The Boondocks: Has It Been Cancelled? Is Season Three the End?

BoondocksFans of the sometimes controversial Boondocks series are anxiously awaiting the May 2nd return of the animated Aaron McGruder TV show to Adult Swim. Unfortunately, their happiness may be short-lived.

The Boondocks revolves around a small family that’s moved from Chicago to the suburbs of Washington, DC. Young Huey Freeman (Regina King) is the voice of reason and is often mocked by his trouble-making eight-year-old brother Riley (King) and their “Granddad” (John Witherspoon). Others in the cast include Gary Anthony Williams, Cedric Yarbrough, Jill Talley, Gabby Soleil, Kevin Michael Richardson, Jim Meskimen, Carl Jones, DeRay Davis, Affion Crockett, and Corey Burton.

After a two year hiatus, it was announced back in December that the animated series would be returning soon. We now know that it’ll be kicking off season three on Sunday, May 2nd.

We recently spoke to Regina King and she told us that she recorded the season three episodes well over a year ago. She was amazed that, in spite of the long time away, that the audience continues to love the show so much.

When asked if there would be additional seasons, King said, “I know that, if Sony wants to do more, the audience will want to see more. But right now, I don’t have any idea. Sony doesn’t give us the impression that they like or dislike us so we” have to wait and see. But, the audience loves Boondocks and is constantly wanting more, more than any other project that I’ve done, and I’ve done a few, I get, more than anything ‘When is Boondocks coming back?'”

If a “leaked” trailer is to be believed then it’s sure to disappoint the show’s loyal followers. The extended trailer contains a line that indicates that season three will be the final season of the animated series. Take a look…

McGruder’s also been referring to season three as the final season and admitted that the end has more to do with him than Sony. He recently wrote, “Sony has officially asked me to STOP referring to it as the last season. Hilarious… I think it’s kinda too late, now…”

What do you think? Do you think the show is truly finished or that it could return somehow? Would you like to see the characters return in another form, like a feature film or direct-to-DVD movie?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. LoveHuey says

    Man I hope they don’t cancel this show its awesome and actually has meaning and its funny two unlike family guy and robot chicken that tries too hard to be funny they should keep the boondocks to at least ten seasons that would be awesome

  2. Anonymous says

    BTW, dave chapelle didnt leave cuz he was mad at some white dude. he left the show cuz the folks runnin it were being ridiculous, and he really doesnt like all the attention. my girl actually got a chance to see him a month ago – they only gave info bout the show a day early so only a few people come.

  3. Anonymous says

    Just on the off chance that McGruder is readin this…

    I’m sure you have your reasons for discontinuing the show but… Your shows the best! better than any other show out I’ll say that, and actually has meaning to it. Everyone I kno loves the show too. Whatever your reasons are, you gotta reconsider! haha well i hope you do. and I agree with a previous comment. get it somewhere other than adult swim, people need to know about this stuff…

  4. Anonymous says

    The Boondocks is on a VERY short list of one of the best things to happen to AMERICAN television period. Not cartoon television. Not Black television. American television.
    I hate to be analytical about something so fun, but this show has substance, style, relevance, and is actually thought-provoking. Aaron McGruder examines much needed to be topics that can only be taken on by someone who does not want to be part of the music OR fashion industries. We need someone who doesn’t have something that needs promotion on BET and will therefore create “The Trial of R. Kelly” or “The Hunger Strike” or “The Story of Gangstaliscious, Part TWO”.
    Unless Aaron Mc Gruder has a health crisis ,God forbid, that would prevent him from writing and producing ANYTHING, then is NO REASON why this show can’t continue.
    I’m already disgusted that Chappelle walked off his show, that had the exact same qualities as The Boondocks, just because a white guy laughed “too hard” at a sketch called “The Nigger Pixie” and this apparently made Chappelle feel like he had White people laughing AT Black people and not WITH. Now we have to fear that while Family Guy (8 seasons), South Park (14 seasons) and The Simpsons (21seasons) are more pervasive than the dollar bill, The Boondocks may not even go harder than Futurama(6 seasons).

  5. says

    Hey If they can’t cancelled TV shows like South Park,Family Guy,or even the Daily Show itself.Then nobody can shut down this show. Now if some people don’t like it standing on the air than I tell them to go **** themselfs. It’s a Great TV show
    and I wish it stand on for long as it can. I can’t believe this is the last season of TheBoondocks. **** if the show can not stand on TV or cable then at list make a movie.

  6. Anonymous says

    dont let this b the last season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! boondock is my **** get me through alot. Love it 😀

  7. Lailah says

    Boondocks is so real, I don’t think they realize that. It really let’s the Urban community take a good look at themselves in a humorous manner but I know people take it so serious lesson wise. As controversial as it is, it really does more good than harm. They should for sure keep it going.

  8. Jose Deleon says

    Come on. FOX takes 24, King Of The Hill, Prison Break, Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles, and Sons Of Tucson away. Then. NBC takes away Knight Rider, My Name Is Earl, and Chuck. Next, ABC takes away Wipeout! And finally The CW takes away Everybody Hates Chris! while HBO takes Deawood and Carnivale away. Now the first cable network to take something precious away from viewers is The Boondocks. I think Aaron should renew the series for something serious like FX or HBO. The Boondocks is such an amazing series to found on something stupid like [adult swim]. Also, he just can’t end it now. It’s nicer when a series can last to at least 5 or 7 seasons. I was expecting The Boondocks to be serious (still funny) and last up to 6 1/2 seasons the way The Sopranos did after taking up a 9 year run with only 6 1/2 seasons. The Boondocks should do that too. Maybe take a two or three year hiatus between seasons if he and his team are tired, I seriously wouldn’t mind it. The Boondocks has the potential of destroying South Park with the help of some friends from Family Guy, King Of The Hill, and The Simpsons.

  9. Anonymous says

    @Nolaborn i soooooo agree with you, I am ubsessed with this show, It is sooo amazing. I love Huey soooo much, hes so awesome!!! Huey is my hero aswell. I really hope this is’nt the last season, i will be so upset if it is. I only found out about this show this year, I downloaded all the episodes. <3 <3 <3

    @shiizzymac I agee with the feature film, it sounds like a great Idea!!!

  10. nolaborn says

    PLEASE don’t let this be the last season. I love the Boondocks. Huey is my hero…the voice of reason amid the storm. I hope Mr. McGruder reconsiders.

  11. shiizzymac says

    @ jay west Jay Electronica Exhibit C. He’s a great rapper, unradio friendly music. And I love the idea of a Boondocks feature film, what y’all think?

  12. george says

    aaron mcgruder has been hinting that this will be the final season for a while now on his twitter. if i’m going to believe anyone on the matter, it’s him.

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