A Gifted Man: Cancelled, No Season Two

season two Gifted Man canceledPatrick Wilson and company won’t be back for a second season. CBS has cancelled A Gifted Man, their low-rated Friday night drama.

Revolving around a talented but arrogant doctor who’s visited by the ghost of his ex-wife, A Gifted Man ran for 16 episodes on CBS. The show features the talents of Wilson, Jennifer Ehle, Margo Martindale, Liam Aiken, Julie Benz, Pablo Schreiber, Rachelle Lefevre, Afton Williamson, Eriq La Salle, and Mike Doyle.

The TV series got off to an unimpressive start back in September, registering a 1.4 rating in the all-important 18-49 demographic with 9.45 million total viewers. In week two, the demo fell 14%, to a 1.2 rating.

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The numbers for later episodes fluctuated up and down — even occasionally outperforming the series premiere — but were never very strong. For the show’s final few episodes, CBS moved it into the 9pm timeslot but it didn’t do as well as previous timeslot occupant CSI: NY.

The last episode of the season (and series aired) on March 2nd and was Gifted Man’s best overall series performance, registering a 1.5 in the demo with 9.70 million total viewers. On our CBS Ratings Report Card, which measures the relaive success of shows on the network, A Gifted Man had a “D-” rating right from the start.

In Gifted Man’s former timeslot, CBS tried airing episodes of reality series Undercover Boss. It performed significantly better and cost much less to produce. Gifted Man’s fate had been sealed.

What do you think? Are you sorry to hear that Gifted Man won’t be back for a second season? Why do you think this series didn’t catch on? Did you like or dislike the “supernatural” aspect of the series?

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  1. afan says

    I love the show “A Gifted man and am very disappointed that there won’t be a season 2. The chemistry between the cast was outstanding and the show was simply captivating. I am fine with the supernatural aspect of the show and hope that CBS would reconsider. I agree that good quality programming does not seem to be the aim of CBS. This show had everything, a great male lead and supporting cast, drama and everything it needed to hold an audience; I really don’t understand why this show is being cancelled! Disappointing!

  2. Mortimer Snerd says

    Just watched the season over a couple days, loved it, watched when I should have been doing other things. I was floored when I found out out the show didn’t get picked up. Those who would have been interested in the show were getting dressed to go out during that time slot. Margo Martindale slays, Eriq La Salle did his best work ever as well as Patrick Wilson. Rhys Coiro’s character was slow out of the gate but made up ground by the turning point. Stand-up cast all around, well, maybe Jennifer Ehle shouldn’t be resurrected as nearly departed.
    I have to admit, this show had my throat knotted and eyes welled up the most since “Saving Grace”.

    • Barbara & Jim Aquino says


  3. Non Gifted Man says

    I hardly ever watch TV shows but I did record every epsisode of The Gifted Man due to working nights, one of your best series ever. Just bring it back please.

  4. Mary Ann and George Bednar says

    My husband and I looked forward to watching every episode and we looked forward to another season. We are very very disappointed that you cancelled the show and disappointed that whoever had the power to cancel the show did not realize what a good program they were supporting. We loved the actors and their acting and we loved the theme. We recommended the program to others. It is the type of show that makes young people think about being doctors and gives them good role models.
    I cannot tell you how upset we are that you did not want to do another season of the show. There is a wholesomeness about the story lines that is what young people and old alike need to see. We found it inspirational, exciting and very well done. Please reconsider making many more seasons.
    Thanks for listening!!!
    Mary Ann Bednar

  5. Me Me says

    I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, can believe that they cancelled the next series……I am soooo upset and pissed off, they are all brilliant actors and deserve to have a series 2. The people who did not like it, does not have imagination or taste……..please re-think your decision and let us see the 2nd series :-)

  6. carl says

    This is the 3rd series this year that my partner and me have followed and enjoyed. Not going to watch anymore American new series as they always end up cancelled. Grrrrr

  7. Beth Heitman says

    CBS finally comes up with quality programming, and then cancels the best show they’ve had in years. Great story lines, wonderful acting, and characters you care about.
    What is wrong with this world? Back to HGTV and The Food Channel.

  8. D Daniel says

    YEAH, RIGHT. Cancel an excellent family show. It figures, and now I can’t wait to see what garbage replaces it. If the shows don’t have profanity and sex, no matter how good they are, they get cancelled. We don’t allow garbage to be brought into our home, and we surely will not bring it in through the TV. Stop & listen to someone who has to use profanity in most every sentence they utter, and I will guarantee you that person lacks a command of the english language. A poor vocabulary, is usually a prerequisite to profanity, which is used to cover up the lack of a vocabulary.

  9. Sarah says

    I loved the gifted man. It was my all time favorite show I’ve ever watched. This is a disgrace that it was cancelled. Absolutely disgusting. But, I guess that’s why it was my favorite show, because all these other b.s. shows are still on the air.. It WOULD have to be one of the only shows acually worth watching that would be canceled. I’m furious. I’m so furious that I would refuse to watch anything else on C.B.S. I’m PISSED. I don’t want to watch a channel who is stupied enough to cancel the best show they ever had. That doesn’t say much for the intelligence of C.B.S. Look at the votes here.. 94% as of now say don’t cancel the show, are you kidding? and 3% say yes, cancel it and 3% no sure.. I don’t care what the viewer numbers showed.. people must just be busy, stupied, or watching it online instead of t.v.. I DEMAND YOU C.B.S. TO BRING OUR SHOW BACK ON! DONT BE STUPIED AND PISS YOUR VIEWERS OFF!!!

  10. says

    Having got to watch this series in the UK only recently and getting totally hooked. I am really upset to find that when I have seen episode 16 I won’t be able to see any more. Who a CBS is responsible for the stupid decisions it makes in cancelling all the best interesting shows

  11. d k f says

    I think it was a poor chosing on the part of CBS to cancel The Gifted Man program. It was very interesting and I enjoyed it every week. It seems to me that every time you get a program that entails to spiritual world you turn around and cancel the programming. This program was not only good in the spiritual aspect, but it also brought in the Historical value of Indian tradition. I think it is a shame that you cancel it and then try to promote the same type of program in the show Saving Hope, only with a female lead.
    It you ask me, the program you should be elimating is the past three years stale How I Met Your Mother.

  12. Doreen Derhak says

    I am very disappointed to hear that The Gifted Man has been cancelled . I really enjoyed the show, Just because it had a slow start why not give it a 2nd chance. You carry a lot of other shows that are silly or have no plot. Sorry to see this one go.

  13. Ima Nobody says

    I am so disappointed that A Gifted Man has been canceled, I loved that show. Does it not occur to these network executives that a lot of people record these shows on their pvr’s to watch later, either because they are not at home and don’t want to miss the episode or if they are like me they just want to avoid all of the commercials. For whatever reason they choose to record it means that their numbers do not count as part of the viewership to the networks and so a lot of people like us who love these shows are shocked to find them canceled and replaced by drivel. I for one am tired of losing all of my favorite shows.

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