Bionic Woman: Has the NBC Series Been Cancelled?

Bionic WomanRumors have been running rampant that Bionic Woman has been canned. The cancellation certainly wouldn’t come as a surprise considering the show’s ratings history but are the rumors true?

Bionic Woman, as you probably know, is a remake of the classic action series that starred Lindsey Wagner in the 1970s. This new version debuted on September 26, 2007 and attracted almost 14 million people. Though anticipation was high for the series, it apparently didn’t live up to viewer expectations as the ratings fell with each subsequent episode. The last episode to be shown attracted just six million.

Series production was shut down because of the ongoing writers strike and only eight episodes have been produced and aired. Based on the ratings and the high expense of the show, it would seem that Bionic Woman would be a natural for cancellation. For whatever reason, NBC isn’t ready to throw Jaime Sommers on the scrap heap just yet.

An NBC Universal Media Studios spokesperson told TV Guide, “Bionic Woman has not been canceled. Production was shut down due to the WGA strike. In addition, we have not completed the initial 13 episode order, which will be the first order of business when the strike ends.”

Does this mean that the show is safe? Hardly. When the writers strike does finally end, the network will have to take a hard look at their schedule and their options for filling it. If the show’s ratings continue to fall, NBC will have no choice but to cancel it. The network’s parent company produces the show so canceling Bionic Woman wouldn’t likely be as expensive as prematurely dumping a series produced by another studio

Could the series’ ratings fall be turned around? Highly unlikely. After a whole lot of Summer promotion, almost 14 million tuned in to see the premiere and, for whatever reason, most of them haven’t stuck around. It’s not that people haven’t discovered the show — they saw it and just decided that it wasn’t worth their time. Once viewers do that, it’s nearly impossible to get them back. Will Jaime beat the odds? Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. says

    Um…. the orginal Bionic Woman series was from 1976-1978…. the only “80’s” versions was the TVM’s in 87 and 89… so there wasnt any 80’s Bionic Woman series.

  2. says

    I totally thought that the character of Jaime Sommers was straight up American. Why in the heck did the writers of the new version of the Bionic Women make her into a British version of the Bionic Women? Possibly, the reason they turned her into a Brit was because American men are attracted to British women, I think. I’m not attracted to British women when it comes to American characters that are being portrayed by British women who know nothing about the original character they are portraying on tv. So I hope that they cancle the new version of the Bionic Women: and also not show re-runs of the episodes from that stupid tv series, good riddens to that hunk of junk!!!

  3. Mario Silva says

    Well… I didn’t saw the 1980’s Bionic Woman… I wasn’t even born yet that time! I saw this new version of Bionic Woman and I liked it! It is not perfect, misses good stuff like a lot of bionic women fighting with tiny and sexy clothes hehehe Just kidding… The show was awesome, they should invest more on that, create more battle scenes, that’s what people likes! I hope the show comes backa again :)

  4. vic says

    The reason it had high ratings to start with was due to it’s original predecessor.Lindsay Wagner’s Jaime Sommers was a huge hit! So naturally some 30 years later it still has a huge die-hard fan base. I for one am a huge fan of BW & TSMDM. I tuned in to see this lame and horrible attempt to revive my beloved show that I just couldn’t get into. The entire premise and show in general lacks believability,heart and truthfully you couldn’t careless for any of the characters,especially the lead. She is nothing of what Jaime Sommers was! Jaime was compassionate,loving,real and above all fun to watch! She was so beautiful! Hope it was cancelled!

  5. keith says

    I think because of the writers strike the show suffered. Rework the show keep it in a family setting with simple family values an moral values and youll have a smash hit. Try it we will love it, dont over complicate things.

  6. says

    I think the show was perfect and so were the actors. At least it was a show you could watch where their wasn’t a nude4 person every five seconds and the good guy always wins. Please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. vic says

    In my opinion the new bionic woman was really bad! Reason so many people viewed the pilot was the loyality they have for the true original Lindsay Wagner’s version. The entire premise was changed! Yes i know it’s not a remake.That would have made alot more sense.Granted it’s been 30 years! It’s about time they brought back a great series that should had lasted longer! But for all of us who grew up watching the original in hopes that with all they can do in tv today,tv would be fun again.Only to be sorely disappointed! We loved the story of Jaime & Steve.The bionics,the bionic sound,the slow-motion running. I hate the bit about,”oh how cheesy the show was”. Give me a break! It was alot of fun! Cheesy is a lame attempt in destroying the real story line! Those kids who watch it in those days are in their 40’s and let me tell you they are very bright and down to earth people who are concern with the world that it is today. It’s a real mess! Tv shows are dark and boring and not at all fun. My kids are teens and younger and have watched the originals and love them. They too hate the new bionic woman. They said,”wow ,it’s really boring and if it’s not a remake then why is her name the same?”We’ve had so many tv show remakes that have left a bad taste in our mouths. Just stop if you can’t do them justice. Universal please release the originals,THE BIONIC WOMAN & THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN on DVD .So we can enjoy our classic shows and not have to watch the sad ‘remakes’…..

  8. Kat says

    Like many shows if it is not a pop culture icon or a new Buffy sensation, the stations are not willing to make it work. Remember Joss Wheadon ended every season of Buffy as if it could be the last because he know the A**holes in charge of the studios might pull the plug.

    Here is one for you, Blood Ties… canceled. Why? because it had a weak couple of airings. Did anyone take into consideration that it may have been Christmas? no… Not all shows are empty and lackluster like Temptation Island 2. Hey everyone lets sit around and watch people get drunk and act like morons.

    There is a place for television with a plot.

  9. david says

    I agree im tired of these networks just pulling a show cause they feel its not working why dont you ask the public because i dont think you are . how bout this put a poll on the shows website asking everybody who is watching the show to vote and comment on that show and get some ideas and feedback to do different things because we are the consumers and sooner or later you are going to lose us completley from your network because of these desicions you have made. at least finish shows before you cancel and give another network the opportuinity to pick it up instead of sitting on it so nobody can ever see it again (how selfish of you)

  10. Nelson says

    I enjoyed the fight scenes and the show as a whole..very different than the originale but that is what kept t interesting ..i can’t beleive it has been cancelled..will miss it.

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