7th Heaven: Cast & Crew Pay Their Respects

Stephen Collins and Catherine Hicks of 7th HeavenAs fans of 7th Heaven know all too well, it’s hard to say farewell to a long-running and beloved series They’ve done it once and now have to do it again. The drama was cancelled last year but was resurrected just days after the tearful series finale aired. Heaven’s been cancelled again and, unless there’s a direct message from God to the CW, it looks like the cancellation will stick this time around. Viewers will lay 7th Heaven to rest with the series finale on Sunday May 13th. The cast and crew have gotten a headstart.

According to EOnline’s Korbi Ghosh, the loved ones of 7th Heaven recently gathered to say their farewells to the series — in a real cemetery! Guests arrived in black for the mock burial that was held in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Hollywood, CA.

At the funeral, series creator Beverly Hampden’s favorite choir performed in honor of the series and then Stephen Collins, who played the Reverend Camden in all 242 episodes, delivered the eulogy. He spoke of the series’ accomplishments and of those of its family — including a camera operator who became a director and a retired grip who spent his final 11 working years on the close-knit series.

Among those in attendance were Hampden, Catherine Hicks, Beverly Mitchell, Haylie Duff, the Brino kids (who played the youngest Camdens), Sarah Danielle Madison, and of course, Happy the dog.

Hampton told Ghosh, “I guess I should be very sad to see the show end. But really, if anyone was part of this experience for 11 seasons and feels anything other than grateful and happy to have been a part of it, then take a look around [the cemetery]… Things could be worse.”

The gathering was likely held to give the cast and crew a proper chance to say goodbye to each other. The series had not yet been cancelled when the final episode was wrapped in early March.

But, why a cemetery? Hampden explained, “This show seemed to have a life of its own, and now that it’s over, I thought it should have a proper burial.”

The show will be in good company as the cemetery is the final resting place of many Hollywood stars. Residents include Don Adams, Mel Blanc, Cecil B. DeMille, John Huston, Tyrone Power, and even silent film actress Janet Gaynor. Gaynor starred in the 1927 Seventh Heaven movie and won the very first Academy Award for Best Actress for her work in that picture. A proper resting place for the show indeed. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. dixie isbell says

    I was sad when I realized 7th Heaven would not be on the air. Please, Please won’t you bring it back as I have only been watching it for a few months and it is without a doubt the best series I have ever watched.

  2. Doris Foote says

    I really loved 7th Heaven with all the situations they had to do with real life. However, there is this comic I read in our paper called “For Better or For Worse” by Lynn Johnston and was wondering if this could be made into a good family television show like 7th Heaven. It’s about a young family whose husband is a dentist and they have 3 kids; Micheal, Elizabeth, and years later, April. I think this would be a hit.
    Thanks for your time. Mrs. Foote

  3. says

    I love 7th Heaven it was and is the best show ever!!! i leard a lot out of that show. I look up the those acters, I had water in my eyes when the show went off the air in the last show. I saw Beverly or lucy in Nashvelli last summer, and concert to i cried i was so happy to see her sing . I got a **** of her, a key chan and a mouis pad of her i got to meet her to, when it was about to leave i ran by t give her a huge!!!!!!!!! i just really really want the show back on the air someday making lots od new shows so please put it back on!!!!

    always ♥

  4. says

    The CW has really lost a lot of good shows, as well as, Everwood, orginally I couldn’t wait for Sunday night for 7th Heaven and then Monday night for Everwood. 7th Heaven could have gone a million different ways with story lines, all my relatives asked what happended? All I can figure is no one had pull like Aaron Spelling to keep this great show going, and I am positive I am right. The only other thing is the young kids on the show wanting more money than Steven Collins and Catherine Hicks, which is just ridiculous, they need to earn it just as the others did in there career. If money was the problem, I find it quite sad for the world.

  5. Mikki says

    I can’t believe that the show is cancelled!!!! I love love love 7th Heaven, they were a family that dealt with the same issues as any other family and didn’t try to fix it with hollywood glamour and fluff. Please please don’t take this show away nothing else can take its place!

  6. chrissy says

    There is nothing worth watching on tv anymore. This felt like family. I wish there were someway to bring it back. There should be something that can be done to bring back family viewing. There are so many areas of this show that can be built into many more seasons or even spinoffs. Why are networks not trying to work out something to keep this going? It is truly sad.

  7. April says

    Why did they have to take 7th Heaven off air and subject us to the trash that is left remaining on TV? I don’t understand why they like to take the good shows off and leave the bad ones on. It just doesn’t make sense. C’mon Hollywood, get it together.

  8. ww says

    did daddy die in the finale epsiode did the whole famly did when that guy tha angel? i thought? came onboard the rv as s ymbol of them all dying or just daddy?/let me KNOW!!!!

  9. Nicky says

    Okay well i just wanted to let you know that i am 15 years old and i have been watching this show since it started. I love this show to death ! It helps me get through things and i want to be a minster. They inspire me. You can’t take this show away. Please im begging you !

  10. Tameka says

    I’m honestly just disappointed in the CW. They’ve cancelled my favorite shows. Like Veronica Mars, All Of Us, Gilmore Girls & now 7th Heaven. I’m just really abgered & disappointed.

  11. says

    I am a Grandmother of 3. My Grandchildren and I gathered together each week to watch our favorite show(Seventh Heaven). It was always with excitement that we watched the show and then discussed what might happen next week. We have had so many happy years doing this, we never missed an episode.
    For me, I learned so much. It taught me patience and how to listen to my children. The love that was presented on the screen through the Camden family, helped me be more loving and forgiving in my own day to day living dealing with young people.
    Annie and Eric Camden taught me the most important thing in my life, and that is to “Listen” to my children. They might not tell me what I want to hear, but it is their right to express their opinion, and their right to have me let them say it and have me listen to them.
    So I am asking you to please rethink your decision about canceling the Camdens show. It is the most valuable show on television, in presenting a childs and a young adults right to being heard and a parents “duty” to listen to them.
    Please give the Camdens back to us. They really do belong to the world with their sweetness.

  12. Monica Marciel says

    I’m sad to see 7th Heaven leaving. I’ve watched it from the beginning. This is the kind of shows TV should have. I was really wanting to see what was going to happen with Martin and Ruthie.

  13. William Smith says

    I’m sorry to see the series end. It seems to me that you could develope all sorts of new stories, especially if Eric’s alter-ego, this black man named Stanley, were along for the ride. But, if this is the end, thanks for a lot of enjoyment.

  14. Hazel Eyez says

    i can’t believe you guy’s are taking the best show on t.v. away from me. i have loved this show since it first began in 95 and now i feel like the only thing worth watching on t.v. is just gone now. aww why cant you guys just keep it going forever….oh one more thing why isn’t Ruthie with Martin, everyone knows they belong together!

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