. Gayle Miller says

    I’ve enjoyed Warehouse 13, being a lighthearted fun series like Eureka. I’m disabled and look forward to recurring series. I wish you would reconsider dropping the fun and quirky actors that make this such a fun series to watch .

  11. fed up granny says

    Warehouse 13 is one of the few shows I feel comfortable sitting down with my whole family and watching. Practically anything else I have to watch first so that I know whether or not the kids can watch and if there are parts that need fast forwarded through. I find most shows just are not worth the mind pollution they emit.
    I am extremely disappointed to know that one of the only quality family friendly shows on tv is coming to an end.

  12. says

    I have an auto immune disease and I have been in the hospital 5 times for 2 weeks each time. Every time I was in there re-cooperating and just normal days I would watch Warehouse 13. It’s a great show that shouldn’t be cancelled. It go on for a lot longer and it needs too. I don’t why there’s stupid shows being renewed or being put on and their taking off a really good show like Warehouse 13.

  13. BuggNNout says

    I loved WH13 for the first 2 seasons but since they have turned it into the Claudia Show I have steadily lost interest. I’ll watch the last season but I don’t look forward to it like I did Eureka. And I agree with practically everybody else who has posted here: F**K the money-grubbing CEO at SyFy for replacing great shows with WWE and the other drivel like Ghost Hunters and Parawhatever

  14. Daughter Judy says

    I feel like most everyone else here. Bummed. Why cancel another good show ? The only good shows left are Lost Girl, from Canada and Haven if there is nothing else to watch. I will never understand what the WWE is doing on SiFi channel. This channel and what it represented is slowly dying.

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