2008 – 2009 Cancelled TV Shows: Eight CBS Series That Won’t Be Back for 2009 – 2010

The UnitCBS has announced their new schedule for the 2009 – 2010 season. The network has the most viewers overall so they don’t have to make a lot of changes. But, because they’re in such good shape, they can still afford to shake things up a bit. That means dumping some shows whose ratings weren’t too bad.

The network has also picked up Medium which was cancelled by NBC. CBS says that they’re targeting a younger demographic next season but their choice of new shows doesn’t wholly reflect that philosophy.

With the largest number of returning shows of all five networks, CBS has renewed 48 Hours, 60 Minutes, The Amazing Race, The Big Bang Theory, Cold Case, Criminal Minds, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, Flashpoint, Gary Unmarried, Ghost Whisperer, How I Met Your Mother, Medium, The Mentalist, NCIS, The New Adventures of New Christine, Numb3rs, Rules of Engagement, Survivor, and Two and a Half Men.

Returning this Summer are Big Brother and Million Dollar Password (which is unlikely to return for season two). New series for the Summer months include Do You Trust Me? and Jingles.

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Next season, the Tiffany network has a fair number of new shows on the way as well. They include Accidentally on Purpose, Arranged Marriage, The Bridge, The Good Wife, Miami Trauma, Three Rivers, and Undercover Boss. You can also expect the NCIS spin-off, NCIS: Los Angeles.

And now, for the shows that won’t be back next season. Interestingly only a couple of these had really bad ratings. When you’re at the top of the heap, you can be choosy.

Eleventh Hour
A brilliant biophysicist helps the government investigate strange cases. The ratings weren’t too low and the show has a devout following but CBS execs cancelled it after 18 episodes.

The Ex List
A psychic tells a young woman that she’s already dated the man of her dreams and, if she doesn’t marry within a year, she’ll always be alone. The series was pulled after four installments but all 13 episodes were completed for a possible DVD release.

Game Show in My Head
A hidden camera show from Ashton Kutcher in which everyday people perform crazy stunts in public to try to win up to $50,000. The show enjoyed a brief eight episode run in January and won’t be back with more.

Harper's IslandHarper’s Island
This murder mystery show started out pretty strong but quickly lost viewers. CBS is burning off the existing 13 episodes on Saturday nights. If there was going to be another season, it would have revolved around a new mystery.

A drama that follows three families in the swinging seventies. CBS ran it during the summer months and it attracted a small but devoted audience. The network tried to find another outlet for season two but couldn’t.

The Unit
This beloved military drama followed the lives of both a special forces team as well as their family members at home. A victim of cost-cutting measures, Dennis Haysbert and company won’t be returning to fight again.

Without a TraceWithout a Trace
This venerable crime drama about the FBI’s New York Missing Persons Squad is about to go missing itself. Due to budget cuts and sinking ratings, the show won’t be back for season eight.

Worst Week
Thankfully, we got to see unlucky Sam and his bride have their baby together. Unfortunately, we’ll never get to see if Sam’s klutziness is hereditary. The show has been cancelled after 15 episodes. There was talk of renewing the show as a cheaper, multi-camera sitcom but it didn’t work out.

Will you miss any of these cancelled shows? Has CBS made any mistakes or have they gotten these right? See any they shouldn’t have renewed but did? Please don’t forget to leave your comments below!

Note: CBS later changed the name of new series Miami Trauma to Miami Medical.

Here are updated cancelled/renewed listings for the five networks: ABC | CBS | The CW | FOX | NBC

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  1. says


  2. Elaine Balke says

    I know I’m a little late but someone made the worst discision on taking out The Unit!!!! In my opinion, it’s the ONLY show worth watching on TV these days!!!! Very disappointed!!!

  3. kenneth eckenrode says

    to little too late.but you make a big mistake taken The Unit off the air.It was one of those shows that made you proud of our Armed Forces.AND hate those who cancelled it.

  4. linda w says

    pleasekeep miami medical on cbs . it is the best medical drama since ER…every good show is taken off , put it in a different time slot and has a chance . i looked forward to watching miami med after a hard week and was reallly able to sit and relax with this really good show……

  5. Anonymous says

    Please put The Unit back on TV, this was one of the best shows ever. There’s so much on TV that’s horrible, I can’t believe a terrific show like this could be cancelled.

  6. Mike says

    Bring back the unit. The idiot that cancelled the show should be fired n made to pay back all the money he or she made from CBS. Cancell ghost whisper n median stupid shows like that. Bring back the unit.

  7. Anonymous says

    Can’t believe The Unit got canned. It was the only show that I looked forward to watching, on the entire CBS line-up. I guess it’s their way of saving money. Personally i’d rather own one Harley, instead of 12 Vespa’s. Just saying, BIG mistake, CBS, BIG mistake

  8. rodney says

    i think cbs is making a very big mistake cancelling the unit. they have already cancelled the agency and e-ring without any reason. cbs is the only network we watch but i am begining to get upset with there way of handling there programing. i know they could care less what one person thinks, but i have talked to a lot of people who are upset with some of the shows they are cancelling.

  9. says

    I am still upset that Without A Trace is off, gone, banished, disappeared, bamoosed, axed. I LOVE LOVE LOVED that show, isn’t there anyone else out there that would like to see it return? Please say so

  10. andrea canberg says

    The Unit was one of the best shows on TV. I really miss the show and the characters. It is a shame it was cancelled. They should make a movie.

  11. says

    I am so glad that you are keeping Meduim, I am also a sensitive person who has seen a spirit who has been pushed down on the floor by an evil entity. I dream also, not to that extent and I do not see people who have passed at this time. Thank you for keeping the show I really look forward to it

  12. Jennifer Cartwright says

    Pleasae don’t cancel Ghost Whisper. I watch or dvr it every Friday night. Before I had dvr, I scheduled events and outting with friends around that show.

  13. Chilla says

    I could not believe that the Unit is gone! It is an awesome show. It just didn’t show back up on CBS. I was floored.
    And Without a Trace was awesome, too. I like how they showed how you find missing persons. And it’s believable also. Sometimes they are found alive and some times not, but it’s real.
    You can most certainly take off Medium. I can’t stand that whiny voice of that Arquette lady. The show is terrible.
    And I agree with the other viewers. Too many reality shows. How many times can you go around the world and/or be stuck on some crummy island and back-stab your fellow “playmates”?
    I can certainly hope that CBS is using the ratings as a scape-goat and the American viewers are NOT the reason these shows have been cancelled.
    Oh, by the way, putting on a 5-year old (not so cute)boy that has died black hair was the worst idea CBS could have had for Ghost Whisperer. I just wonder, where is he when Melinda is out helping the ghosts and Daddy is at work? Not very realistic at all.
    I loved the previous sesons of Ghost Whisperer. My 17 year old daughter was killed in a car accident and it helped me through alot of sadness. I cried at almost every episode.

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