Better with You: ABC Sitcom Cancelled; No Season Two

Better with You canceled season twoABC has some successful sitcoms on their Wednesday night schedule. Unfortunately, Better with You wasn’t popular enough for the network. The comedy has been cancelled after one season on the air.

Better with You revolves around the Putney family and their significant others. Maddie and Ben have been happily dating for a long time and aren’t in a rush to get married. They begin to question their choice when Maddie’s sister gets pregnant by her new boyfriend and they announce their plans for nuptials. The girls’ parents approve of the idea, having taken on a carpe diem approach to life. The sitcom stars Debra Jo Rupp, Jake Lacy, Jennifer Finnigan, Joanna Garcia, Josh Cooke, and Kurt Fuller.

The TV series debuted back in September to a 2.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 7.86 million viewers. In week two, the ratings slide to a 2.2 rating and 6.99 million. Those aren’t terrible numbers but they aren’t great either, especially considering the series was sandwiched between two already established sitcoms, The Middle and Modern Family. Both of those consistently performed much better so it would seem that some viewers were making a conscious to tune out when Better with You came on.

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The ratings for Better with You slowly declined over the course of the season, hitting a season low a couple weeks ago with a 1.5 demo rating and 4.64 million viewers. While the sitcom now airs up against American Idol, The Middle does too, has a tougher timeslot, and performs significantly better.

With ABC considering starting a second night of comedy, Better with You was on the bubble for a potential renewal. ABC has now decided to cancel it, likely believing that they can get better ratings with a new sitcom.

All 22 episodes have aired and the series finale, “Better with Baby,” aired a few nights ago.

What do you think? Are you sorry that better with You isn’t getting a second season? Why do you think the sitcom didn’t attract a bigger audience?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. lena says

    Love the show! The title didn’t interest me at first. I thought it was just some romance drama series, but once I saw it, OMG I love it!!! Please don’t cancel it. It should be great sitcom like Friends series. 😀

  2. Anonymous says

    Should come back!!!! It was awesome! I miss it!! The final episode was full of suspense with Maddie wanting A baby now cause her sister had one!! Now it’s not one anymore…. Please bring it back!! I loved watching it!! :(

  3. Gonzalo says

    I think it is ridiculous that they cancelled Better with You. ABC dont know what they had. I am really sorry cause I really liked this.

  4. Chireen says

    Amazing show. It has really heart-warming story and VERY very good jokes that work in every culture!

    Bangkok, Thailand

  5. Daren Hobbs says

    This show was a classic. I don’t know why more people didn’t watch it. My favorite is the opening of how each scenario is handled by each generation. The young free love couple, the 9 year realationship unmarried couple(life valid choice) and the parents who have been married for years. Such great idea and wonderful writers for the show. I think it is time to bring them back. I love everyone quirkiness(sp?) and unique personality. The cast was extremely right for this show and the writers should have been recieving awards for such great writing. What an original show, please, please bring this show back.

  6. Jake says

    Better With You was SO GOOD! Me and my girlfriend always looked forward to the day where we can just sit back and laugh our @ss off. Please bring it back!!

  7. Daphne says

    .. We still miss Better With You…The shows ABC has launched since are TERRIBLE! Why don’t networks give shows a chance? Hell-I didn’t like “Friends”, “MASH”, or “Big Bang Theory” until about the 3rd season! They are all great but I didn’t care for them at first! Man…give shows a little time…frickin’ crazy

    • says

      I’m with you!, I HATED the big bang theory, I hated penny!, it’s now one of my favorites!, better with you was a great show idea!, no one has ever put it that way, 3 couples at 3 different stages in their relationships, and “kitty” (don’t remember her name) was hilarious! I love that woman! she makes everything funny!
      I hate that they cancelled it, I was so busy with school, work and my kid, so I recently started to catch up with my favorite series, I feel so disappointed!
      I think this one could’ve been a really good hit, long-term speaking.. they all start a little “blah”, and get great by the 3rd or 4th. season, I admit it sometimes bored me a little, but the team was great, so I kept watching it, I just KNEW it would get 1,000 times better on the next season
      I think this was a really dumb decision…
      The middle’s gotten so dumb lately… they’re giving us the idea that we should waste all our money on cable and junk, no matter how poor you are u.u

      what can we do to bring better with you back :(?

  8. Loretta says

    I definitely LOVED the show!! I have to agree that there seems to be a number of ABC shows that are cancelled that shouldn’t be. I don’t get ABC where I live, so I often discover the shows partway through the season and can only watch them online, but i still LOVE these shows.

  9. MashMash says

    I started seeing Better With You, and believe me, I finished all 22 episodes(first season being the only one) in two days!! I loved the show. The characters were great! Nicely crafted stuff. It has great potential. Not something i have seen on the screen. Please, hear me out, PLEASE get this back on air!


  10. Jim Davis says

    A lot of whether a show sinks or swims revolves around the writers. The best actors in the world can’t make a good show out of lousy writing. And to make up for it, the networks put a really annoying laugh track in there. No wonder not much lasts the first season.

  11. says

    Better with you, was a great show. i think i should just stop following all Abc shows till they are atleast 4 seasons up. I am extremely irritated with abc, i feel like i really want to ******* kick those mother ******* till they bleed and then kick some more. This is the third time they are canceling the shows i loved.
    Better Off Ted was another one of my favs they’ve canned. I really feel that they should change their ‘Cancellation or Success monitoring parameters’ as it clearly show that they are just a big bunch of frustrated, incompetent, over educated, ‘**** in suits’ who probably didn’t and wont get laid. Ever. And i pray the curse follows abc forever.


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