Blonde Charity Mafia: CW Series Already Cancelled

Blonde Charity MafiaIt looks like the bumpy road is over for Blonde Charity Mafia at the CW network. The series has been dropped, for the second time. Will the show pop up elsewhere?

Blonde Charity Mafia is billed as a docu-series about a trio of influential and do-gooding young ladies in Washington, DC. The BCM — made up of Katherine Kennedy, Krista Johnson and Sophie Pyle — runs the social circuit in our nation’s capitol, from charity events to society parties.

The series was originally commissioned for a six episode season for Lifetime back in August 2008. Production began in September of that year. Sometime after that though, Lifetime scrapped plans to air it and the series was sold to The CW.

In April of 2009, the CW network announced that it would be airing Blonde Charity Mafia and Hitched or Ditched during the summer months. CW’s President of Entertainment, Dawn Ostroff, said, “We’re very excited to be launching original programming during the summer months for the first time. We want to keep this season’s momentum going by freshening our schedule with two new reality shows with fun, relatable concepts aimed squarely at our young female demo.”

That plan didn’t last for very long. Two months later, the network decided to delay the series until sometime during the 2009-10 season. The word was that it was just “too good” to run during the summer. MTV in Australia and New Zealand ran the show during August and September.

Now, the CW network execs have changed their minds once again. They’ve dumped the series altogether.

The news was delivered to the castmembers via an email from the producers. The Washington Post obtained a copy that said, “We just heard from the CW that they have officially decided not to air BCM. They have been very supportive and complimentary of the project, but they now have two other shows that are ‘home grown’ that they are choosing to air instead.”

The decision didn’t come as a total surprise to Kennedy. She’d previously been told by the network and producers that she was free to pursue other projects.

Kennedy told the Post that she was actually ready to move on with her life. She said, “Everything worked out for the best, and I am actually happy we aren’t airing here — no longer are we waiting with bated breath. Rumors surrounding the show brought attention to a lot of worthy causes in the area, which was my original intention for participating. As far as I’m concerned, we had the success we sought — and get off easy.”

Blonde Charity Mafia may still surface at some point in the future. The production company is reportedly searching for another outlet to air the series. Perhaps the third time will be the charm.

What do you think? Were you looking forward to seeing Blonde Charity Mafia? Which station should air it?

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  1. nicola says

    Hi, I think Blonde Charity Mafia is great I think its good that people who are well off want to help the less fortunate and give sometthing back to society and if that means organising charity events why not? charities are always pleased to get any type of donation a lot of people would not donate to charities off their own back so one of the best ways to get donations is to hold an event that other people would like to go to and enjoy. The girls all have their own personalities but Katherine is probably the most sensetive careing and organised and she is beautiful outside and inside Kristas ambitious but nice and sophie is quite naughty and gets bored easily probably the most free spirited of the three the show is mainly light hearted and entertaing so yes please can we have a lot more of Blonde Charity Mafia!!

  2. AM says

    I must agree with CC. In general it is for the better that this type of show is dropped.

    Charity is not about getting donations from sponsors, gathering people and partying to give away to those people what they got from the sponsors. The people pay money to participate, but for that they get gifts (from sponsors), some booze, and good times. It gives a misconception to the people that they are “donating” for a “good cause”… while the true givers are really the sponsors. The “real” charity amount made should be the participation fee collected MINUS the amount of donations from sponsors MINUS the party fee. How much are these girls really making in their “charities”?

    This type of show that spreads this kind of misconception on “charity” is best not to air. The people must realize they’re not really giving much, if at all. Besides, how could they think that the people in real need & pain would be happy to receive money from events where people are drinking and partying?

  3. RC says

    Not happy about this. KK’s words are wise and I agree that all the BCM hype caught the attention of local media and their charities were more publicized, but I still think it would’ve been great TV! Lets hope another network picks it up.

  4. CC says

    This ‘docu-drama’ and its cast has been the butt of jokes in DC since it was announced almost two years ago. It enjoyed only ridicule in DC for the lack of ‘reality’ in its content, and cast.

    The best salvage that the CW could have done was exactly what it did, sending it as far overseas as it could (it aired in New Zealand, off season, of all places .. and suffered through a very small audience there).

    good riddance .. bring on the salahi’s .. they have more ‘reality’ than this nothing group

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