Army Wives: Has Lifetime Ordered the Last Episodes? No Season Seven?

Army Wives endingLifetime hasn’t renewed Army Wives for a seventh season but has instead ordered 10 additional episodes for season six. The cable channel initially ordered 13 episodes last May and has now increased that number to 23 installments. Prior to this, the drama’s biggest season order has been 19 episodes.

According to Deadline, the cast and crew are currently filming the sixth season and this move will keep them in continuous production. Army Wives and Drop Dead Diva are the cable channel’s strongest shows and they understandably want to keep them going until they can launch other successful series. Last summer’s new dramas — The Protector and Against The Wall — weren’t big performers. One was cancelled and the other hasn’t been renewed yet.

The original Army Wives actors’ salaries expire at the end of the sixth season. By tacking on additional episodes, Lifetime doesn’t have to renegotiate with them to get more installments. The cable channel is supposedly offering each of the leads an increase of $10,000 per episode, far less than what they’d get if their contracts were renegotiated. The longer season will likely be broken up into two parts.

The cast and crew were expected to wrap season six by February which would have allowed the actors time to audition for new pilots. With Lifetime ordering 10 more episodes, pilot season will be long passed by the time they’re available. Sally Pressman has a holding deal with NBC that will have to be pushed back and Catherine Bell had been fielding offers from networks for new pilots.

It’s been suspected that season six is the show’s last. If that’s indeed true, Lifetime is getting as many episodes as they can out of the cast without having to renegotiate and increase their talent costs.

What do you think? Will there be a seventh season or is season six the end? How long should Army Wives go on?

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  1. Anonymous says

    Do to personal scheduling I was not able to watch Army Wives when it first aired. Right before season 5 started, I did a marathon on Netflix to catch up, I love the show!!! Please have a season 7. The door has certainly been left open at the end of season 6. So sign the contracts and let the cameras roll!!!!!

  2. Honey says

    As a NAVY wife of several (how many is not important!) I think that now that you have an awesome fan base and a solid format to the show, this could be a wonderful jumpstart to other aspiring actors/actresses out there. Many military families PCS or leave the military on a continuous basis. I absolutely love all the actors and actresses that helped build this wonderful show, but now they shouldn’t be stalled into not persuing other roles.

  3. ashlee says

    Army wives is without a doubt the best show on tv!! Lifetime has to make a 7th season its only right!! Ive been watching since day one and im hooked!! Please bring it back for another season!!!

  4. Belinda says

    I have watched Army Wives since the beginning and love this show. Please give us a Season 7. Everything is up in the air-what happened on the plane? Did it crash? How many survived and where did they go down? What happens with Gloria and Hector?
    What about Claudia Joy and her family? What happened to all the other families? Please don’t just end the show by killing everyone off and sending the other family to another post. There is too much at stake to not have a season 7. Please think of your audience and keep Army Wives and give us a season 7.

  5. Chassity says

    Army Wives has to come back for a 7th season! I have watched army wives since day 1 and i hate that they have now removed roxy and pamela but the show can still go on. I see a lot more happening after the finale! Please bring it back!

  6. Lissa says

    I agree with Louise. If there will be no 7th season the final episode is COMPLETELY INAPPROPRIATE!!!!! I have watched from day one of Army Wives and to have it end with a cliffhanger is NOT FAIR to the fans. We care what happens to the characters and I think I speak for all fans out there, if it HAS to end WE as DIEHARD fans deserve PROPER closure. Heres an idea for you all at Lifetime take Roxie, Trevor, Pamela and Chase’s characters do a spin off where Trevor takes Chase up on his offer for a job at his security firm.

  7. says

    There has to be a season 7.I have been watching army wives from the very start.It would be so ashamed to take it off the air after season 6.Every show I know has be cancelled, or replaced with something not interested, or boring that I do not watch.Army wives is a the best show.I even think it should go on as long as the viewers are watching.I think they should keep going with as many seasons as they can.

  8. jessica says

    im so mad that thats how they ended s6 i personally think that the show should go on untill they all meet back up i would like to see pamela on the show again this last episode was such a dissapointment and i think i speak for every fan when i say you need to air those other ten episodes ASAP! cant wait till the next episode of my personal favorite ARMY WIVES!!!!!

  9. anonymous says

    We were devastated with how this final episode ended! This is the only show we watch religiously every week, and we feel so sick that the network would end this amazing show on such a horrible note. This can’t be the end if you want to keep ppl watching your network. Have you no shame? What kind of thoughts does this leave in the minds of military families when you kill an entire plane load of brave soldiers? My God, this is so awful. Hopefully this is some type of sick cliff hanger and more episodes will be back to explain this. Otherwise, shame on you Lifetime :(

  10. Linda says

    I was an Army wife for many years. Watching this show is like reliving some of my memories. It is such an inspiration to many women. Please give us one more season. Don’t leave us with this kind of ending.

  11. Coral says

    I really think that you should continue with the show I am an actual ARMY WIFE and i can tell you that watching this show really does help alot of us expecially to deal with being like that and also to help Civilians understand more what we go through on a daily battle i love this show PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL IT

    • Alice says

      I used to love watching the show until this season. Its not the same show without Pamela and Claudia Joy. I don’t care for the gay couple. I am not gay so I don’t enjoy watching two woman being sexual. It just seems that every show that I start watching and like the writers eventual bring in the gay story lines.
      That is why we are watching more of GMC because they don’t promote the gay agenda.

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