We Are Men: Cancelled by CBS, Mike & Molly Returning

We Are Men canceled by CBSFollowing two low-rated airings, CBS has cancelled We Are Men and have pulled it from the schedule effective immediately.

We Are Men follows four newly single men as they attempt to help each other figure out the oppsite sex as they live in a short-term apartment complex. The sitcom stars Kal Penn, Chris Smith, Jerry O’Connell, Tony Shalhoub, and Rebecca Breeds.

For the immediate future, struggling 2 Broke Girls will slip into the post How I Met Your Mother timeslot and be followed by reruns of The Big Bang Theory. The fourth season of Mike & Molly will debut at 9pm starting November 4th.

It’s unclear if the cast and crew of We Are Men will complete their 13 episode order or what will become of the unaired installments.

What do you think? Did you like We Are Men? Are you sorry to hear that it was cancelled?

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  1. michael milton says

    the show was stupid. i found myself speeding though it when i watched the first episode. i was hoping to find a moment in the show that made me feel connected to it, but it never happened.

  2. Anonymous says

    This show was one of the worst new shows of the year, glad that it’s dead and something worth watching is coming back.

  3. Why Watch says

    It was doomed to failure, the promos made it look moronic. Have to tell you, I couldn’t watch one show. It wasn’t funny, it was dumb and it was insulting to my intelligence.

  4. Beaker says

    The cast made it unwatchable…especially Jerry O’Connell. He is so awful and I don’t know why people hire him. Okay…we get it…you were the fat kid in a movie from the 80s. Go away.

  5. Rose says

    I like We Are Men. I agree with Jennifer… you can’t develop characters in just 2 episodes. They should at least air the rest of the shows. And as for 2 Broke Girls… we stopped watching that after a few episodes last year. A comedy shouldn’t depend on “dirty” stuff just to get laughs. Also, I was VERY disappointed in Michael J. Fox’s new show and Robin William’s show. Buuuut, I do like the Millers!

  6. foolproof says

    Here’s what the people on this site just don’t get:

    If a show doesn’t get good ratings in it’s first or second episode, it’s a liability. There are companies spending money to keep producing it. Television is a business. You don’t dump money into a failing product.

    Also, the “they should give it a chance” argument is false. Why do you think people that didn’t like the first or second episode are going to keep watching in the hopes that it will get better? Especially when they may find something else they like instead.

    YOU may like it and think it’s great but the numbers show that YOU are the minority.

  7. says

    This was one of the better new comedies. I was getting into the characters. How can you have any character development in 2 shows that last 30min. Its almost like reading a book an stoping at the 2nd chapter. Had they taken the time to promote it, maybe it would have done better. Some of the stupid shows that are out there now just are not funny… Brooklyn 99 (stupid) Moms (boring) meet the Millers ( redo of Raymond) even the Crazy Ones ( to sporadic an bad acting)

  8. Jennifer says

    I agree with Silentone. The second episode was better than the first and CBS should have at least given it another couple of weeks at the very least. I think too many networks cancel shows too quickly. They want them to come out of the gate with massive ratings and don’t understand that sometimes the best shows on television are the ones that were a little shaky at first but managed to steadily improve. I do feel CBS was too quick on the cancel trigger here.

  9. Shaun says

    Very upsetting news. Recently worked several days on this show and the cast was so hardworking and down to earth, as was the crew. We just shot a super hilarious episode that I hope can be seen *somewhere* in the future. A favorite working experience of mine- everyone will be missed :(

    • Julian Robert says

      You are right Shaun – the show was judged on it’s title, before the pilot was even made, it was just getting hot and they have taken it off the stove!
      What a shame.

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