Whodunnit?: Cancel or Keep the ABC Mystery Series?

WHODUNNIT? cancel or keep?Since June, ABC has been airing a murder mystery reality series called Whodunnit?. Has the show been making a killing in the ratings? Should the network cancel or renew it for a second season?

Whodunnit? follows a group of 13 contestants who have been invited to stay in a Beverly Hills mansion. Guided by host/butler Giles (Gildart Jackson), they try to solve the “murders” of other contestants, uncover the killer’s identity, and survive long enough to ultimately win a $250,000 prize.

The show debuted on June 23rd to a 1.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 4.05 million total viewers. It wasn’t a very impressive start and the second episode’s ratings dropped more than 20%, to a 1.0 rating and 3.19 million viewers. The numbers have stayed at roughly those levels ever since.

The ratings are pretty lousy but the small audience has remained consistent and loyal. While ABC could justifiably cancel Whodunnit?, something tells me they may give it a second chance anyway.

The network sometimes decides to give struggling shows a bit more time. For example, they could have cancelled Shark Tank after one season but decided to stick with it instead. Their patience was rewarded and it’s grown into a hit show on Friday nights. Whodunnit? might be lucky as well.

But, what do you think? Should ABC renew Whodunnit? for a second season or should they cancel it instead? Have you been watching each week?

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  1. Amanda Bing says

    Bring it back and soon please my daughter doesn’t really watch TV but she loved whodunit we loved watching it together please bring it back we even had a family show night with my family so please bring it back please

  2. Epicity SAS says

    Dear Mr Zuiker,

    Your show is awesome and you bring it back, but if you don’t, it’s ok. I will remember this show forever and I will love it just as long. More power to you.

    Yours faithfully,
    A fan

  3. Syd says

    Please don’t cancel!! It’s my favorite TV show to watch during the summer. Between this show, and Big Brother, my summer is packed with awesome drama!!
    Please consider bringing it back.

  4. Kira Doran says

    this is my favorite show and i am very angry/dissapointed that it might be canclled. many viewers like watching this show and will be very angry if it is cancelled. you should give the show a second chance and then see how it goes. you cant put a show on for 1 season and then take it off… give the show a second and chance and i bet it will get better ratings. me and a lot of my friends like this show and will be very sad if its cancelled. i suggest putting this show back on tv. look at all the comments above about not wanting you to cancel the show. your not really going to let down all these people by canceling the show, are you? maybe some better advertising would help get more veiwers? 3.19 million viewers isnt much but its not to little either. personaly there are some shows on ABC that can be taken off rather than whodunnit. the bachelor is stupid in my opinion you should’nt have to go on a tv show just to find love. thats silly. i mean really? i understand everybody wants love but going on a tv show to find it? that just shows that you are desperite. Bring back whodunnit!

    Kira doran, 11

    • Anonymous says

      It’s been cancelled and has been for 2 years now and they may not bring it back as they don’t care about whatever we say. You can beg to them all you want but it will be as effective as sitting about doing nothing at all.

  5. Katie hensler says

    Whodunnit is my all time favorite show please don’t cancel it I have everybody I know watch it every week. I have never found a show like whodunnit its so different and amazingly entertaining

  6. anonymous says


  7. Anonymous says

    I love this show so much!!!!!!! Why cancel such a good show are they crazy!!! I love every show especially survivor, but this one is my favorite out of everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEASON 2 SEASON 2 SEASON 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Anonymous says

    his is one of the only tv shows i watch, it was a very unique and different show, i think where abc messed up was on the advertising, it needed to advertise whodunnit alot more, when i watched a commercial on this last summer, it did NOT catch my attention, and one sunday night i was channel surfing and came to abc and watched whoddunit for a while, now look at me, im HOOKED On this show, it would not b smart of abc cancled this one of a kind show, it needs better commercials and advertising, i really hope it gets renewed!

  9. Nicole says

    This show is amazing. This is my favorite show. Don’t cancel it. It always leaves me on the edge of my set.

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