Believe: NBC Sunday Night Drama Cancelled

Believe TV show canceledBo has some amazing abilities but unfortunately they didn’t help save her series. NBC has cancelled the Believe TV show after one season.

Believe revolves around a young girl who has special abilities and the adults who are trying to protect her. The cast includes Johnny Sequoyah, Jake McLaughlin, Delroy Lindo, Kyle MacLachlan, Jamie Chung, and Arian Moayed.

The series got off to a positive start, thanks to its premiere airing on a Monday night after NBC’s top-rated show, The Voice. Unfortunately only about 60% of that episode’s audience decided to tune in to watch the second episode six days later.

The ratings kept falling lower each week. This week’s installment of Believe drew just a 1.0 demo rating with 4.33 million viewers. Those numbers were just too low to justify ordering a second season.

On the positive side, it appears that NBC plans to order all of the remaining four episodes.

What do you think? Are you sorry that Believe hasn’t been renewed for a second season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    How is 4 million veiwers too low??? NBC is retarded and I will never watch their network again. SVU is really starting to suck, and they cancelled revolution and crisis, and now believe? I will continue to watch Chicago Fire and Chicago PD, but nobody will profit from it because I will no longer watch those shows when they air. I am a pirate, I will download them and watch them commercial free because I will no longer support the network that airs them. NBC cares nothing about its viewers, none of the networks do, the advertisers have a target demographic of 18 – 34 and thats where the ratings have to be. Well the advertisers a completely stupid because thier target demographic age does not have the money to buy their products. I know, im part of that demographic range, and most people i know in that range are rebels, if you interrupt our show to advertise your crap we will purposely avoid your stuff and buy from your competitors because they didnt interrupt our entertainment. So NBC has lost my veiwing and so has the CW. Whos next?

  2. Izzy says

    I admit it took me a few weeks to start watching my recordings of this show, but once I did, I got into it BIG TIME! Now its being cancelled??? The banter between Bo and Tate is just so sweet and touching. WHY OH WHY NBC? I beg you please don’t cancel it!

  3. Isaura says

    I watch Believe but to be honest I was getting a bit bored with the show. I was actually considering to stop watching it. Now that it’s cancelled the decision is easy.

  4. Douglas J. Beasley says

    Yes. I love this show and I believe it had potential. I am sad its gone just like Ironside and that show had so much potential but it only lasted 4 episodes. I wish another network would pick them up

  5. Kevin says

    I agree with most people, this was a great show. But why try and put money into something people enjoy, let’s start fresh with new sh*t, and hope people watch. Except for the Blacklist, goodbye NBC.

  6. Amy says

    I am beyond bummed that NBC cancelled Believe. Believe, along with Person of Interest, and The Blacklist are my favourite shows. No offense to Law & Order: SVU because I do watch it, but it has been getting stale for awhile now. They should have cancelled SVU and kept Believe and put it in that time slot. Stupid decision NBC!

  7. Dawn says

    I really hate to hear Believe is cancelled. Believe and Resurrection on ABC are the first shows I have watched on the major networks in a very long time(other than local news) in several years. Really bums me out. So long, NBC.

  8. vp44 says

    I, agree with Sue. NBC is known for it’s STUPID decisions, regarding their good show’s and they decide to keep the bad one’s. That is why I only watch 4 of the show’s that are on NBC. They are: SVU, Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D. and of course the Blacklist. Nothing else matters.

  9. Sue says

    Another good show from NBC canceled. They really must have their head up their ass. First the best show, Revolution, and now this one.

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