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  1. says

    Nbc shouild really think about what shows are best for the poeple . instead they take the good shows off and put really bad shows on. What a really great way to sell out .

  2. Lani says

    I was enjoying the show Journeyman, but as usual, NBC has cancelled it WHAT A SHOCK! I agree with Mike I think I’m going to stop watching NBC shows.

  3. Mike says

    I think I’m going to stop watching any NBC show. Everytime I enjoy a show they yank it away. NBC is the worst network.

  4. Sheila says

    NBC has made an extremely poor business decision in cancelling Raines & Crossing Jordan. The folks making the decisions there really ought to think about retiring.

  5. Anonymous says

    Deeply disappointed with NBC’s decision to cancel so many of the best shows: Third Watch, Crossing Jordan, Raines. And with the decision to bring Medium and Law and Order mid-season. The possibility of ER being done halfway through the year? Been trying to be a loyal NBC fan, but they’re making it EXTREMELY DIFFICULT.

  6. Toni Truesdell says

    I was glad to learn that “Medium” will return in January 2008. I only wish it could have been sooner. It is a well acted, smartly done series that broadens our thinking beyond the here and now. Toni

  7. Anonymous says

    I can’t believe NBC canceled Raines and Studio 60. Two of my favorite shows. I don’t even get involved with tv shows anymore becuase they get canceled for a “scripted” reality show. Any suggestions on who to email directly?????

  8. says

    Hey as many people on the blog are probably from the US, i thought i’d voice my views on STUDIO 60. Why cancel one of the best well made and acted shows on tv. As a fan of west wing, this has been funny, engaging, and very much stimulating. The show has approx 7 million viewers and thats not enough. Consider a second season, let it grow into something more. The stars the actors, the writting staff, this should go further. Its a shame to see it go, i guess i will just watch heros afterall. What a Bloody Pity!

    Glasgow, Scotland

  9. Mel says

    Of all things…you cancelled Raines and Studio 60? The two most intelligent shows on NBC? Even my wife was hooked and she hates dramas. Is it possible the execs at NBC have “brain damage?” Back to CBS!

  10. Sheila Bowler says

    Where is Law & Order? What/s The matter with you people at NBC? Criminal Intent is now on USA. SVU is back on Tuesday nights. Where the hell is Regular Law and Order? I’m waiting. I need an answer.
    Long time fan. Sheila in Milwaukee.

  11. Bea Katrice says

    This show has some character and shows how people can care for each other under very stressful situations. The on screen people are a family who pull for each other. The program shows how one can still have heart while working under such harsh circumstances. To take a show off the air that is working is hard to understand especially if you compare with CSI-Miami which has such high ratings. That show no one cares for the other one and it shows clearly. The plots on that show are dull because of the lack of personal charisma. Leave a show on the air that is working and has a following.

  12. sofie says

    there is only one word to describe nbc’s decision for cancelling crossing jordan….and that word is STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID!!!!! crossing jordan is like the best show ever!!i’ve been watching it since the start and i miss it soooooooo much!!!!i think its so stupid to cancel good shows like crossing jordan and for what? dumb reality shows?? well nbc let me tell you something people watch tv to escape reality not see it when they turn on the tv!! the whole point of tv is to sit, relax and watch your favourte shows and just for a while forget about reality. and reality shows dont have as high ratings as you think they have. so BRING BACK CROSSING JORDAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Joe says

    I hate to see Crossing Jordan go. I loved that show and never missed an episode. They need to get rid of half of the reality tv shows. 90% of them suck. Bring back Crossing Jordan. I do watch Law & Order and Law & Order SVU. Maybe NBC will see these post and realize that they have canceled some of the wrong shows. BRING BACK CROSSING JORDAN. About raines I have no idea. I have never seen it.

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