Breaking Bad: Final Episodes Coverage Roundup

breaking bad last sceneAs you might expect, there’s a lot of hoopla and hype surrounding the end of Breaking Bad. The last episode is expected to air aired on September 29th. Below is a round up of some of the final episodes coverage. This post will be updated as I find new interesting content.

Update: The series finale drew 10.3 million viewers.

Vanity Fair: 10 behind-the-scenes revelations about the finale

You can read our finale synopsis here.

EW: Creator Vince Gilligan talks about the last episode.

EW: Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul discuss the finale and shooting the final scene.

LA Times: Vince Gilligan talks about the journey to the grand finale, and beyond.

EW: Members of the cast reveal their favorite moments from the show’s run.

EW: A ranking of every episode in the series — except for the finale.

THR: Actor Robert Forster discusses his surprise role in the penultimate episode.

THR: Peter Gould, co-executive producer and writer of “Granite State,” talks about the episode.

EW: Gould discusses Walt’s darkest days, Walt Jr’s phone call, Jesse’s fate, and more.

Twitter: Co-executive producer Peter Gould says that the last two episodes of Breaking Bad will run 75 minutes each, including commercials.

Rian Johnson via Twitter: It turns out that the flashback that opened “Ozymandias” was the last scene of the series to be shot. Vince Gilligan toasted the cast and crew (above) and you can see the RV in the background.

THR: The director of “Ozymandias,” Rian Johnson, talks about baby Holly crying on cue, Jesse being tortured, the episode’s big deaths, and the cameo of Walt’s pants from the first episode.

EW: The writer of “Ozymandias,” co-executive producer Moira Walley-Beckett, discusses the emotional episode.

THR: Steven Michael Quezada (Gomez) reflects on his time on the show, how his character was the only one to never “break bad,” and Gomie’s exit.

Breaking Bad series finale ad
THR: AMC has submitted an ad to thank the show’s cast, crew, and fans (above).

THR: George Mastras, the writer of “To’Hajiilee,” discusses the “culmination of this chess match” between Hank and Walt/Heisenberg.

EW: The actors discuss their most challenging scenes to film.

EW: Vince Gilligan, co-executive producer Peter Gould, and executive story editor Gennifer Hutchison share storylines that were considered but never used.

THR: Writer and first-time director Sam Catlin talks about the developments in the “Rabid Dog” episode. He notes that Walt has “corrupted everyone.”

Huffington Post: The show’s director of photography breaks down some of the interesting shots from the “Confessions” episode.

The Wrap: The Mexican restaurant featured in the 8/25/13 episode, Garduno’s, has been seeing a surge in business.

Vulture: Gennifer Hutchison, Breaking Bad co-executive producer and the writer of the “Confessions” episode on 8/25/13, describes what it was like to write Jesse’s cigarette realization, Walt’s shocking confession, and more.

NY Times: A piece by Anna Gunn in which the actress talks about the hatred some viewers have for Skyler and how some have transferred that hatred to her. “My character, to judge from the popularity of Web sites and Facebook pages devoted to hating her, has become a flash point for many people’s feelings about strong, nonsubmissive, ill-treated women. ”

Hollywood Reporter: The highlights of Aaron Paul’s “ask me anything” session on Reddit. Of the ending, Paul wrote, “I never wanted Breaking Bad to end, simply because I’m a huge fan of the show and I didn’t want to be unemployed. But after reading the final 8 episodes and understanding where the writers are going with it. I’m so happy they ended it the way they did and I think all of you will be happy as well. It’s a dark, crazy ride to the final episode but it is a fun one. Yeah, bitch.”

AV Club: Betsy Brandt reveals her favorite scene from the series.

The Daily Beast: Vince Gilligan describes why the Summer 2013 opener had to end as it did.

Vulture: An interview with Dean Norris in which he describes filming the powerful ending of the August 11th episode.

Entertainment Weekly: Nine predictions about how the show will end. They’re all pretty painful.

AMC: The first episode of Talking Bad, which airs this Sunday at 11pm, will find host Chris Hardwick talking to creator Vince Gilligan and Modern Family’s Julie Bowden.

'Breaking Bad' in Albuquerque, New MexicoLA Times: The AMC show has been very good for the Albuquerque community. For example, the Candy Lady shop has supplied the production company with more than 100 pounds of blue rock candy over the years. The store has sold more than 30,000 bags to customers in the past year.

YouTube: The fifth season gag reel.

Television Blend: A group of middle school children put on a musical based on the show.

MachinimaETC: The YouTube channel takes viewers on a roadtrip tour of Breaking Bad locations in Albuquerque, including the White residence. The real-life owner of the house says she’ll be watching the last episodes with her eyes partially covered in anticipation.

Zap2It: Charles Baker (Skinny Pete) talks about the show’s impact on his acting career. “There’s a certain amount of satisfaction knowing that we went out still on top. We didn’t just kind of fizzle out.”

Huffington Post: The Film Society of Lincoln Center hosted an event which featured Bryan Cranston answering questions and commenting on his two favorite episodes.

Entertainment Weekly offers coverage of two New York events. Highlights include RJ Mitte’s spreading of false rumors, Anna Gunn’s pitch for Skylar’s hobbies, and Bob Odenkirk’s idea for Saul’s hairstyle.

Thanks to AMC, series creator Vince Gilligan and the cast offer us a reminder of where we left off.

What do you think? How would you like to see Breaking Bad end? Do you think it’s ending at a good time?

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