Wedding Band

Wedding Band TV show on TBSNetwork: TBS
Episodes: 10 (hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: November 10, 2012 — January 19, 2013
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Brian Austin Green, Derek Miller, Harold Perrineau, Jenny Wade, Kathryn Fiore, Melora Hardin, and Peter Cambor.

TV show description:      
This TV series follows the lives of four friends who spend their spare time performing in a wedding band called “Mother of the Bride.”

A perennial bachelor and the band’s lead singer, Tommy (Brian Austin Green) is sexy and stylish. He’s the life of the party on stage and in the bedroom. A bad boy with a good heart, Tommy’s philosophy and band credo is “Make it the big night, not just for the bride and groom, but for everybody.” He sometimes goes a little too far so it helps to have a great band to back him up.

Stevie (Harold Perrineau) is the new bassist in the band, but he’s also a seasoned vet who’s rubbed shoulder with all the greats in the music industry. A session musician for more than 20 years, Stevie has recorded with the who’s who’s of the music business. However, he’s never seen on an album cover because he’s never been an “official member” of a band — until now. He still records with today’s hit-makers, but he feels like a real rock star when he plays with these guys.

For every guy with a wife, kids and career, Eddie (Peter Cambor) is their guitar hero. Monday thru Friday, he’s a responsible dad and husband who juggles PowerPoint presentations, playdates, and occasional date nights. On Saturdays, he packs the amps and band gear into the mini-van and becomes a weekend rock god. He’s the one guy in the band who has to do the “check-in call” with his wife between sets. Eddie’s only solo time is when he gets to jam on stage. Once off-stage, he has to help his best friend, Tommy, get out of his own jams.

Barry (Derek Mille) has always been behind his brother Eddie -– on stage, in looks and popularity, even in age. Barry’s five months younger. From laser shows to pyrotechnics to rotating drumkits, he’s all about bringing the arena rock experience to black-tie events.

Ingrid (Kathryn Fiore) and Eddie’s two kids love it when their parents tell the story of how they met — she fell in love watching him perform at the first wedding the band ever played. The part of the story they leave out, however, is how they hooked up in the coat-check room during the father-daughter dance. Ingrid is willing to give Eddie a “hall pass” to play in the band on weekends, but he has to be careful about straying too far. She’s Seattle’s most-decorated CSI detective, which means her forensics skill set can pick up microscopic evidence of the raucous out-of-control situations Tommy often pulls him into.

Roxie Rutherford (Melora Hardin) owns Seattle’s premiere wedding and events planning firm, Rutherford Events. There’s nothing she won’t do for a client -– including shipping sand in from Fiji for an island-themed party. Roxie’s the person behind the most important moments and best nights in people’s lives. Roxie and Tommy are two strong alpha personalities constantly struggling over who gets their way.

Rachel (Jenny Wade) is the junior wedding planner who can’t seem to plan her own wedding. Despite being recently promoted, Rachel is still treated like Roxie’s personal assistant. With an unorthodox mix of neuroses and earthy sexiness, Rachel is torn between Rutherford and Tommy. She’s often forced to carry the stress from the band’s antics on her slender shoulders. And since Rachel has a hard time saying no, she tends to service everyone else’s life before dealing with her own.

Series Finale:     
Episode #10 — End of the World As We Know It
After a falling-out with Rutherford, the guys are recruited by Roxie’s rival event planner (and former assistant) Emily Corgy (guest Erinn Hayes) to play an “End of the World” party. The guys don’t feel good about the career move after learning Tommy and Emily have started dating. Worlds collide when they learn the event they’re scheduled to play has been double-booked with another “End of the World” party thrown by Rutherford. Even worse, it’s headlined by Mother of the Bride’s rival – the Def Leppard tribute band Armageddon It (fronted by guest Ken Marino). It’s a recipe for disaster.
First aired: January 19, 2013


What do you think? Do you like the Wedding Band TV series? Do you think it should be cancelled or renewed for another season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Mark Poovey says

    They really messed up with this one. I know they killed the show a long while back, I was just hoping something had changed because I miss it so much and so I did a search to see if it was going to be reincarnated or something.

  2. Anonymous says

    LOVED the show. It was the only tbs show we recorded and watched more than once. Bummed to hear it was cancelled. Hope it continues.

  3. Lou says

    Wedding band was insanely funny. Raunchy, silly, smart and quick. The best combination. I don’t think people had any idea and funny this show was. Evry one of the members. I wish So bad it would come back on.

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