666 Park Avenue: Cancelled Because of One Million Moms?

666 park avenue cancelledIt was revealed yesterday that ABC had decided not to order any additional episodes of 666 Park Avenue. The show may not be technically cancelled but all acknowledge that it won’t be back. Thankfully all 13 episodes that have been produced are expected to air.

Before the show even premiered, One Million Moms (a site started by the conservative American Family Association) urged their readers to write to ABC to “strongly encourage” the network to cancel their plans to air the program. “Let them also know you are prepared to join thousands of other voices in urging advertisers to place it on their ‘do not advertise’ list and consider pulling all ads from the ABC network in protest.”

A later post lists some of 666 Park Avenue’s sponsors and encourages readers to email them in protest directly; Johnson & Johnson, Egg Beaters (ConAgra Foods), KFC (YUM Brands), Subway, Revlon, Colgate Total (Colgate-Palmolive), and Macy’s in protest of their commercial support.

666 Park Avenue TV show supportWednesday’s post claims victory, stating that none of the sponsors of the first episodes were seen advertising on later installments. The post urges readers to email their distaste for the program to other sponsors; Petco, Clorox, Outback, Dyson, Dairy Queen, and Red Lobster (Darden Restaurants).

While it was most likely just poor ratings that sank 666 Park Avenue, do you think that the protests to the network and their sponsors influenced ABC’s decision? Share your thoughts below.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Anonymous says

    I liked this show. And again, another program cancelled that I enjoyed. Do I have bad taste? Or should I stick to cable and avoid disappointments.

  2. Gene Straubmuller says

    ABC, you are clueless! You market shows with substance, good acting, then take them off the air as we’re all getting interested. I watch television to be entertained and to see the outcome of how the plots will unfold and subsequently end. That’s why I enjoyed “Lost”and also watch sports. The garbage you put on TV is horrible to say the least. I know reality shows don’t cost much, but most of these shows deserve “the hook”! You have done this to me before and I guess my only response to you is to go to the HBO’s of the world and enjoy their shows!!! Total discussed!!!

  3. kia says

    please keep this show on TV we look forward to it every Sunday the best show around remind me of I show I use to watch Dark Shadows when I was a young girl something I was addicted to like this show

  4. kia says

    no do not cancel we love the show it’s the best show on TV every Sunday we watch it it reminds me of dark shadows it’s great

  5. Gena Rutledge says

    I LOVE this show, it should not be cancelled! There are alot of other controversial shows out there that if you want to start canceling shows bc of their content we need to take them off the air too!! Sure put it on another channel, do not cancel it, great story, great acting, great actors!! Supers sad!!!

  6. says

    I just got done with my holiday stuff and finally got to watch the last episode on my on demand and I am quite disappointed to hear that I might not see the rest of the season. It is one of the few shows that I do watch on abc anymore and with that said I don’t see much else other that castle which your network may be good for me to be concerned with. I do hope that abc will reconsider canceling this show it pretty much replaced desparate housewives for me.

  7. Jean says

    I am upset that they cancelled this show…I thought it was very well done, and most likely because the actors were incredible in their parts. No I don’t think the finally answered all questions, they left plenty to explore. The female lead was incredible.

    I do think that having Whoopie Goldberg as one of the voices of closure was a mistake, but now knowing that the show would be canceled I can understand it. I see her as more comedic and it just brought the movie “GHOST” back to mind. There were a few other story lines that I didn’t think added to the suspense, but any discovery Jane made held my interest. First Moonlight and now this one…I hope we can at least catch reruns so I can record some of it. At least we got a season’s worth.

  8. Anonymous says

    This is the best show on TV besides “Revenge”. I am not the only one that feels this way. There is finally a great show on and you want to cancel it for what reason? I am so tired of all the rotten shows they are putting on TV. I don’t even care that it is on Sunday at 10pm.The stupid comedy shows and the reality shows are making me sick. I am not alone with this. I am fb my friends on this. I guess I will be watching cable.

  9. Stephen Joiner says

    EVERYONE has a right to protest whether you like it or not. Those who are upset with the protest of this show, then protest when they do not like something. There is nothing wrong with telling a Network that you do not like their product. Then it is their decision as to what to do.

    • Anonymous says

      I’m so upset the show is canceled . My lineup on tv was revenge . Then 666park ave . If you didn’t like it don’t look
      At it . Please bring it back !

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