Ben and Kate: FOX TV Series Cancelled

Ben and Kate TV show canceledFOX has cancelled their low-rated sitcom, Ben and Kate. The network had been airing the comedy as part of their two-hour comedy block on Tuesday nights but the experiment has been a ratings disaster. Ben and Kate has consistently been the lowest-rated of the bunch.

Starring Dakota Johnson and Nat Faxon, Ben and Kate debuted in October to a mediocre 2.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 4.21 million total viewers. The sitcom lost more than 20% of its audience in week two and has been essentially dropping each week ever since. The show has often pulled in a 1.1 demo rating with about 2.5 million viewers.

The network is shifting the Tuesday night schedule around and is bringing Hell’s Kitchen back in March to fill the 9pm hour. While it appears that Raising Hope, New Girl, and The Mindy Project will get to finish their seasons, Ben and Kate has been pulled.

While FOX hasn’t confirmed that Ben and Kate has been cancelled, co-star Echo Kellum says it has. He tweeted, “My network and I just broke up. She is a great girl, and I’m glad she gave us a shot as long as she did. I’ll miss you. #fox #benandkate”

Series creator Dana Fox followed that up with, “I’m heartbroken but will get back to being funny soon. Thank you to everyone who made this the best experience of my life!! #benandkate”

There’s no word on when or if the network will air the remaining six episodes of the freshman sitcom’s 19 episode season.

What do you think? Are you sorry to hear that Ben and Kate has been cancelled? Was it a better show than the ratings indicated?

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  1. Paige says

    This was a cute, funny show that never got boring by the 5th or 6th show like most sitcoms do. Also, it was consistently funny. Even “New Girl” has had some “off” episodes. Ben and Kate, New Girl and Archer are the only shows my teenagers and I could watch together without one of them getting up to leave the room because they were bored.

  2. Amanda Lagham says

    My 7 year old and i loved watching this show. Very sad it got cancelled. There were alot of shows that got canceled that i miss and still do. Some were on other stations too. T.v these days is just crap its all about talent, singing and just shows that embarass people that is just stupid. I hate most of these shows i have better things to do than watch people on tv embarass themselves on national tv.

  3. Julie says

    This was such a fun show. The cast was enjoyable. It was just a nice show to sit down with the family and watch. I guess that’s why it didn’t make it. Heaven forbid they give us something to watch other than their cost-effective “reality” shows. And to replace it with Hell’s Kitchen … please!!!

  4. Sepideh Karimi says

    My sister and I loved this show!! The network just needs to advertise it more effectively. I’m sure if people were exposed to what it’s all about, there would be more viewers! At least finish the season.

  5. I loved this show says

    Fox cancelled The Finder too. It’s the quirky shows that are so good. Look at Munk, lasted forever, and people loved it! The Finder, and Elementary is something like that show and they are/ were good. I hope that Golden Boy is not going to be cancelled or I just have to NOT start watching any new shows. I’m still mad at ABC for canceling Pushing Daisys, Life on Mars, and Detroit 187!

    • E. says

      Loved pushing daisys, Detroit 187, the pie show (with guy who couldn’t touch ppl) October road, the finder, park ave 666, hell town ( I think that was the name, guy from the finder was the sheriff-ppl kept disappearing & many of the cast fromoctober road were in it)…oh BUT WE NEED MORE HOUSEWIFES OF WHO-THE-HELL-CARES LAND!!

  6. Tyson says

    Never watched this show when it was on but recently signed up for Hulu plus so I thought I’d check it out. I watched every episode in two nights! I laughed so hard I thought there was no way they wouldn’t bring this back! Then while on Imdb searching for when the show would be returning I see it has already been cancelled. I know I shouldn’t be surprised since it’s FOX but wow! TV has gotten to the point where it caters to the stupid and weak minded. Reality garbage everywhere you look and when the reality gets boring they just start screaming at eachother or causing problems within the families tearing them apart (just watch, Pawn Stars will end up like Orange County Choppers before you know it) all in the name of ratings. Thanks FOX for continuing your help in making America dumber.

  7. Estelle says

    I LOVE this show. Can’t believe you would cancel this sitcom. Funny, sweet, great characters!! Please think about this cancellation. Shows like these are what SHOULD be on the air – not the ridiculous “reality TV shows” that have lost their luster because they have been on tooooo long and do not have the creativity that a sitcom like Ben and Kate brings to the screen. Shame on you!

  8. Terrence Ross says

    I loved Ben&Kate! Thought it complimented the Fox Tuesday night comedy lineup perfectly. What about the remaining 6 unaired episodes? If there’s DVD, will they at least be added there? Sad to see it go. Quirky characters that love and look out for each other the best way they can. It was funny and refreshing. I know it’s all about the numbers but, “Booooo!” Fox on this one.

  9. nesha says

    I love love this show i am in the army so i have to watch all my fav shows on hulu do to being stationed in germany i am at a lost for words on how much i enjoy watching this show it was so hilarious i am going to miss ben n his crazy get rich schemes just when railroad fast food mall was taking off u took the show off…i think if tv would get back to real tv n writers really start writing again n not that fake reality tv bs more people would watch the good shows

  10. says

    Noooooo!!!! They can NOT CANCEL Ben & Kate !!! This show is so much better and entertaining to watch that ALL these STUPID “reality” shows ~ like American Idol !! Get some real genius back into T.V. entertainment ~ Everyone is a freakin’ singer now ~ GAH!

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